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  1. The first vegetation has been applied, after which we will start with the roadbed of the track, this will take some time to dry. Once that is done, the environment will be addressed.
  2. Another will be delivered via a backorder pannier NCB from and a passengercar with another number from Dapol . On the internet i found 17 goodswagons with a brake van .It comes tomorrow. The new ones i showed i own.
  3. Other things When i get stuck in the hobby , i have another great one : I played guitar almost 25 years , i became popular in regional goups in the province where i was born and have lived. Now i live in another province ,but my wife comes there from . There ar many 60´s tunes ,especially in the UK where my heart belangs to , unknown for me because is was not born in the 60´s . You can see in my profile which is my favorite flavor. At last i found a sketsch of Moorswater Cement ;-)
  4. Good shape of background !! ,Enough depth and very realistic !!.
  5. When you work the bevels with brown paint, you can also use the paint as a kind of glue, which ensures that the first impetus to the landscaping provides the basis.The first steps towards landscaping have been made, this will be further corrected later. Later in the day the ballast will come between the track and be thinned in with water and wood glue,after you first sprayed with a fine mist with a plant sprayer. The railway verge will be supplemented with grass pollen and some wild plants, here and there some shrubs.
  6. That´s right tomorrow i´m gonna add some colors to it .
  7. Starting After the track has been placed on it and checked for irregularities, the next step comes. Applying a bevel to the railway verge, I do this with a putty knife that has been pre-moistened with water. The sloping side, which is malleable wood from a tube from the DIY store, is first applied as a line against the side of the 'railway berm'. Then you will make an oblique edge with the putty knife at an angle of 45 degrees, you do this by making a smearing movement with the putty knife, make sure that the stripe you took out of the tube before it touches the side so that the 1 whole is going to be . When that's done, fill the top with what's left of the bevel and smooth it with the putty knife flush with the side the track is on. Finally, let it dry for a while.
  8. First i started with the plan of the halt, with nature, bushes and trees around , i lay my first track , and a second class 66 has arrived, the blue one.
  9. I made a simple plan for it so would start soon to build Mwc .
  10. Introduction 3 Sometimes it is necessary to come to a definitive name after a number of considerations, you start looking for what suits you best. I still remember that I once wanted to build Moorswater Cement in scale 00, but that due to circumstances and the feeling that it was rather difficult, it did not work. That is why I am going to make another attempt to build after a long time. I´m gonna make a small version if it with an own input of it.
  11. This is the first locomotive i bought yesterday from Dapol , his brother comes tomorrow , the next days comes 3 passengercars and a little steamengine. Then i am get looking for some goodswagons .
  12. Introduction 2 When i started this topic , i was thinking what i should make on a small surface, i make a sort of list what i i want. -Rural/local line -A Maintenace workshop for local locomotives -Buildings with station environment -A pair of switches -An end platform . Then i am gonna find some things on the internet . Later more
  13. Introduction In an other topic i asked for combination with the Class 153 , i´ve just ordered a Dapol Class 66 in Freightliner livery . I´m gonna build a small micro with a simple railplan and a station at the end of the line with some goods arrangement. The goods arrangement is based with 2 tracks and the platform 1 track for the Class 153, The layout becomes 80cm x 20cm . it is a point to pont thing and a ´blackbox´ with a traverser behind it. For the future i will buy some freightcars and a second locomotive and a second dmu.
  14. Time limit When it comes to a time limit, you have to act quickly, especially if you have promised in advance to stand somewhere during club open days. My contribution to the open days is that I always come up with small projects, and show what is possible in a small space and that you enjoy it when you receive compliments from the visitors. Chiots goes along to the open days of a club that I am friends with.I once had regional exposure in the local newspaper and broadcaster, with an interview, I found myself enjoying that, especially because you get recognition for the work you have made. I started with a temporary black box as a partition for the whole. It will be simple, I will change trains by means of cassettes and, above all, tell how I made something.
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