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  1. Westerleigh tank train looks superb. Keep up the great work. You will need a ticketing system when running sessions are offered.
  2. Swindon-Hereford-Oxford-Birmingham-Swindon circuit today. Charlotte and Stella working hard....
  3. It seems D1015 has gone to Avonmouth from SVR earlier for load testing on the north bound GBRf cement today. Dont get to excited north of Gloucester as it is coming of at New Yard?
  4. A wonderful faded Beastie with a very late running Hope to Cwnbargoed empty coal train yesterday morning. It seemed to spend 3 hours waiting behind a Humber to Westerliegh fuel train near Burton. Dont think the Westerleigh train ever made it as it seemed to stop at Bescot and never left?
  5. Superb photo there, I can see the green now. Really is a spot on Pway
  6. Me again with the Berkeley flask, pre 7am difficult light and mist at ground level but great skies. If I was a cloud spotter I would be happy with this photo...
  7. Great to see the VGA. Cardiff to Burton today.... Roy Gould would be pleased to see EWS still running them....
  8. The Berkeley waste train again, I cannot believe there are no posts on 68s since mine last week. Same rolling stock different locos, slightly different camera angle 39 steps up the foot bridge, lol.
  9. Oppps yes, North Wales not Lanchashire, think I got the Avonmouth bit right? I was lucky I think it was the last run as 66778 seems to have been swapped now. The diagram seems to vary so much between the two cement works.
  10. Track look great, the variation in colours and condition look spot on!!!! Love the weathering on the blue building too.
  11. Certainly a lot there to get right. Feel sorry for the modellers out there trying to scratch build one first....
  12. Good to see Rail being used rather than Road to move a loco between Dean Forest and Severn Valley. 50049 heading south to collect 31466 from Lydney.
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