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  1. Hi Armin! Thanks for your nice comment! Fortunately I´ve not only one locomotive... (from left to right) Maerklin BR 98.3 - Maerklin Baden steam railcar "Kittel" - Trix BR 98.4-5 - Maerklin BR 89.70-75 These four are my absolute favorites... Maerklin BR 74 - Maerklin BR 75 (Swabian T 5) These two are actually too big for the micro layout, and almost only run on my other layout (Paulhausen-Ost) - Photos were taken there... Maerklin V36, my only diesel - Liliput Steam storage locomotive There are also a few old
  2. Hi everybody! Tonight I´ve operated the micro a little bit... Have a good start in the new week & stay safe! ThomasG
  3. Hello! Thanks for the nice comments! Well, my locomotives have certain good driving behavior also because of digital technology. I appreciate slow starting and braking, and also a continuous speed... The whole thing is slowly taking shape, compare the scene (picture above) with the fire fighters: Best regards, stay safe and have a nice weekend! ThomasG
  4. Hi! Thanks Kevin - for your nice words! There’s some progress again, see the pictures and the video... Best regards and stay safe!
  5. Hi TechnicArrow! Very nice idea to built something like this! I like it! I could imagine building something like that for the bookshelf - if I didn't have more books than space for it... Best regards & stay healthy, ThomasG
  6. Hi! Thanks a lot Kevin! Hi everybody! There‘s a bit progress again... I stuck sandpaper everywhere on the still free areas, the white edges won't be visible after ballasting. The houses and the walls between them were fortified, a door was added to one wall... Best regards & stay healthy, ThomasG
  7. Hi! And here is some progress again... On the background I painted clouds and mountains / hills. I made a ramp for the warehouse myself. There are matching ones from Auhagen, but their depth didn't fit, and besides, I didn't find them really nice... I wish you all a good start in the new week! Best regards, ThomasG
  8. Hello everybody! @ Kevin, Joern and Steve: Thank you for your nice comments, I was very happy about that! After thinking hard and trying it out, I decided to dispense with a (makeshift-) Platform. That would be too much ... But what happens now if the dice shows a "5"? Now this means that a locomotive change is taking place! If a car is in position D, it is shunted to its corresponding position (A, B or C) by the new locomotive. The car standing there is removed to the Fiddleyard. I would like to end the post with a picture. It is p
  9. Hello again! A little addition... Here, too, I installed my own uncouplers. You can see how these work in the picture... (Picture is from the Layout "Paulhausen-Ost") And here is a video where you can see how I operate the Uncouplers Best regards, Thomas
  10. Hello everybody! First of all, an apology in advance, if some things are expressed strangely. My english is not that good and google translater helps me a little ... Here I would like to introduce my new project to you: I have been enthusiastic about micro layouts for a long time, but "Hazzard Works - a Knagglig layout" by HonestTom was particularly inspiring for me (many Thanks to HonestTom!!!). I really liked the idea of setting up rules and playing with a dice. But more about the rules later ... The dimensions of this track plan woul
  11. Hi David! Very nice, I like your way to build your layout. In your place I would prefer a painted background. It’s not at all difficult to paint one yourself... The advantage: You can "adapt" this exactly to your layout. In any case, I wish you continued fun and success with your system! Best Regards, ThomasG
  12. Hi! Nice concept, I like it! You probably already know it, but I still wanted to send you this link: Maybe it's a bit helpful ... Have fun and success with the building of your layout! Regards, ThomasG
  13. Hi Pete! Very nice, I especially like the office. That you have done great! I am very curious how things will continue. Regards, Thomas
  14. Hi! Sounds good, but all this on 200mm x 200mm? Surely the area is bigger? I wish you a lot of fun and success! Regards, Thomas
  15. Hi! Thank you David for your nice words! I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! Best regards, Thomas
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