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  1. In less than ideal photographic conditions, 50049 waits for 50007 to runround from the rear, at Ayr. The train had to top and tail to Stranraer, due to the limited length of the runround these days at Stranraer and due to the signalbox, supposedly, being switched out.
  2. A limited turnaround (due to late running) meant I didnt get a front 3/4 view of 50049 at Stranraer.
  3. To bring this thread right upto date. A few shots of the Galloway Fifties railtour of Saturday 11th September 2021. The first couple are of Stranraer and the last is at Ayr. Due to file size, spread over 3 replies.
  4. Those who have purchased the version 5637, have you paid a small premium and is there any mention of a donation, from the sale of the loco, being made to the 5637 loco group?
  5. Perhaps it would be better if all locos came unnumbered, as Heljan used to. Some might say it would give the manufacturers a bit more time to get the liveries spot on.
  6. Parts 2 and 3 of my July series are now available to view. Part 2 features new stock in the shape of the Cavalex Warflat wagons.
  7. I couldnt find any box opening videos so did one myself - it be useful to someone.
  8. In case anyone else is as foolish as I, dont let Humbrol acrylic varnish anywhere near these - Ive just frosted both of mine Oh well, I really wanted to repaint all the decking planks
  9. During the excellent weather we have enjoyed during the start of June, I set about making a series of garden railway videos, in which, I am going to try and run every piece of stock I have. We are 3 videos in and Ive barely scratched the surface! Lets hope this wet weather passes us by fairly quickly, so I can get back outside and do some more running.
  10. Wednesday 9th June 2021 66622 and co approach Westbury with 6C68 for Whatley Quarry. All 3 locos were under power.
  11. From todays test run - approaching Westbury
  12. I'm not a fan of the owners names being under the number - it didn't look good on the last livery - a bit too cluttered. But, as others have said, its nice to see it in a modern livery (I think its nicer than the GBRF livery on 007 & 049) and earning its keep.
  13. A number of O gauge items of rolling stock have recently arrived at Summer Hampton.
  14. I have now managed to make contact - lets hope delivery happens soon!
  15. Has anyone had any contact with Robert Tivondale from CRT kits, lately? I spoke to him on 13th February regarding an outstanding order I have with him and was promised delivery within 2 - 3 weeks - 8 weeks later I have seen or heard nothing. Having paid upfront for my items, I'm feeling a little bit miffed, World pandemic or not.
  16. An enjoyable morning spent in the garden, chatting to some retired work colleagues, required some train running. Hornby 5274 is a fairly recent purchase and ran faultlessly.
  17. I've now made a start on some films that introduce people to the OO gauge fleet of locos at Summer Hampton. Here are the 37's.
  18. Yep - IIRC the end suite was "the Flying Scotsman" - there was a deck area at the end of the coach.
  19. I have finally finished my 117 dmu, adding passengers, drivers and the fiddly pipework.
  20. Got my wagon on Friday. Very pleased with it - for such a boring wagon, I cant stop looking at it! It took me ages to find and operate the tail lamp switch, but It gave me something to do whilst waiting for Amazon to deliver the batteries! (Why do Amazon insist on showing you 3000 things you don't want when you've specifically selected to search for a specific type of item?) As the real thing were built at the very start of my very short, time period modelled, I've had to try and be very sparing with the weathering, but am pleased with the result. I've just noticed the wonky buffer.
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