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  1. Interesting, thanks. I have to admit my earlier response was slightly tongue in cheek, I'm not likely to start adapting a £200 brass coach, although the possibility is intriguing. Here is E1705E in blue and grey. https://flic.kr/p/PJaHfF
  2. Excellent, thank you. I was hoping they were that pair. So in theory with a bit of surgery they could be adapted and given a coat of blue and grey... unless Ellis Clark Trains want to take up the gauntlet and offer them?! :-)
  3. Interesting choice. I'm a diesel era modeller but I promised myself a steam hauled rake one day, and these look tempting. I'll be having a blue BG off you at the very least! What diagram number is the buffet please?
  4. Looking good. If you were to produce a full brake I'd bite your hands off. Especially in BR blue.
  5. Indeed you did daltonparva, my bad, I had missed your message entirely. Thanks for responding.
  6. For the benefit of anyone reading this thread in future, I solved this with Phil's kind help over the phone. The problem was that at some time in the past I had started to add a loco to the ECoS, but I'd left it as an incomplete entry, so it was lurking in one of the other loco lists under the default name "New 0003". This itself wouldn't have been a problem, but unwittingly I'd left this 'ghost loco' with an address of 3, which was conflicting with the new loco I was trying to add, as it had the same address. Simple when you know how...! Later tonight I also discovered that if you save a loco to a steam loco list, but then change the little loco picture to a diesel (a class 08 in this case), it automatically moves that loco to the diesel loco list. For a moment this had me scratching my head as to where my freshly programmed gronk had disappeared to! Ant
  7. Sadly not... see the attached screen print, I don't appear to have a 'Save' button! It's got me completely stumped. Whatever I try, the new locos fail to appear on the loco list, even though I can drive them. Maybe I need to do a firmware update or something? But it beats me why I would need to do that, when my original two locos appeared on the loco lists without all this hassle, and continue to work with no problems. Ant
  8. Many thanks Phil, only just seen your reply, I'll try it out tomorrow! Cheers!
  9. Thanks chaps. Terry, I now see the screen you mean, I changed the settings as you suggested but sadly to no effect. Steve, thanks but I've already been doing those two things. Phil, it's good to hear it's not just me who is having this problem! Is the controller maintenance icon the one that brings up Setup 1 and Setup 2? I'm not sure where you mean from there? I've got to put this to one side now as I've got an early start in the morning, but I will have another crack at it on Sunday. When I can finally see the new loco appear on the loco list I'll breathe a sigh of relief! Cheers Anthony
  10. Sorry, you've lost me. This sounds like a menu I've not found yet. Thanks for your patience, I feel a right numpty!
  11. Hi Terry. Thanks for the suggestion, do you mean the address number? I tried changing it, saving, then changing it back and saving it again, but no joy. :-/
  12. Hi I have a newbie DCC question please. I was doing quite well with my ECoS, I have been running my first 2 locos ok for a while. But I have a problem with a couple of new locos I've just bought and had chipped. They program ok using the manual 'New loco > Create manually' options (I seem to recall my first two locos were recognised automatically, but I can't remember for sure) and I can drive them fine. But when the controller is turned off and back on again, there is no trace of the new loco. When programming I'm pressing the button that has a down arrow pointing to the track and I'm saving to loco list 1, but the loco never appears there (or in any other list). I guess I'm missing out a step or something. Any advice much appreciated cos at the moment it's driving me nuts! Thanks, Anthony.
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