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  1. I would recommend joining a local NMRA group, for all the negatives some people diss this society with I met some friends for life at the Bath/Claverton Group and gained a massive amount of knowledge, encouragement and help there...
  2. Thanks for that, not sure what the run round tracks are like at Westerleigh but it must have been a little more taxing than normal for the driver to put 60091 between 60020 and the train, still he had 8 hours to do it....
  3. A very late Humber to Westerleigh early this morning lead to a late return north and a reward for the photographer....
  4. Three trains, three Companies and four class 66 in 20 minutes on Friday afternoon in Cheltenham.
  5. Thanks for your interest Rob, they are really just the Hornby PGA cut down with detail removed then plastic strip added to the body and almost all detail removed from the chassis. I found a really good article by Paul James on the real life conversion, but I cannot remember where it was, see attached Word doc and photo. Gunnell.docx
  6. Some wagon work also, Gunnell conversions from the good old Hornby PGA. Also scratch building a JNA scrap wagon, maybe 30 hours of plasticard and liquid poly, the latter certainly lifts ones spirits in the "unprecedented time" Sorry the underframe and brake gear is a little freelance......LOL
  7. A few recent photos from my Bwrdd project, some new scenery in furlough and false perspective is work in progress. Hopefully on the next set I will get the lighting a little better.
  8. Roberston to Westerleigh and Westerleigh to Roberston while I waited for my MOT today...
  9. Toton to Exeter today, one impressive train, RM500 ballast cleaner and plant.
  10. Overhead inspection train yesterday running back to Derby having spend the day between Paddington and Swansea. Not a very large thread for this locomotive, it maybe the "ugly duckling" but they sound great throttling up!
  11. Straight out of the box today, a gleaming Doncaster to Laira ECS.
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