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  1. Yes pls!! I will take 2 or 3 PAA's and a couple of the slurry tanks, if offered.
  2. Bizarrely, this line from Mount Gould Jn to Lipson Jn, is signalled for this direction movement only! The line behind the trains, is bi-directionally signalled.
  3. An old 110 instamatic image that has been cropped - 56124 at Westbury. Im not sure of the date, but the wagons will limit the period, as they were a bit of a disaster!
  4. With some gorgeous weather and few of the noisy kids about, a few big steam locos came out to play today!
  5. A couple of videos of the first OO gauge running sessions at Summer Hampton. The first one has a definite Southern Region feel to it - with a small supporting cast. The second film has a mix of freight and NPCCS action
  6. Its been a while since I posted on this thread, so here goes! A lot has happened in the last 12 months. The railway was removed from the garden, when a house move was happening. Unfortunately, this didn't complete and the move shelved, So Ive been redeveloping the railway - plenty of time in lock-down! It is a lot simpler this time around and the trackbed is solid concrete - the recycled plastic boards didn't work as well as hoped, so have been done away with. The railway is now a combination of both O and OO gauges. Ive had to utilise Peco setrack on the O gauge which isn't ideal, but I can live with the compromise. Each scale has a single line with loop. The OO loop is huge, mainly to comfortably accommodate my representation of 1S19 Bristol to Glasgow / Edinburgh sleeper train. Control is now provided by a Powercab system with 5amp booster. Here is a short video featuring my only dcc sound fitted O gauge loco to date, D1010 "Western Campaigner". I have a Hymek which is waiting a sound chip - something that will get sorted as soon as lock-down is over, along with a shopping trip to the garden centre for plants. The next locos on the shopping list are a 31 and a 25.
  7. Any late news on whether this show is still going ahead?
  8. I pre-ordered 68032, with Hattons, as soon as the announcement was made.
  9. Good weeks modelling - 4 Mk3 Sleepers & Mk2 BFK tarted up and ready for traffic - more to follow - just now, a Mk1 RMB has rolled off the line too.

  10. Thats right. The Western used Willesden Brent allocated vehicles - there were ecs moves between Willesden Brent and Paddington. Internal Scottish trains carried on running until much later - IIRC they didnt stop until loco hauled services went over to 158 traction. I certainly used the EDB/GLC - INV service during the Summer of 1988.
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