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    Anything railways, with a slight bias towards infrastructure. A passing interest in other transport modes such as aircraft and shipping. Still a licensed Radio Amateur, but not done much in this field for a few years. Oh, and of course the family!

    Started my railway career with BR in 1973, S&T York. Made redundant by NR (Project Violet) in 2003. Joined a railway engineering consultancy almost straight away and have been there ever since.

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  1. One added problem with the construction of the station box at Canary Wharf was that the Crossrail project was not in charge of it. The construction of the station box was managed entirely by "Canary Wharf Ltd" and Crossrail were somewhat on the "outside looking in" and did not have a direct "hands on" involvement, thereby relying on someone else to ensure the Crossrail build specification would be delivered as required/expected.
  2. Excellent idea eastwestdivide. Not everyone's favourite mode of transport, but they have served a purpose and lasted a lot longer than most would have envisaged (or hoped?). Good to record their swansong as it were.
  3. Might have temporary perspex windows fitted due to broken/shattered window(s). Not seen them fitted for a number of years, but then I can't recall the last time I saw a broken window on a train in service.
  4. iands

    Mk4 catenary??

    Hi Matthew, The reference I read said "not implemented", so I assume it was never used anywhere.
  5. iands

    Mk4 catenary??

    Hi Matthew, I'm no OLE expert, but I deduce that there are 5 x Mk 3 variants (3, 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d). Mk 5, as far as I can tell, is only used at Dollands Moor freight yard. The differences between Mk 3, Mk 4 and Mk 5 seem to be different contact wires (cross section, material), different catenary wires (cross section, material) and different tensions. All the differences seem to be related to line speed and current carrying capacity. But as I say, I'm no OLE expert, the above is just my interpretation of something I read. Hope this helps.
  6. iands

    Mk4 catenary??

    Read recently that Mk 4 was developed in the 1970s for use on WCML with the intended introduction of the APT. Consequently, it was never implemented. Mk 5 is used at Dollands Moor freight yard. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi ikcdab, No dimensions I'm afraid, but a couple of photos that may, or then again may not, help. They are of perhaps unconventional signal posts that may be of interest if you want to scratch-build something a bit different. Mike 'The Stationmaster' might be able to help here with dates regarding when these originally date from (e.g. which resignalling scheme). As Mike and others have alluded to, there were different styles of signal posts, signal heads and lens hoods. As I say, the signals posts in these two photo examples don't exactly conform to any particular "standard", but rather fall into a category of bespoke/homemade/adaptation to fit a particular need/situation. e photos were taken 2007 as part of a survey I was undertaking in connection with the East London Line project. Signal L568 is on the London bound platform at Brockley with the post constructed out of bullhead rail and a pipe for the "cable management". The second phot shows signals L559 and L561 at New Cross Gate (looking towards Brockley). It seems the footbridge/walkway support structure was adapted to accommodate L559. Hope these are of some interest.
  8. iands

    Heaton Lodge Junction

    As I and many others have alluded to previously, a simply stunning layout! I don't know how you do it, but please keep doing it!
  9. Seeing 60097 from that angle reminds me that early in their life the 60s were nicknamed (by a few at least) "Politicians", by the fact you can see straight through them!
  10. The former station buildings are now City of York council offices.
  11. Can't add anything about the coach, or the other vehicle other than it looks like a gauging vehicle, but it is at York. The buildings to the left once housed the museum before it moved to its present site. Correction: The building behind the coach is the former museum, the building on the left (with the doors open) is the former carriage shed.
  12. Is there a typo, I think it should be "in to traffic on 7/3/62" and not 7/3/72?
  13. iands

    16t minerals

    Love the lack of PPE, except the HV mini-vests, and the lack of a barrier/fence to keep the members of the public back! I imagine current H&S practitioners would be having a collective apoplectic fit at such practices!
  14. iands

    Solutions for Leeds

    Probably not seen as a huge problem, though acknowledging the situation east of Leeds is not ideal. In reality, the east-end station throat is 3-track and 4-track at Marsh Lane, with a 2-track bit in between which is only 17 chains (374 yards) in length. The cost versus benefit Business Case for widening the viaduct to accommodate 3 or 4 tracks in all likelihood just wouldn't stack up, neither I suspect would relocating the Neville Hill facility to somewhere else in the Leeds area.
  15. Thanks for the heads-up Mick, but I've signed up for the Block Classes again so won't be able to make next Tuesday.

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