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  1. Just received my 158 GWR livery from Rails. Excellent model and really glad I got this one however, on opening the box one of the 158's wheel sets was hanging out and hadn't been located correctly in the bogie and there were two detailing parts in the bottom of the carton from the underside. Sorted the wheel set out and the two detailing parts hadn't been glued in place. These were duly sorted out. All in all a good looking model and now sorted but they shouldn't leave the factory like this. Not enough Quality Control going on me thinks.
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I take it that the new Class 31 doesn't have the moving fans either
  3. Hi All. Quick question. Can anyone tell me if the new Class 56 has turning fans and opening doors like the older Hornby version. Many thanks.
  4. Ive had that exact problem recently. Completely seized, but with the body off and a strip down and lubrication they are both back to normal
  5. Hi Phil Many thanks for all your help and for sending me a replacement LED cab light. Its reassuring to know that there are always very kind people that can help out. Many thanks Mick
  6. Hi Phil I am indeed. Ive spent that much time over the last few days because im stripping my locos down and servicing them all. Its taken me three days and ive got two Hornby class 31's that ive found have Mazak Rot. Im absolutely gutted to be honest. Ive tried to do some research on the Surface Mounted LED's Phil. Id appreciate that very much and of course if you have one or two spare id be more then happy to pay for them and the postage as well. Plus a drink for your time. [email protected]
  7. Hi Phil. No good photo but hopefully shows the LED. This has a hole in the PCB to push onto the roof and the metal contacts do come away from the bulkhead.
  8. Hi All. I'm wondering if anyone can help me here please. I have two Bachmann class 37's. One is the original club loco 'Ben Cruachan' that was my first ever club loco that I purchased. Unfortunately one of the oval buffers has broken and the oval buffer with the shaft and spring has gone !. Can anyone please point me in the right direction for a spare or spares please. I would appreciate this as the loco is in mint condition and my handling of it has caused this problem. Secondly I have another Bachmann locomotive 32-385 Intercity Livery, that has an interior cab LED that has failed. This is one of the earlier locos that had the LED surface mounted to the roof by push fit. I think later ones were screwed into the roof which would make replacing mush easier. My question to this one is................is there anywhere where I can send this loco to have another LED cab light fitted as per original or a replacement LED Many thanks for your advice is appreciated.
  9. I was hesitant at first but they are indeed a superb addition to any fleet and i'm using them to haul the Accurascale Half Height Nuclear containers and the forthcoming KUA's. May not be exactly the era but they will look superb double heading. Treat yourself.
  10. Just bought these two lovely locomotives. Its going to be an expensive year with these and the orders I have for Accurascale locos with Rails of Sheffield as well.
  11. Fantastic looking wagon set. Looking forward to seeing these when they arrive
  12. Well, on the strength of the recent pictures and the way this thing looks, ive just placed an order with Rails. The beauty of that and the fact that there is a lot of expence not just in the rolling stock but the locos themselves, at this current time I need to take advantage of the buy now pay later that Rails offer. A fantastic model guys and I need another two 37 DRS's to go with this lot and the PFA nuclear set.
  13. Fran. Final one on these for me please and im sure it is the case but can we replace the battery once it is exhausted. Im assuming so.
  14. Can I ask a question. I have 66789 in GBRf that appears to have had the axle boxes glued on in about three places. There is a significant amount of cyanoacrylate glue or similar on them and this was as received from new ! Additionally one of the axle boxes keeps pinging off and I've tried to place it back on several times but it keeps coming off. From all the info above, and my lack of full working knowledge on the lighting on this variant, are the lighting issues above the same on this model ? If that is the case then I will now be sending mine back for a refund Apologies but id be grateful if someone could help. Many thanks
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