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  1. So I've recently gotten into signalling, and I think that's a great opportunity to further tame the fiddle yard - for example, if you've got four fiddle yard/staging roads which loop back around: At the head end, there's a switch panel (I can't deal with DCC controller actuated turnouts) which represents a junction box (or sequence of signal boxes, whatever) that has them marked as: Saalhausen Furstenwald branch Nuremberg (mainline north) Forbergen (mainline south) which correspond to train destinations from the terminus - I feel like having the end-
  2. If only for this quote, I will read the lot:
  3. I think it might be a bit like a helix, too much time spent unobserved breaks the illusion rather than supports it? Maybe the front of the balloon loop could be a scenic section between two tunnels or something?
  4. How do you plan to access the back of the top-right corner? Cutouts? The top half of the plan does indeed look very 'universal' and I imagine should your whims change at any point in the future, it would support any number of layouts 'above'. I might be inclined to slew the passing station more opposite the baloon to get it on a curve, and then include the junction as part of the throat of the station - it would give a bit of space on the right before diving under the terminus approach? Did you consider tillig elite? I'm still musing on plans for h0 so insight there w
  5. @Railpassion I think it's easy to get a misunderstanding of scale speed - both too fast AND too slow. There are many recollections of drivers and firemen clouting wagons around at speed, or shunters racing back to the platform ends behind the trains they've just piloted. Clearly, not quite as simple as just going 'as slow as possible' although that does often give great visual flavour.
  6. Thanks for the link to this thread, what a wonderful layout!
  7. No tar pit intended, I'm observing merely as an uninterested third party at this point, having neither the patience nor inclination for either at this stage!
  8. I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube and quite apart from the fact that sometimes I can’t even tell if the layout is 00 or N, often I see EM layouts about but proportionally fewer P4 equivalents. Why is this? The only thing that comes to mind is the oft touted thought that P4 requires compensation but you can just get away with a re wheel in EM?
  9. Quite like your circuit with the return loop on a corner, what kind of gradients are you looking at?
  10. Presumably the chair moulding is bigger, even though the rail height is the same?
  11. By the way, I'm sure we know - but the main SSL certificate has expired for the site bluebell-railway.co.uk - expired 21/02/21) which is where the images are hosted and what's causing all the images to fail - the main site on bluebell-railway.com is fine.
  12. Thank you, for your information, specific wording was as follows: (a) Is the property (or will it be) within 200 metres of the centre line of a proposed railway, tramway, light railway or monorail? - Within 100 metres of the Bluebell Railway Extension (b) Are there any proposals for a railway, tramway, light railway or monorail within the local authority’s boundary? - The property is within a Local Authority area that will be affected by the extension to Bluebell railway into Haywards Heath.
  13. One of the interesting tidbits that popped up with a new house purchase is "railway development earmarked for within 100m of the property" in the local authority search - the railway at the end of the garden is the northern approach to Haywards heath station, and the Bluebell Preservation Society suggests this is for when the route through Ardingly is relaid and connected through. I was wondering, is this a pie in the sky project, or something likely to happen? I think I'd be very chuffed to hear steam locos at the end of the garden but it seems like a huge piece of work!
  14. Very interesting stuff! I think a system layout (as per my thread in the layout planning forum) has so much potential, but I guess the balance is making it interesting enough for a single person while not being too much - and being achievable! Paddington-Seagood has two terminals, a junction, a passing terminus and a regular way station. Do you think you could incorporate one of the features into your passing station? I guess being a 14' x 8' shed rather than a large billiards room, you are a little limited in scope: http://templot.com/martweb/info_files/seagood.htm In terms of att
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