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  1. That’s the photo I referred to earlier: not a J21. Look at the cab side sheets, plus it is hauling Drummond 4 wheel coaches, which would predate LNER ownership. I venture that’s a Drummond D class.
  2. I believe it was on a slope, with gravity playing a significant part in the operation.
  3. This is one of those grey area issues. As it is off scene, you could omit, model it as non operable, or model it working. i know which of those three I would choose, but like Edward Thomas, I am hard on myself like that...
  4. I use code 75 rail anyway, because it suits my prototype, but if the crossing filing jig has been hardened (and it probably has) then making any alterations to it might be difficult.
  5. After a second look, I agree: it has a Holmes cab, which rather rules out a “wee Drummond”.
  6. It might be a Drummond D class 0-6-0 (later J34?) there is a photo of one published, where it is incorrectly described as a J21.
  7. I think a single blade, worked in tandem with the turn out, would suffice.
  8. You need a safety/trap point, to stop things running out of the yard onto the mainline.
  9. I think the word you are looking for is “more”. You definitely need some more.
  10. It did. Unlike the LNWR at Northampton, when it simply obliterated what was once one of biggest castles in England when building the loop from Roade to Rugby.
  11. I think the point is that there aren’t castles at Berwick and Northampton...
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