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  1. Has a price actually been quoted yet? I would have thought it was a bit early in the process for that?
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. I have a lot of stock to sell so listing everything individually isn't really an option. A tenner each sounds reasonable though, I was guessing a bit less. Attached photo shows what I'm looking at.
  3. My dad passed away recently and he has left a large number of Kitmaster Mark 1 coaches. Is there much demand for these nowadays? They are all built, painted and lined to a good standard and many have interiors fitted. I'd like to offer them for sale but unlike his other 00 models I'm really not sure how much to ask for these. Apologies if this is the wrong section to ask this question, I wasn't sure where to post it.
  4. I must say the teak effect on these looks pretty convincing to me. It also distracts my eyes from those problematic droplights.
  5. Noted Hopefully the accuracy will be better than their spelling!
  6. I see Tower are advertising a set of six VEAs with different numbers, "giving customers the oppurtunity to build up a descent train of vans without having to wait years for alternate numbers to come out of Dapol." http://www.tower-models.com/towermodels/ogauge/Dapol/dapolwagons/towervans/index.htm
  7. What Dan said! Can't wait for this one. Nice one Minerva!
  8. Robin, I phoned Dapol this afternoon to check this. I was told that DC coaches are fine on DCC, just that there will be no control over the lights once the coach is on the track. The DCC coaches just add the ability to control the lights remotely.
  9. Did you ever get confirmation of this please Robin?
  10. Thanks very much for taking the time to post that Andy. The photos of these coaches on Hatton's site almost look more pink than maroon, so I was interested to see another pic of them. The colour of your example looks more realistic. Cheers
  11. Thanks for the pointers folks. Dan, thanks for the link. I'll fire off an email to them to see if they could do a lower case version, as Siberian Snooper suggests. Not Jeremy, thanks for the suggestion of Cambridge Customs Transfers, I see the PMV listed on their site but it doesn't mention the colour or period, so I suspect it is indeed the 'steam age' version with yellow text. Cheers all
  12. I'm looking for transfers for a Slaters 7mm PMV in BR blue and came across this old thread. Does anyone know if any transfers have become available during the intervening years please? My virus checker doesn't like the steamandthings.com link posted above, it says it's a phishing site! To make my reply more interesting, here's a crop of one of my dad's photos taken at Rugby on 1/6/79 of a recently ex-works PMV, showing an example of the lettering required.
  13. If anyone has bought a maroon version of one of these coaches, please could you post a photo? Thanks.
  14. Putting the reported faults to one side for a moment, is anyone else thinking that the shade of maroon looks a bit... light, even plasticky? Or is it just my eyes.
  15. I'm really pleased that the VEAs are finally going to make it to production. Nice one Dapol! And yes, it was a full 8 years ago when they were first announced.
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