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  1. If you have plug in cassettes on the interchange road, which can also serve as a head-shunt (switch lead), then it might work. Otherwise you will find the short access to the kick-back a pain in the proverbial. If you concentrate your operations on doing it properly, stopping short before lining the couplers, then inching slowly, you will have plenty to do, and your operation will take longer, and you will then have no need for complicated shunting, sorry, switching.
  2. Like most economic and political “theories”*, the concept of socialism is sound, but is an ideal based on ignoring some certain aspects of human nature, particularly the propensity for psychopaths to grab the reins of power... * In quotation marks, as a true theory produces a testable hypotheses, whereas theory here means “idea”.
  3. As I have often said to myself on a Sunday morning, as I view the devastation from Saturday night...
  4. Kind of presupposes that you knew what you were doing in the first place...
  5. Consider a “chainsaw layout”, so called because you intend to rip it apart after a while (use of a chainsaw is metaphorical, and you can always re-use baseboards if they are well constructed*). But some cheaper stock, maybe second hand, in either N or H0, plus some flexible track and a few turnouts, and get something down and running. See how you get on. If you like the scheme and scale, then think about revising/refining the stock. If not, try the other one. Properly designed and carefully built, even a very simple layout can give you hours of pleasure. This will take you to a simple
  6. And public transport: great for other people... Which takes us back to Ian’s point, and squares the circle: We are in a mess, or more accurately a stinking pile of horse manure that has yet to rot down and be useful (when it will cease to stink). Whether we got here through cynical lack of investment under George Osborne (“austerity” didn’t apply to the banks, who were bailed out via QE - a loan to ourselves, effectively, not to businesses, where corporation tax was halved, not to large businesses like Google, as CT is paid where the business HQ is located, not where the transacti
  7. More questions. Will this be for just you? Most of the time or all of the time? What floats your boat: Lots of trains running? Lots of switching? Short trains? Long trains? Are you a builder or an operator, or more accurately, where on the scale between those extremes do you put yourself? (Anywhere from a scratchbuilder who needs a test track (Tom Mix or Mike Cougill in P:48) to an operator who wants to lay track and run trains (David Bairstow in H0 with his Cat Mountsin and Sante Fe)? How important to you is detail (suggests going for
  8. Having a minority view doesn’t make you unpopular. Ranting on at length when others disagree with you, on the other hand, is not to be undertaken lightly...take it from someone who really knows!
  9. A simple short line, in S scale. Not many turnouts, and just two or three industries. Something like the North Stratford RR, either in independent days (shipping furniture out and feed stuff in) or maybe in MEC days. For me, on my own, that’s as many trains as I can handle at a time. With a friend, one of us as fireman, the other as engineer.
  10. I know what I would do in that space, but I am not you. You are asking the right questions, but these can only be answered by you.
  11. It’s not minor if you get it, and are in a “high risk” group, and at the time, we didn’t know how bad it might be - nor indeed do we yet, as we have not done nothing at all. But of those 60,000 or so, Covid-19 may have been an exacerbating factor which brought death sooner, it may not have been a factor at all in some cases, so the number of deaths directly attributable to the virus may never be accurately known, but it is likely to be substantially less than that number. I think the reaction shown by the government, if it was to be taken, was taken too late, and lifted too ea
  12. The GWR politely declined overtures made to them...
  13. Andy’s photos are superb.
  14. Although obviously not the OP...
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