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  1. I think you would look very fetching in it, and Jordan does appear to be a "unisex" name...
  2. Wouldn't worry about that pie, John: you at least went and found out, and it's useful information to know. Next time someone suggests this, you can point them to the fruits of your research! Alcohol as the target item, or as an influencing factor?
  3. Oh yes, and some of her appearances, it's not just the undergarments we see waving about...
  4. A somewhat odorous delay. Hopefully a heated debate about fish traffic, rather than a debate about the traffic of heated fish?
  5. Given that wagons had a registration plate, and this could be cross-referenced, how would that work?
  6. The A5 forms another linguistic boundary, this time between East and West. It is most pronounced in Northamptonshire, around Towcester, to the extent that older people have different accents depending on which side of the road they grew up on, even from the same village. People from Berkshire and Oxfordshire also sound "West Country" to other ears, although more and more of the country sounds like Eastenders.
  7. I second that: 145 is for overlays and non-structural joints. (And even then, with a proper technique, I don't use 145 nowadays.) Don't ask me how I know.
  8. Linguistically, the north-south isogloss is the River Welland between Northamptonshire (soft 'a', "Barth") and Leicestershire (hard 'a', "Ba'th"). But over the past 30 years, Leicestershire has become increasingly a residence for people needing easy access to London, if not everyday (as commuters) then frequently for business trips, etc. This suggests a certain amount of agreement in the boundary being more along the Severn-Trent axis. Even Lincolnshire now gets included in the "South", but amusingly Loughborough doesn't (from the University of Sheffield, which is a city I always t
  9. But you can at least enjoy the sound of duelling banjos whilst you die...
  10. I was a student in Preston for 3 years. A trip to Manchester (or indeed anywhere, including the Lakes) meant visiting somewhere drier.
  11. We can: just needs a bit of attention to improve the off-the-shelf product.
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