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  1. Hi G! That sucks, especially in these days! I don't think I can write anything really comforting, but I wish you that your son gets through it well. I keep my fingers crossed! Best regards and best wishes, ThomasG
  2. Hi Ulrich! Nice that you like my layout. Usually I don't film in portrait mode, that is also evident in the earlier videos ... Only this time I made a conscious decision because I wanted to have both the lower and the upper edge in the picture and could get closer. Best regards, ThomasG
  3. Hi everybody! @Kevin: Thanks! Yes, you´re right. And it´s the biggest fun to add the last details... @All: Again a few little things have been added, especially plants / parts. Here is a video that shows the entire layout: ... and an overall view as a photo: I wish you a nice Sunday! Stay healthy! Best regards, ThomasG
  4. Hello Mike! I like your way of modeling very much! I‘m looking forward to see how your narrow-gauge project will continue! Wish you a lot of fun and success in modeling on! Oh by the way, I like the books of Bernard Cornwell also very much... Best regards, ThomasG
  5. Hi Kevin! Thanks for your nice comment! @all: There are some more details on the layout, so slowly it´s getting "finished"... I´ve equiped the shelf with some rods: More details: Have a nice sunday and stay safe! Best regards, ThomasG
  6. Hello everybody! And again I got a little further. The unloading point for tank wagons is ready. I also put some junk in there. Best regards, and stay healthy! ThomasG
  7. Hello everybody! It went on again... First a video from the Trix series 98.4-5 (converted to AC), finally my brother installed a decoder. This locomotive is one of my favorites - it looks extremely beautiful, but is also very important to me for another reason: Here in my hometown, locomotives of this series were actually stationed until around the mid-30s. Then two more pictures of the progress: The gap to the background at the back left has been closed. I aged/weathered the roofs and added gutters and downspou
  8. Hi Armin! Thanks for your nice comment! Fortunately I´ve not only one locomotive... (from left to right) Maerklin BR 98.3 - Maerklin Baden steam railcar "Kittel" - Trix BR 98.4-5 - Maerklin BR 89.70-75 These four are my absolute favorites... Maerklin BR 74 - Maerklin BR 75 (Swabian T 5) These two are actually too big for the micro layout, and almost only run on my other layout (Paulhausen-Ost) - Photos were taken there... Maerklin V36, my only diesel - Liliput Steam storage locomotive There are also a few old
  9. Hi everybody! Tonight I´ve operated the micro a little bit... Have a good start in the new week & stay safe! ThomasG
  10. Hello! Thanks for the nice comments! Well, my locomotives have certain good driving behavior also because of digital technology. I appreciate slow starting and braking, and also a continuous speed... The whole thing is slowly taking shape, compare the scene (picture above) with the fire fighters: Best regards, stay safe and have a nice weekend! ThomasG
  11. Hi! Thanks Kevin - for your nice words! There’s some progress again, see the pictures and the video... Best regards and stay safe!
  12. Hi TechnicArrow! Very nice idea to built something like this! I like it! I could imagine building something like that for the bookshelf - if I didn't have more books than space for it... Best regards & stay healthy, ThomasG
  13. Hi! Thanks a lot Kevin! Hi everybody! There‘s a bit progress again... I stuck sandpaper everywhere on the still free areas, the white edges won't be visible after ballasting. The houses and the walls between them were fortified, a door was added to one wall... Best regards & stay healthy, ThomasG
  14. Hi! And here is some progress again... On the background I painted clouds and mountains / hills. I made a ramp for the warehouse myself. There are matching ones from Auhagen, but their depth didn't fit, and besides, I didn't find them really nice... I wish you all a good start in the new week! Best regards, ThomasG
  15. Hello everybody! @ Kevin, Joern and Steve: Thank you for your nice comments, I was very happy about that! After thinking hard and trying it out, I decided to dispense with a (makeshift-) Platform. That would be too much ... But what happens now if the dice shows a "5"? Now this means that a locomotive change is taking place! If a car is in position D, it is shunted to its corresponding position (A, B or C) by the new locomotive. The car standing there is removed to the Fiddleyard. I would like to end the post with a picture. It is p
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