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  1. The High Dyke to Aldwarke Class C Iron Ore Train  was another interesting Freight working on The ECML. There was a regular service between High Dyke and Aldwarke for many years, utilising unfitted Iron Ore Tipplers, hauled by O2’s and occasional V2’s. Following a reorganisation in The Eastern Region Divisional Management Structure, a fully fitted C Service was introduced utilising vacuum fitted Iron Ore Tipplers in the distinctive bauxite livery. This Train only ran from March 1962 until March 1963, utilising A3’s from Grantham MPD and A1’s from elsewhere, loaded to about  27 wagons. However it proved difficult to keep the rake of vacuum fitted Tipplers together iin daily service. Apparently it was quite an experience in the early evening  when the train headed North through Grantham at 50mph as the driver got to work with the train.

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  2. Further to Andy and Tony’s comments I reckon a loaded Presflo came in at 36 tons which made it a heavy wagon. This is probably what led to the introduction of The Cemflo wagon which was constructed from a lighter material. Although the photo is important in that it identifies the use of 60513 Dante (34E) on a Cement Train, I don’t think it is a photo of the test train as the formation is too short. I believe the length of the train increased progressively from 15 Presflos to well over 20 wagons by August 1961 when The Cemflo service commenced. For a period from August 1961 until November 1961, both trains ran along The ECML but on different days of the week. From that date The Cemflo service appears to have taken over although I believe that after that date there were still Presflo trains operating on The ECML in connection with the transport of flyash from The South Yorkshire Power Stations to Fletton, south of Peterborough. So it would be interesting to discover the identity of The A2/3 used on the test train, but also as to whether this train consisted of Presflos or Cemflos?

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  3. Further to the mention of a photo of 60518 Tehran at Knebworth on a train of Presflos in 1961, there is a photo in The RCTS Photo Archive  of 60518 on Kings X Shed on 19/2/61. Although York based Pacifics were common at Kings X, on this occasion 60518 is in a clean condition, unusually for a York based Pacific, and I wonder if this might be on the occasion of the initial trip on The Anglo Scottish Cement Working as the date is around the time when the trial would have taken place. It would be useful to know if it is possible to identify the length of the train behind 60518 Tehran at Knebworth.

  4. The Anglo Scottish Cement Trains on The ECML commenced in August 1960 with the introduction of The Purfleet to Cambuslang / Leith Service. Initially these were loaded at just 15 Presflos and were hauled by 9F’s and V2’s. This train grew progressively in length until August 1961 when a new Anglo Scottish Service commenced between Cliffe and Uddingston loaded to 28 Cemflos. 9F’s were initially the mainstay until the introduction in December 1961 of  2 Class 33 diesels on the working, the second unit being provided because of the high rate of failure on these locomotives at the time.

    However I have been unable to identify any photos or detailed observations of the use of A2/3 Pacifics on The Cement Trains and wonder if the use of The New England A2/3 was just a one off trial. It would be interesting to discover which locomotive was used on the initial trial.

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  5. The Purfleet to Cambuslang and Leith Service commenced in June 1960. Initially it was hauled North to York by Class 9F’s, but it quickly increased in length and apparently it’s haulage became a problem. Famously Peter Townend stated that the only locomotives that were powerful enough to haul it were The Thompson A2/3’s. However try as I might I have been unable to find a photo or recorded details of their use on this train.

    From August 1961 a new service was inaugurated from Cliffe to Uddingston utilising Cemflo wagons and appears to have eventually replaced the previous Anglo Scottish Service that utilised Presfos. Thus if A2/3’s were used it was probably only for a short period during 1961. It appears that Presflos were still operated in trains along The ECML as flyash was also carried as well as cement but the train length was probably shorter than previously so 9F’s and V2’s were able to undertake the work.

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