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  1. Just been reading through this thread and I am totally green with envy. Your scratchbuilding skills are by far the best I've ever seen. Keep up the amazing work.
  2. Where the track was flexed and in the hottest of the sun, is where I had the most breakage.
  3. There was too much expansion and contraction John. Maybe, shorter pieces would have been more effective?
  4. So, is there any chance that O gauge items from the Heljan range could appear? - Or, perhaps I should rephrase that - how about some EFE Rail "Dogfish"? pretty please.
  5. I hope it arrived in working order - unlike mine. Waiting to hear what is going to happen to it.
  6. "Those 24 tipplers that arrived loaded on Tuesday, have just departed back to East Depot" "What tipplers were those?" "I dont know the numbers, its those that arrived on Tuesday"
  7. Phew! What cracking weather. There has been more work going on (planting, ballasting and soldering) than playing trains, just lately, so, before I start my next run of shifts and the weather turns, I had a little running session. All EE locomotives - my 3 x 37's and my 3 x 50's. Split into 2 films - one for each type.
  8. White Horse Lane or Holmesdale Road sound better
  9. Yes pls!! I will take 2 or 3 PAA's and a couple of the slurry tanks, if offered.
  10. Bizarrely, this line from Mount Gould Jn to Lipson Jn, is signalled for this direction movement only! The line behind the trains, is bi-directionally signalled.
  11. An old 110 instamatic image that has been cropped - 56124 at Westbury. Im not sure of the date, but the wagons will limit the period, as they were a bit of a disaster!
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