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  1. Can anyone confirm the output amperage of the Hornby Elite? think ive read that its 4amp thank you
  2. I visited on Friday and was pleased to see a good number of outstanding layouts on show - Bridgwater, Mostyn and Kunzebrucke being among my favourites. Here are my videos : Thank you to all the organisers and exhibitors for a great show!
  3. If you did want to do a day in 80's mode, I'd be over the moon to help you out with stock (fairly rigidly 86 & 87 - no triple grey!)
  4. Funny you should mention TrainWest Mike - I was only asking Geoff about Oak Road's attendance the other day!
  5. Thanks to BMRG for another excellent show - even better when it didnt clash with the Grand National! I certainly noticed the show was quieter on Saturday - but am certainly not complaining. There was no struggling to view the layouts, jostling or backpack assaults - and no smellys I really appreciate the level of trade support - I certainly bought more than I was planning to! It was really good to meet Callum (Amiens 1918) and Laurie Calvert (Cato Pass). The quality of the layouts just gets better and better - well done to all. Any plans to have San Maria Gandia, Oak Road or Tidworth? Some of my favourite layouts from the exhibition circuit. I see links to my videos have already been posted here - thank you!
  6. Meant to mention to you earlier Mike, they are now using the side tippers for bulk ballast work, to Westbury. They have some labelling on them that states that they don't / aren't for side tipping anymore - I will endeavour to get a photo, if you need one.
  7. Are they pre-empting Kerexit? Trying to avoid import / export tariffs no doubt Good luck to all concerned and good news its not far from a railway station too.
  8. I tried your rusting method on a Dapol O gauge 16t mineral wagon. At this stage it looked brilliant - thank you! Unfortunately, i tried adding a tiny bit more of the Typhus Corrosion and wasnt happy with the result. Ive then compounded the problems, but have salvaged it to a degree. I know now for the next time! As they say, less is more sometimes.
  9. Signalman S is very pleased with his slim figure
  10. The model looks great - its a shame I want an unrefurbished one!
  11. Really interesting, the short formed HST at BTM - easy to model! The Corkickle photos are amazing - I went there last summer and you wouldn't believe any of that existed.
  12. I completely agree with Bonafide' comments. This was a first time exhibition for me and probably the last - sorry. It was ridiculously busy and too cramped, as people have said. Perhaps it needs to be a 2 day event. There were some brilliant layouts on show, which I would have loved to have been able to spend more time in front of, but when you cant actually get a good viewpoint, you can get bored - I did. Some of this comes about due to the old problem of people just standing in front of an exhibit and chatting - paying no attention to whats in front of them, just being a pain in the posterior. There were a few layouts that just didnt having anything going on, or werent functioning well, or as Bonafide said, were being operated by people who just didnt know what they were doing - Its a shame. Agree with Col. Stephens, some of the layouts werent quite what id expect to see at a show, but agree with others comments that all levels of skill should be on show. Anyway, here are the links to the video I shot:
  13. Looking forward to travelling to this new show (for me) - hopefully the trains wont be a nightmare. Are any of the loco Dr's into fixing dcc stuff? please!!
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