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  1. MSC FEBE due to dock in Rotterdam on January 23rd. Currently underway doing 18 knots. Roll on Feb when can get my hands on Pack N.
  2. Received both my Gypsum bundle today as well as the Cawood bundle. These wagons can only be described as fantastic. The detail in these is in a different league to any RTR waggon currently on the market in my honest opinion. I look at them and then later I find even more detail that I have missed. Fantastic kit and an absolute credit to Accurascale and the team. Im sure you wont but don't ever compromise or sacrifice detail guys. You will rapidly corner the market if you keep this up without a shadow of a doubt. Ive got two 37's on pre-order and if the wagons are anything to go by we are in for a very special treat indeed. Well done
  3. can we have some pics of the Gypsum wagons as well
  4. That is excellent news Fran. Might I suggest that a pre order for this pack might be worthwhile. I missed out on the DRS bundle but ordered both the Cawood and Gypsum bundles as well. I'm gutted that I missed out and I need the pack N to make the set complete.
  5. Well ive gone and bust the bank. ordered the Cawoods bundle and the Gypsum Bundle as well. Just missed out on the DRS bundle but there you go. Cant wait to get my hands on them.
  6. i think the Deltic looks really good in the Porterbrook livery. I can see how the die hard fans of the 55 would be appalled but in reality it looks like it could fit on any modern era line in the country today. How refreshing.
  7. Just ordered my British Gypsum Bundle. . Anyone got any pics of their BG's blue ?
  8. Just ordered my NR Class 37. (97301) My bank account and wallet are taking one almighty battering but I am so looking forward to this model being brought to the market. The iconic 37 is one of the best looking locomotives and most enduring. Well done guys on bringing a high fidelity model to the market. Keep up the good work and Happy Christmas. can we have some matching coaches please !
  9. We aren't dealing with previous examples though are we !..............we are dealing with an ultra detailed model unlike anything before it. Manufacturing at this level is possible and doable
  10. I know this sparks debate but is there a chance of opening cab doors as well. Beggars cant be choosers I suppose .
  11. Absolutely phenomenal kit and mine are being ordered tonight guys. The wife is buying me them for my Birthday present in July next year so that's even better. . Yet another fantastic looking bit of rolling stock and what a showpiece behind two 37 DRS's. Ive ordered the Europhoenix but now looks like im ordering another two37's as well. My wallet is taking one almighty battering,
  12. This is absolutely fantastic news. I have just pre-ordered ROG Europhoenix 37608 as a starter. I firmly believe that we are seeing the birth of the next stage of exceptionally detailed locomotives from Accurascale. I have waited so very very long for a top drawer 37 and finally we are nearly there. I just have to calm myself and be patient I have always loved the 37 since a small lad and remember fondly sitting at the side of railway lines spotting trains with my mates and suddenly becoming the focus of three Transport Police Officers dismounting from a DMU and chasing us along the line !!!. Thankfully that was many years ago and seeing the 37's thrash along the lines near us has stayed with me for years. its the look of it ! My bank balance is going to take a hit..................I can see more than one or two gracing my layout. Well done Fran and the whole team. It takes vision and dedication to embark on these projects and im sure that this model will be a massive success for you chaps.
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