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  1. ok, cool .... so stick to the colors then. Thanks
  2. All, Thanks for all the help on the DCC issues that I had and my understanding of conversions to DCC ... I now understand a lot more than I did. One thing that I would like to make sure of is: "red and black, to the track, orange and grey, the other way" is a pretty easy way to remember which wire goes where but is this strictly correct or is it the position on the decoder that you have to be aware of. I ask this because I have got two different decoders and the order of the wires is different .... so which one is it?
  3. Thanks ... I will make contact and see what he can advise ... hope he is still active as it shows that he was last active in Nov 18
  4. No, the single gives problems in all kinds of random locations ... if it was a track issue would it not be the same for all locos on the track and not just the one?
  5. Hi All, I am not sure if this is truly a DCC issue or not but I will attempt it here ... I have two locos, one is the Stirling Single from Rapido (DCC Sound version) and one is a Bachmann 8750 Pannier Tank that was DCC ready and is now fitted with a Zimo DCC chip. I use a Hornby R8213 for control. The TANK really responds very well to the controller and speeds up and slows down in both directions very well and even crawls along with almost no jutter but the SINGLE does not and often only reacts sporadically, or not at all, to the controller .... Could there be a logical explanation here? Thanks Victor
  6. mmmm ... I suppose if there were enough people they may be inetrested - could we get some sort of a "poll" or commitment to order that we could approach them with. I did contact them and asked about where, but the suggestion was: Ian Pope <[email protected]> Mon, Apr 8, 8:28 PM (23 hours ago) to me Victor They do turn up occasionally on ebay or try Bill Hudson Books. Ian ... there are none at Bill Hudson Books
  7. Hi, Does anyone have this book by Ian Pope that they would like to sell ? Thanks Victor
  8. VicZA

    P.O. wagons - history

    Thanks everyone for a very informative discussion - I find this both interesting and very helpful. If I may ask something else ... were PO wagons generally of the same design just different sizes (like 3, 5, 7, etc). For example if a company had some 5-plank wagons would they be the same as another company's 5-plank wagons or would they be different in design? The reason I ask this is I can imagine that the likes of Hornby, Bachmann and Dapol will not cover all (probably most) of the POW that were out there by company, but I see that some people create decals or stickers of other POW that may not have been produced by the Model manufacturers mentioned .... would it therefore be "historiacally accurate" to transfer these decals to the correct sized wagon (eg. a 5-plank)?
  9. Thanks for the responses everyone ... very insightful and useful ... now to get reading
  10. Hi All, I currently live in the UK but am not oroginally from here so don't have too much info on the history of the railways in the UK besides what I have read so far. Therefore please could you answer some basic questions: - are the PO Wagons available from the likes of Bachmann and Hornby based on companies that actually existed and are the liveries genuine? - did certain POW only run with certain Railways such as the GWR based on their "trade routes"? - I particularly like the GWR locos so (assuming the above two questions are "yes") - is there a list of POWs somewhere that show the connection? Would like to model one of these GWR trade routes with coal wagons of the period Any tips, links, comments would be greatly appreciated
  11. Does anyone have experience with the Hornby 14xx conversion. I have opened up my 14xx model and can quite obviously see the motor and its connection points (wires) but while I can see the pickups on the wheels I am not sure where these are wired to - sure I haven't exactly taken off every single screw but I was trying to avoid this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi Andy, Thanks for your concern but rest assured that I have understood ... I just like to make sure ... I have successfully converted my Pannier Tank to DCC and it runs very nicely
  13. Ahhhh ... the one on the right has a "plug" ... I see it now (sorry). If I remove the plug I see that the plug itself has 6 pins soldered to it but the socket is 8-pin. Do I need to get a 6-pin decoder then or could I get either a 6-pin or 8-pin? Thanks
  14. All, I need your help again with this DCC thing ..... I have got two used Bachmann Pannier Tanks - one is model#32-200B and the other is model#32-204. The one says it is DCC Ready and after opening both of them they are clearly very different. Questions: (a) can any of these be run on a DCC setup as they are at the moment (b) does anyone know what each of these decoders are? Thanks Victor
  15. Guess the windows would be wrong too then ... these are shown as rounded windows on your photo. So (while thinking this is possibly a foolish question) is the running number incorrect then ... more than anything else?
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