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  1. I know the site of Dapol ,but my question is , is there any photo or any information for the real Y1 or Y3 from NCB ?.
  2. Dank Amanda voor je reactie , i have still a question voor other people over here. Does excist the Y1/3 from Dapol in NCB 14 livery ? I believe it was an Y3 . Any tips or suggestions are welcome , or an alternative in an other livery or model .
  3. When you stuck on it , you can choose many ways to make the hobby positive and have more tasty. The last months i have a sort of relapse , because in my own family was some sad things and when you don´t have any parrents more , you have little need for the hobby. Slowly you backtrack to your normal habit and needs in order to be able to continue. I love the British Rail as well , specially the class 08 , it´s very simular to the ones it was riding in the Netherlands here. A couple of the days ago i bought a Dapol class 08 and a pair of 7 plank wagons and some
  4. I love the scenery and the details . Less is more indeed that´s for sure.
  5. The solution is simple for this result , try and try again , when you experience with trees , you can make it your own way when you are satisfied , then is it good enough , if not , start again and think what you want. My job in real life is gardner , so for me is it simple and smart plan what i do everyday to copy in model .Railways in a natural era are good friends with each other . I have many ideas to build in the future and some micros to complete the scene ,you won't see me building a busy micro so quickly. Most of the micros I build are in fact the environment I
  6. I started with a good sentence, to add some trees and brushes, along the platform i add some grass and is a begin what else to come . Later i add some details so that it is not exaggerated. Mostly of time i search and investigate what important is to show it on the micro.
  7. The first building stands well, i start today with adding some green brushes and trees behind the building for a remote/distant place , i discovered that most of halts and local station far from the centre of a village or small town.
  8. A little update A layout how small it is can never without a building , mostly as you build a a typical theme for what you want . I decide to have a station building in a regurly way , that stands on my micro .It comes with a small platforn and soon it will build.
  9. Soon i will post again my creatures here and i go building furthert to MWC
  10. unexpected event Past week has passed away my dad, wich i had not so good relationship like other sons and daughters . When the divorce of my parents came 30 years ago, my father goes is in a sort of spiral with many ups and downs. Problems that you and i also can have , when your not listen to your health.He passed away with the age of 74. My mom leaves her life with 56 ,buth i have many good memories of her and she liked the way of building my micro´s.
  11. When i have a break , i build also a micro in HO scale , Holland in 1965 , i add some details to it ,so i can make more inspiration for MWC.
  12. Make over When you´re not satisfied , you gonna thinking ,what shall i or what if ? In this case you can try to make over a better and smarter one as before you did . It helps sometimes when you do things in another way and you learned about it what went wrong before. A perfect micro is the taste of yours with it´s own twist . The plan is the most same av before except it is smaller and better to build it . The size is now 46c, length and 20cm wide.The height is 30 cm , on both sides comes cassettes wich i can make a choice in w
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