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  1. Don’t forget under uk law the local police are responsible for riot related claims rather than insurers.
  2. For most clays if they have gone solid you can wrap them in cotton or similar, soak in for day or so in a bucket of water and then let it dry to desired consistency.
  3. I dunno, the way airfreight pricing has gone since the passenger flights stopped....
  4. Here in Didcot the main post office is in WH Smith, which closed last week, taking the post office with it at the moment. There are a number of smaller ones in smaller shops around the villages that appear to be open at the moment. Don't forget you can buy postage on the royal mail website and print out a label to stick on the parcel and then drop it at your normal sorting office, any post office or drop into a post box. Some local business parks also have franked mail boxes with larger slots, on Milton park these have been rebranded small parcel boxes. I regularly used to drop signed for items into these, and they always got the requisite signature at the other end despite this being against the stated rules (never had a missing one to claim for mind).
  5. is it only me that sees this and thinks ohhhhh rabbit warren potential?
  6. And it will also have fallen on Hattons to risk assess the number of drivers coming into them to deliver and collect, some of who may have done 50 or more deliveries to any random destination to empty the van before collections begin. ironically the only carrier I know that use dedicated collection vehicles full time for small parcels from such dedicated mail order houses is everyone’s favourite Hermes, as i doubt Hattons have dedicated artics parked outside, which you would if dispatching larger items. Most others use their delivery vehicles at least part of the time (I assume Royal Mail may have cages or yorkies in use for Hattons).
  7. Our specialism is more the adult end of the market, rather than the kids end with a few notable exceptions. I would suggest the average hobbyist has enough supplies in stock to craft through a 2 year shutdown, let alone a few weeks, as the universal truth seems to be you buy three for every one you use....whether it be loco kits, model planes, wool, fabric, scrapbooking embellishments, cameras and lenses, bikes or almost any other hobby/interest equipment you care to mention. I do take @AY Mods point of different retailers having to make their own decisions for their circumstances and hope all businesses pull through ok. (Talking to our customers many seem to be having constructive talks with landlords, which is heartening to hear).
  8. I am a manager within an arts and crafts wholesaler. we only supply business to business via mail order, could of stayed open but have taken the decision to close to avoid being a source of possible contagion to our staff and their family’s. simultaneously and without coordination a number of our competitors appear to have made the same decision today. If we had known our competitors where doing the same it would have been one less point to consider, at this point in an unprecedented life and death scenario. well done Hattons for starting a mature conversation in your industry, and trying to put the health and welfare of your staff ahead of toy trains.
  9. Be aware that the signature for signed for may be into possession of the Spanish postal service, not alway the end buyer. you may find it cheaper to use a freight broker such as worldwide parcels https://www.worldwide-parcelservices.co.uk .
  10. I had to email the management team at work a couple of weeks ago to advise a shipment had been delayed after native Americans caused damage to the train carrying the container.....part of recent oil pipeline protests in Canada...
  11. I don’t ever recall any mention of @AY Mod and @Kenton in the same place at the same time????
  12. Can I stake a claim as potentially the oldest member never to have produced anything model wise of note....a number of false starts over the years but the practicality of a small flat with two adults always seems to dampen any enthusiasm....but I just cannot seem to escape the place.....
  13. Agreed, this is always a pleasant show with a bit of a different twist, will you be sharing with the gwr society this year
  14. it may come down to the wording of terms around service charges and such that relate to joint and communal services. These can be less clear cut than the headline rent(and the only people that win from disagreements are the lawyers...).
  15. If they did it wasn’t a significant enough amount for them to register with the liquidator, who filings are in the public domain at company’s house. On the flip side credit controllers for magazines tend to be some of the most proactive in my experience (second only to hauliers)....
  16. One bit of fun in commercial leases is always service charges relating to maintaining services that are shared between tenants and/or landlord. For an example on the estate my employer have recently vacated the service charges covered road maintenance, landscaping and gardening , CCTV, security etc. The lease is vague on it and as a tenant you are at the landlords mercy to costs involved(without a tribunal if it gets out of hand). Could be the track maintenance mentioned above is deemed subject to service charge by wsr and not by the s&drt. Refuse to pay and it ends up with lawyers.
  17. If you go to hobbycraft be careful, the ones in the sewing department are around twice the price of the ones in the art department, but not noticeably different in use.
  18. You can get portable Bluetooth speakers with micro sd-card slots such as https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Anker-SoundCore-Portable-Playtime-Black/dp/B01HTH3C8S/ref=asc_df_B01HTH3C8S/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310879851560&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10768101093779054431&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006457&hvtargid=pla-366883658870&th=1 . I haven’t used them myself so cannot comment on the quality or level of bass etc. (For me personally sound doesn’t add much appeal to a layout and isn’t something I pay any attention to at an exhibition)
  19. If a visa debit his bank may still be able to pursue a chargeback if reasonable attempts to resolve fail. If a MasterCard I would still call the bank and ask if anything can be done.
  20. Direct fulfilment is incredibly common theses days. If the core suppliers stock levels are accurate (Normally updated once a day between supplier and wholesaler) then happy days everyone’s a winner...retailer offers a greater range without the capital tied up, supplier has a greater number of outlets to improve stock turnover and customers have more choice on where to buy. If stock is inaccurate or a sudden rush of demand occurs then delays, disappointment and refunds occur....especially if the supplier needs to identify why the stock is wrong (is it wrong or just in the wrong warehouse location!).
  21. We have a couple of sets of traffic lights round here, controlling narrow Bridges (crossing the thames), one of which is 200 yards long. This type of game is common there in rush hour. Last night a merc was positioned behind me on the wrong side for a good 20 car lengths ready to put the boot down if the lights changed.
  22. There are lots of oddity's in the pension world at the moment, such as https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17960800.retired-plumber-fears-financial-ruin-1-2m-pension-scheme-debt/ .
  23. my grandfather had two, homemade to help the lawnmower reach the bottom of the garden...
  24. To me personally these look like the things loving family members would buy the steam punk enthusiast in their life....rather like a certain clock that is still worth the manufacturer paying for regular adverts for....
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