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  1. Patience. Either the card game, or waiting for things to improve.
  2. From this statement, I guess you don't live near, or have ever lived in, Corby?
  3. A very North American style of loco coal bunker, too, plus rather modern dress on the part of the photographers/spotters...
  4. I have, so far, found one other potentially positive outcome from Brexit, which relates to easing the regulations applied to small banks, so that they are not the same as those applied to "internationally active" or "systemically important" banks, with all the bureaucracy that entails. (The EU approach to implementation of international banking agreements was to apply it to everyone, regardless of whether or not this made sense.) That said, given that the referendum was 5 years ago now, our own government, via the Bank of England, has been rather slow in getting around to even discussing
  5. I think it was a more a case of they didn't want the expense of "conquering" such a wilful, unruly mob (I say that with the greatest respect and admiration) and merely tried to delineate between civilisation and barbarism (as they saw it)...
  6. That's because on the other alternate day, the GWR provided the whole train.
  7. Θα πρέπει να σκουπίζεις αυτό το κορεσμένο Cray σου και να πάρεις ένα Cerebra. Happy now?
  8. It was, at the time, the largest route milage approved in a single Act of Parliament, so maybe Great was briefly appropriate...
  9. Hi Tom, The problem here is that, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, we are two countries separated by a common gauge, when it comes to S scale (and others, come to that)! We might share the gauge, but not the standards... UK S scale has never had any significant trade support, and starting in 1919 has been a pioneer of what we would now call "finescale"modelling, when Charles Wynne decided his 1:64 models would be built to within a scale inch of the prototype: even our original "coarse" standards used ⅞" track gauge and what the NMRA might call "code 94" wheels (a scale 6" wid
  10. As it is 3D printed, would it be available for other scales?
  11. You set em' up, and I'll bowl 'em. Just don't expect me to bat. Or at least, not for long.
  12. This is increasingly the case, or as I have seen elsewhere, people taking about preserved locos which ran over the line of interest. I spoke to Ade recently: for various reasons, he is completely off modelling, but has not intentions of letting his blog disappear.
  13. Makes a change from a bus, although one could go underneath...
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