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  1. It’s good to “have you back” John! Inspirational as always…..
  2. That’s me off to Modelu then!
  3. Well so was I….. and ditto. I could have been an Admiral but fell a bit short….. as for Guzz versus Pompey, well, I’d beg to differ! Won’t mention Chatham…. “IVOR DEWDNEY” at stand easy for the hangoverally challenged. Back to the modelling….
  4. If only I could have been scanned by Modelu 50+ years ago I’d be just right for one of those benches, shandy (the real stuff, albeit very weak, not that Top Deck fizzy pop!) and crisps in hand. It was probably the shandy that set me off on the road to ruin, tho perhaps a couple of decades in the Navy helped……. Kevin, I take my hat off to you yet again for getting things so right that they could be real!
  5. I’d suggest just a couple of benches outside under the windows? I wasn’t around in the thirties but I suspect that the benches I was sat on in the sixties whilst I had my lemonade and crisps were. I can still remember the smell of stale beer from inside but I wasn’t allowed in under any circumstance (a bit like last week) and had to tap on the window to get my dad’s attention for a refill.....
  6. I've carried on trawling for information in my "library". So far the nearest I've got is an informative section on loco coal in Vol 2 of GWR Goods Train Working by Tony Atkins. There are quite a few relevant pictures which suggest that these workings were a bit of a mishmash of wagons and also included other goods, but no pictures include any of the 40 tonners as far as I can make out. I think I might have to invoke Rule 1.
  7. Kevin, I take my hat off to you for all your modelling and photographic skills, but perhaps less is more?, Cheers, Mark
  8. No 71... and they will be the right way up as well! IIRC upside down photos have been a thing on RMWeb for reasons that I do not understand, or recollect. They are the right way up (non Australian) here at snailpace towers....
  9. Herewith a couple of photos of the relevant page....not sure why they are upside down?!
  10. Chris, Whilst trawling through my stash of GWRJs in search of a photo I am sure I have seen but now cannot find (a bit like the thingummy needed to finish any model, searched for, not found, purchased and then surprise surprise you’ve got two of them), I happened across GWR drawings of the plan of Aldermaston goods shed and its internal 2 ton crane, almost identical to yours..... have you seen them? I haven’t compared your model to the drawings, but they do look nearly identical......
  11. So much for a snail pace. By now I wouldn’t have done anything at all, but I might have thought about doing something. But then again I might not. Perhaps I might have looked at what everyone else on RMWeb had achieved and been inspired, so Chris keep on at your pace and INSPIRE! I won’t ask how the canal towpath is going tho... that seems to be something I can keep up with.. Cheers, Mark
  12. Hey!!! If only I could work at your pace, and quality....
  13. Hi everyone! I've just started building some Cambrian 40 tonners. Some time ago I was inspired by a picture (perhaps pre WW1) of a rake of these pulled by an Aberdare but having looked long and hard for this picture in my library I can't find it and am starting to wonder if I ever saw it in the first place! Before I wade into my GWRJs, does anyone know where to find any info (other than Russell and Tourret) and point me in the right direction? I'm interested to know how many 40 tonners would be in a rake, which I presume would be a fixed one, and also assume that there would be a mix of N11,14 and 15 by the thirties? Would any other loco coal wagons be there to make up the numbers? Would this be a daily flow and I presume it would take a while to unload so return empty the next day? Cheers, Mark
  14. At last, something on LM where my skills match Kevin’s
  15. I’ve got a nice three drawer store for paint tinlets. Only problem now is that the new Humbrol/Airfix tins seem to be just a tad wider and don’t fit..... Not sure if I want to make all the holes a mill bigger so I might have to dig out the old Ferrero Rocher boxes again. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if they have changed the size of them recently as well though!
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