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  1. I disagree, Stephen. What you see there are the stays between the horn cheeks of adjacent axles, not the coupling rod. As this is an LNWR engine, the rods on the far side would be at about 12 o’clock on this loco.
  2. Just a couple of hinged paddles, or even a couple of holes in the font, matching a pair of dowels in the bar? (Plug and play?)
  3. De Gaulle (I think) was reportedly heckled at a rally over the fact that his son was a communist, to which he replied, “My son is 21. At 21, I was a communist: it shows he has a good heart. If he is still a communist at 40, it will show that he has no brains!”
  4. For those who wish to follow: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/169812-jamies-random-european-and-rest-of-the-world-railway-photos/
  5. My condolences I quite liked "banger blue", the remnants of traditional freight, and ELO, as well as punk and glam.
  6. And he’s just like the English Cricket team, going home early without winning a test…
  7. Yes, spent two seasons in Division 2 on the way down, but otherwise straight up and straight back down. Interesting asides: when relegated from the first division in 1966, they had a then record highest points for a relegated team. Jimmy Greaves used to quip that the miracle of 1966 was not that England won the World Cup, so much as that Northampton Town had been playing football in the first division… By the time I went to my first game, we were so poor that we had just been re-elected: what used to happen before automatic promotion from the semi-professional leagues. Still, it did ingrain in me two important life lessons: 1) I was prepared and able to cope with supporting England in most competitions in most sports, as coming first was a rare event; 2) I learned early on that in anything competitive, there is ultimately one winner, and then everyone else.
  8. Aww. I thought that was to represent sea water dripping from his bell-bottoms…
  9. As a life-long supporter follower of the Cobblers (NTFC), I know what you mean…
  10. Overlap it. If you don’t like the result, then cut down the middle of the seam, and that will give a perfect meeting of the two sides for butt-joining with a splice behind. You don’t even have to worry about getting a straight and square cut, either!
  11. Just make the beam a bit deeper, if not along the whole length, then around the hole.
  12. The best things about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes are that you are a mile away from them, and you also have their shoes…
  13. Our teachers were wise to that: one drove out to as near the furthermost point as possible, made sure everyone was checked off against the attendance list, then drove back.
  14. Ah, but it is also a good example of what we are very good at: sinking a load of capital into a long-term scheme, forgetting why we did it, then scrapping it and replacing it with something with only a short-term focus, but which yields enormous profits until it goes bust! (Railtrack had a enormous property portfolio of disused land, often in or near city centres. The share price went through the roof as that got flogged off, then there was an accident and the cost of making changes was deemed to be an unfair burden on the shareholders, and the taxpayers - who had done very poorly out of the asset-stripping exercise were expected to cough up.)
  15. As these would generally be bulk-freight vehicles, isn’t that the purpose of railways?
  16. Why the thinner rim? Is that to suit SSMRS tyres?
  17. How did you manage that? With twin beams on the drivers, they go down either side, adjacent to the frames resting on the tops of the axle boxes. The gearbox goes on the driven axle between the axle boxes. A single beam pivot, with one point on the inner driven axle and the other on the bogie pivot, does require all sorts of complications if that axle is the driven one, rather than the fixed outermost driver. You might think that the rear bogie will take 50% of the weight, via the bogie pivot point, but that is only the case if the weight is equally/evenly distributed, but if the centre of gravity is slightly to the front of an 0-4-4 or the rear of a 4-4-0, then taking moments will show that more weight will be born by the drivers.
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