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  1. Hello Mike! That looks really great! You can already guess that this will be an extremely beautiful layout. Keep up the good work, I wish you continued fun and success with your model railway! Best regards, ThomasG
  2. Hi Nathaniel! Very nice, I like it! You’ve really created something very beautiful. Keep it up! However, I have a little suggestion for you: The brickwork and roofs of the stone buildings are almost the same color. It may be that this is actually the case with real buildings, but maybe it would be nicer if the color of the roofs was a little more different from the rest. Could be a lot darker, for example... I wish you a lot of fun and success with your layout! Best regards, ThomasG
  3. Hi G! That sucks, especially in these days! I don't think I can write anything really comforting, but I wish you that your son gets through it well. I keep my fingers crossed! Best regards and best wishes, ThomasG
  4. Hi Ulrich! Nice that you like my layout. Usually I don't film in portrait mode, that is also evident in the earlier videos ... Only this time I made a conscious decision because I wanted to have both the lower and the upper edge in the picture and could get closer. Best regards, ThomasG
  5. Hi everybody! @Kevin: Thanks! Yes, you´re right. And it´s the biggest fun to add the last details... @All: Again a few little things have been added, especially plants / parts. Here is a video that shows the entire layout: ... and an overall view as a photo: I wish you a nice Sunday! Stay healthy! Best regards, ThomasG
  6. Hello Mike! I like your way of modeling very much! I‘m looking forward to see how your narrow-gauge project will continue! Wish you a lot of fun and success in modeling on! Oh by the way, I like the books of Bernard Cornwell also very much... Best regards, ThomasG
  7. Hi Kevin! Thanks for your nice comment! @all: There are some more details on the layout, so slowly it´s getting "finished"... I´ve equiped the shelf with some rods: More details: Have a nice sunday and stay safe! Best regards, ThomasG
  8. Hello everybody! And again I got a little further. The unloading point for tank wagons is ready. I also put some junk in there. Best regards, and stay healthy! ThomasG
  9. Hello everybody! It went on again... First a video from the Trix series 98.4-5 (converted to AC), finally my brother installed a decoder. This locomotive is one of my favorites - it looks extremely beautiful, but is also very important to me for another reason: Here in my hometown, locomotives of this series were actually stationed until around the mid-30s. Then two more pictures of the progress: The gap to the background at the back left has been closed. I aged/weathered the roofs and added gutters and downspou
  10. Hi Armin! Thanks for your nice comment! Fortunately I´ve not only one locomotive... (from left to right) Maerklin BR 98.3 - Maerklin Baden steam railcar "Kittel" - Trix BR 98.4-5 - Maerklin BR 89.70-75 These four are my absolute favorites... Maerklin BR 74 - Maerklin BR 75 (Swabian T 5) These two are actually too big for the micro layout, and almost only run on my other layout (Paulhausen-Ost) - Photos were taken there... Maerklin V36, my only diesel - Liliput Steam storage locomotive There are also a few old
  11. Hi everybody! Tonight I´ve operated the micro a little bit... Have a good start in the new week & stay safe! ThomasG
  12. Hello! Thanks for the nice comments! Well, my locomotives have certain good driving behavior also because of digital technology. I appreciate slow starting and braking, and also a continuous speed... The whole thing is slowly taking shape, compare the scene (picture above) with the fire fighters: Best regards, stay safe and have a nice weekend! ThomasG
  13. Hi! Thanks Kevin - for your nice words! There’s some progress again, see the pictures and the video... Best regards and stay safe!
  14. Hi TechnicArrow! Very nice idea to built something like this! I like it! I could imagine building something like that for the bookshelf - if I didn't have more books than space for it... Best regards & stay healthy, ThomasG
  15. Hi! Thanks a lot Kevin! Hi everybody! There‘s a bit progress again... I stuck sandpaper everywhere on the still free areas, the white edges won't be visible after ballasting. The houses and the walls between them were fortified, a door was added to one wall... Best regards & stay healthy, ThomasG
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