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  1. 1. I now understand it was a big ask. However based on my interactions with others in the past getting help drawing up layouts it's not that much work or effort required especially on a computer; at least that is what they have told me. Perhaps they were only being polite and it is a lot to request. I had no idea since I have never had the ability to do it myself. 2. The plan is serious; I have the baseboard already built. However, this is a completely valid point and due to my unfamiliarity with any past issues you guys may have had with requests similar to mine I'd like to apologize for not being more detailed before posting. 3. I have spent weeks building up this trackplan based on tons of photos of the original setup. As juvenile as it sounds I am planning on recreating the main sheds set from the original Thomas show on my baseboard. If you are following my Bachmann Thomas thread you will be able to gain a greater understanding of why I am using a serious medium like scale modeling for something that seems so childish. I will be happy to post the various reference photos I have complied to create this drawn-up plan in order to authenticate my efforts. 4. I'm still living under my parent's roof and it is a strongly enforced and personal family rule that they don't approve of me buying apps online. They are fine with me spending money on track and stuff though. Hopefully this makes sense. 5. The scan is complete; bleeding into your next question, the sets that the Thomas show was filmed on were usually just seen from a certain angle so a full setup as in a layout was not necessary. Often, as is the case with my plan, the area past the main focus of the set just simple ran off. Meaning, this is less of a layout and more of a diorama piece. Same concept as a layout though since I am planning to electrify and dress it as though it is a layout (as the original Thomas sets were) 6. The scale is 00 7. The baseboard is against a wall in the corner of my attic. 8. Atlas track is HO scale track easily available in the US. I am a person who likes to know what I'm getting into before starting. As many of you have said, you like to just start fiddling around and using trial and error: But this does not work for me. Having tried this method of "just going for it" many times with previous modeling projects it usually turned out to be a frustrating waste of money and time, neither of which are in great abundance for me. So having this drawn up as a computer generated plan is helpful because my brain works in a way that likes to see on a piece of paper how everything will fit together, to scale, measurements and all. This cannot be achieved on pen and paper easily without sacrificing a great deal of time and exerting meticulous penmanship. So computer design seemed the best way to go. I fully expect the IRL plan will differ from the computer generated one. But I'd still like to have a starting point for the reasons stated above. This may be a better alternative so for anyone reading this who might now want to help due to my clarification, feel free to use any brand of track available on eHattons. I had no idea their rates were that cheap. As my final word before I let you all give your thoughts, I would like to say this. it might be confusing to all of you to have a young person like me on this messaging board with tons of experienced and talented scale modelers asking for advice for a project which seems to be, as some people have called it: However, this is a passion project. Both the screen-accurate Thomas thread and this diorama/layout thread are both posted in this board for three reasons: 1. Thomas is a UK basis loco and this is a UK centric modeling board. 2. I have perused other sites far more relevant to Thomas and spoken to many individuals who also model Thomas in 00 scale and none have been able to help me with what I would like to achieve 3. You all have extreme know-how and great tips to help me, as evidenced by the already-present responses. I will try to be more articulate with all my posts surrounding this topic in the future. For me, this stuff is a no-brainer, and I sometimes forget that 99% of you have no idea what the heck I'm blabbering about. Anyway, let me know what you think, and feel free to keep the clarifying questions coming. I'll leave you all with this last image which is a shot from the show of the set/diorama I am trying to create
  2. I’m happy to provide many more details; this post was made late last night without much thought of the fact that lots of people would see it... If you guys think it doesn’t matter to have a layout designed in a computer program then I’ll simply leave the matter to rest. Thank you for your advice.
  3. If I had the money to buy the software I would. Sadly I do not. What else is unrealistic?
  4. Hello. I am in need of some assistance from someone with access to a computer based layout building software. Something along the lines of SCARM, AnyRail, TraxEditor, whatever you've got. I'm currently operating on an Apple Mac and the only software available to me is not free to use. All I need is for someone to take my hand-drawn plan and transfer it to a computer-generated layout. It needs to be in a brand of track available in America (Atlas is preferable and flex track is great) and fit onto my baseboard, which is 100 inches by 47 inches. The plan is below. The shaded out area is road, and the various small shapes are various structures. The rectangles in the right hand corner are sheds which have not found a basis yet so no measurements are not available; same with the long rectangle on the left side. The structure in the center is a shed and turntable. the dimensions are below (all in inches). Any liberties you have to take are fine by me. Thank you in advance BM
  5. The wheels are too small and the running board is misshapen. I'm trying to find a more suitable wheel set as the metal wheels cannot be 3-d printed if I want them to be operational (which I do) Can you provide some more info on what it is that you actually do please? I'm a little confused
  6. Going to start with this, I think http://estore.bachmanntrains.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=68_93_94&products_id=718 Need ideas for the chassis. planning to 3-d print a new running board/separately fitted details
  7. Have a look and let me know your thoughts. Had to mirror the image to get the right comparison but shouldn't be an issue.
  8. I don't have many tools but depending on price I can get what I need. I'm not super well versed but I've done it a few times.
  9. That's way above of my pay grade. Plus, people have done it before. Many modelers have modded the Bachmann Thomas but none have nailed every single detail (which is what I'm trying to do). Is that a good thing? So basically the reason I'm doing it in 00 is because its the most accurate (not a great pool to pick from as you can tell as Hornby is my only other option and thats not even a close match for the TV model) and easily available RTR loco I can place on my eventual layout as a memento of the project. Plus as I stated above Gauge 1 is extremely pricy and way more difficult, and I know because there's a fellow on twitter @Diesel10TV who did exactly what you're suggesting! Go have a look. The model is mint. I purchased it for this very purpose. I still intent to create a layout based in real life. But as you said I want to grow my skillset and I am very fond of Thomas; plus, if I screw up beyond repair, the model was only 45 USD. It's a win-win for me. Funny you ask- I've reached out to several people proposing that very idea. There still exists, however, the problems with the chassis, separately fitted details, and paint color, as well as the face. All of which I am still eager to hear your thoughts on! Keep the feedback coming folks!
  10. Exactly, I felt the photos explained it plenty well if there was confusion regarding my words. Ah, well, at least someone understands, It's a pet project both to have a piece of nostalgia that I myself created as well as a challenge to build my modeling skillset; nothing more, nothing less than a simple pet project.
  11. I know you might think the original book design is better, but I want to focus on the TVS model here. I've replaced the original post for clarity. Future reference to those OP's: the jokes weren't funny and they made me upset and embarrassed. Thanks to the rest of you! Hopefully with the post restored you can have a better idea of how to help.
  12. Let's try this again! Hello all, I have a personal project relating to the Bachmann Thomas and Friends "Thomas" locomotive available from their US line. "Thomas" is a UK-based design, however, so I thought I'd come here first. Below is a photo of 1.) The model of Thomas from the show Thomas and Friends (which was a kit-bashed Gauge 1 loco) and 2.) The Bachmann Thomas loco (HO scale). I have circled many areas on the TV show model which differ from the Bachmann model. What modeling techniques would you all suggest I use to go about making the model on the bottom look more like the model on the top? I have also included my own observations about what differs to act as an aid. - The front and back of the Bachmann chassis are lacking structural detail that the TV model contains. - The Bachmann funnel is too tall, wide, and lacking the smooth transition to the smokebox that the TV model has. - The Bachmann dome is the incorrect shape, and the red boiler stripes protrude from the boiler rather than being flush. - The Bachmann cab windows are the wrong shape and size. - The side rods are the wrong shape and size. - The Bachmann bunker is missing the lip on the rear and is overall the wrong shape. - Bachmann has a space between the cab door and the running board. - The Bachmann cab door is too thin. - The space between the Bachmann splasher and the side tanks are filled in. - The steam pipes (not sure of correct name) on Bachmann Thomas's front do not reach all the way forward to his smokebox. - The Bachmann smokebox is too vertically large. - The Bachmann water caps protrude too far vertically from the side tanks. - The Bachmann running board is far too thin and misshapen. - The Bachmann cab steps are the wrong size and positioned wrong on the Bachmann footplate. - The Bachmann whistle is the incorrect color and shape. - The Bachmann face is horribly awkward - The Bachmann blue wheel rims are too thin, as are the silver wheel rims and counterweights. - The splasher is incorrectly sized. - The buffers are incorrectly sized and placed on the bufferbeam. And to those whose first thought was to mock me; I hope you get a sliver of joy out of hurting the feelings of strangers online. Thank you to those who are willing to actually help!
  13. Freelance design is really what I'm going for here. So these are all awesome solutions. Thanks guys!
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