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  1. I pre-ordered 68032, with Hattons, as soon as the announcement was made.
  2. Good weeks modelling - 4 Mk3 Sleepers & Mk2 BFK tarted up and ready for traffic - more to follow - just now, a Mk1 RMB has rolled off the line too.

  3. Thats right. The Western used Willesden Brent allocated vehicles - there were ecs moves between Willesden Brent and Paddington. Internal Scottish trains carried on running until much later - IIRC they didnt stop until loco hauled services went over to 158 traction. I certainly used the EDB/GLC - INV service during the Summer of 1988.
  4. Sorry OP, idk if you are incapacitated or cant leave your house, but like one or 2 others here, I find it incredible that you have a model shop only 3 miles from your home and you wont go and shop there, but instead send an email. Add to this, youve also got Rails plus others in the same City. I must say, I often look at pre-owned items on the Hattons website which have contradictory info re spec and price and I dont recall others making a song and dance on here about it. I also wouldnt go to a butchers to buy fruit and veg. If this shop doesnt sell what you want, you shop somewhere else - simples. Personally, I dont get involved if there is any confusion. As ive said on previous threads about this supplier, they are quite marmite. If I need their services or products, I make a 300 mile round trip to get them. Yes, the shop staff can appear a bit brusque, but I get what I want. I wish I had a model railway shop within 10 miles of where I live....
  5. Well chuffed with yesterdays announcement - pre-order placed!
  6. DRS Crewe On A Mission - thanks for the reply. Hattons are advertising the 68's as new stock, so I assume they are another production run that Dapol have distributed, which still puzzles me as to why they've done a load more DRS and Chiltern models, but not what must be the most promising seller. Oh well, gonna have to be patient
  7. Im sure there has only been 1 run of TPE liveried locos. Ive heard other people say "oh, as the mk5 production run is going to be limited, there isn't the need for another run of locos". That's nonsense, as, im sure, people would like more than 1 TPE liveried loco (sort of the reason I didn't buy one originally - I wanted something other than 019). Your point about other versions having stock to pull isn't exactly correct - there are no Chiltern Mk3 available and, as someone else has pointed out, these locos have been used on other traffic too - both sides of the coin covered there. I suppose, having bought a set of the Mk5's, I could always cash in when someone else cant buy them and double my money on Ebay!
  8. How come Hattons seem to get more and more stock of DRS and Chiltern 68's but Dapol cant seem to grasp the requirement for more TPE liveried models? Shops seem to have shelves full of DRS and Chiltern liveries, so why more?? Come on Dapol, there is an obvious market for more TPE examples!!
  9. Completely off topic I know, but im fascinated with your photo of Habaniya - my late Father was there around this time. Im still looking for him on the photo.
  10. Does anyone know if its easy to change the knuckle type couplings for 3 links on these?
  11. Great announcement (although I will stick with my Bachmann models) - perchance we can keep our fingers crossed for a Class 50 next?
  12. Cant wait to see the layout at TrainWest Mike. How much will it cost to have a 1980's running session?? Don't forget, when populating the platforms, you need a queue of wheelchair users at the barrow crossing, with Martin on the phone to the bobby
  13. PM me if you have one you want to part with.
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