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  1. Not Brexit directly but because as an online marketplace eBay now have a legal obligation to do so, unless the seller has proved to them that they have a uk VAT registration and are charging VAT accordingly. It is HMRC finally catching up on all these small consignments passing through customs with false declarations and collecting the Import VAT that is due at source rather than trying to catch it at the border (The EU have similar measures coming in from July....).
  2. Parcels seem to getting through very quickly, letters and magazines seem to be a separate round with only a single delivery since new year here.
  3. Is it not a bit cheeky to ask about warranty’s when you believe up front before purchasing that your proposed installation could kill it???
  4. Which model of tablet do you have as this will determine which software you have available? Are you looking to design your own or print out photos of real signs, or downloadable kits? Have you tried printing anything out to ensure you are happy with the quality and basic print process? If not it may be worth using the scale scenes free sample or similar as a test piece: https://scalescenes.com/test-print/ https://scalescenes.com/product/r024-weighbridge-or-coal-office/
  5. As I mentioned at the start of the thread I am not seeing the issue on my iPad and have probably spent 3 or 4 hours on rmweb over the weekend (I tend to spend10-20 minutes at a time on here, but make many visits over the day). I normally access it through the frequently visited websites part of safari that goes stray to view new content, and never through a saved link or from an email link in case that differs from you?
  6. I have noted quite a few mismatches (unrelated to this thread) in recent years on Companies House where some registrations have directors middle names, some initials and others don’t. This means the other directorships info is often not accurate.
  7. Something to bear in mind is that there were thresholds in place before for distance selling to each EU country. This meant if a uk supplier sold EUR 100,000 to German consumers (note consumers not VAT registered businesses) they would need to register for VAT in Germany and make sales at the German VAT rate, paid to Germany. In theory all this is does is lower the threshold across the board, and move the consumption tax that is VAT to the place is it being consumed...the excuse is that technology should make it easier to manage the complexity...
  8. Ahhhh but you can buy whilst drunk which I suspect is in the traders favour....
  9. Sadly all such eu directives/legislation were signed into uk law and will remain so unless repealed. the one that confuses me is this craze of legitimate interest cookies on news sites. How can any company I haven’t heard of, and don’t know what they do claim to have a legitimate interest in tracking me....
  10. I am going through fun and games at the moment with transactions that went through in the last couple of days before work closed for Xmas break....the carriers wouldn’t collect them due to the ports closure then, and now won’t take them unless the documents are correct for the post brexit processes....
  11. I don’t have an issue with rmweb, but my iPad has recently started resetting the preferences on a lot more regular basis for many sites, particularly news sites but also the met office, bbc etc. Are you using the default safari browser?
  12. I agree......It would be much simpler if we just had 55% flat rate of tax on income and got rid of all these different taxes
  13. the hmrc is always generous compared to real life values at the start of the month. As a comparison at one point a while back the hmrc euro rate was 1.17, the best market rate I could secure for 10,000ish euros was around 1.14 and credit cards were around 1.10 or below... the only time the hmrc policy catches you out is if there are huge swings in the market rates, such as March last year when lockdown was announced and I had a lot of imports in transit.
  14. Except as we are not in a common market The German supplier should not be charging you German VAT any more if the goods are being shipped as its a export outside the EU.
  15. For business to consumer sales: last week the eu retailers simply charged VAT at their country’s normal rate and shipped the goods to you(unless trade hit a large threshold with an individual eu country). this week they are expected to register for uk VAT and charge uk rate, making a payment once a month or quarter of all such vat collected and various compliance reporting . In addition they will need extra admin processes to prove to the carriers of the goods this has done to ensure the goods go through customs. (business to business sales are a whole different set of rules). the eu retailers are making the point that to expect them to register for tax and compliance outside their own territory is unreasonable, particularly if other country’s start trying the same thing (Australia tried it a few years back and I don’t think it stuck....).
  16. no, you pay it to eBay, the seller then prints out the address label from eBay which will include a unique qr style barcode. On arrival in the uk the Royal Mail scan the qr code to authenticate and send it on its merry way.
  17. I have psoriasis and had found long ago that using sanitisers more than three or four times over the course of a day leads to flare ups across the knuckles that take weeks to get back under control. (good old soap and water is fine but sanitisers are a real problem for me and I am yet to find one I can use more often) Luckily with the majority of shops being closed it hasn’t been a significant issue this year.
  18. Looks like the GMRC format has been picked up for a Netherlands based series. Would be great to see it on Netflix or similar (with or without subtitles IMO) https://www.c21media.net/npo-rides-model-railway-in-netherlands/
  19. The manual says that In programming mode only 250 milliamps are available to help avoid frying incorrectly installed decoders....does this occur only in programming mode or both in programming and running mode?
  20. Saw it in real life at Dismaland a few years back. It really is an incredible piece of art.
  21. a lot of transatlantic mail has reportedly gone ocean recently simply due to lack of passenger flights (pre COVID 42% of air-freight went in passenger flights cargo holds). This takes three weeks port to port in reality plus the time either side for local transit and any customs processes.
  22. Don’t forget there are a lot of containers stuck on vessels outside uk ports, or diverted and sat in Rotterdam at the moment. This is a assuming they haven’t been held at factory’s due to the silly level of costs (shipping a container from Asia in November was £2100, now £7000 and counting). This is impacting all retailers great and small in a even handed way at the moment with shipments up to 3 weeks late and counting.
  23. Apparently Swindon has been overwhelmed almost continuously since April so not sure where they could divert too if a wider issue.
  24. I dunno, Jeremy Clarkson printed his in a newspaper column to prove this point, someone promptly signed him up for a £500 a month direct debit donation to a charity....
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