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  1. Hi Dave Almost forgotten memories of a few days spent at Whitley Bay during which we visited the Museum,probably in the late 1980s. What I do remember was that the A4 Bittern decked out as Silver Link was on display inside.No platform meant you got a proper idea how big it was. I enjoy seeing your photos very much
  2. Hi Dave J7832 - I believe the second coach is an ex Great Western Inspection saloon which appeared on specials behind Castle class locos.
  3. 18 April:- Edinburgh Evening News web site has a feature on 9 closed stations in Edinburgh.One of the shots is of Murrayburn School pupils boarding the Television train at Gorgie East in 1961.Two of the Gresley Open seconds can clearly be seen
  4. C7938 North Berwick is a prize example of the bead counters rushing in to clear as much of the area as possible with a view to closure.Instead its busier than ever and will continue to be so
  5. The German system was different in that the number of compartments weren't counted but the French Railways certainly did as above
  6. A check of the DVD reveals it ran between Bergedorf and Altmuhl till1968/9.Loco numbers appear to be 78-206 and 78-235 It was definitely push- pull operated
  7. I believe the train seen in the photo is a local train which ran in the Hamburg Area.The two green coaches were known as umbau ( rebuilt) wagon being new bodies fitted to Prussian 6 wheel chassis.Some were still in use in Koln in 1976! The train as shown features in Eisenbahn Kurier DVD 8249,Verkehrsknoten Hamburg and the loco was a class78
  8. Can I add North Berwick which was stripped down to a basic single platform in the1970s.Since then it's been electrified and the platform extended at the outer end
  9. Was D9016 not taken up to Aberdeen for it's naming ceremony? ( Gordon Highlander) I'm fairly certain it was but I'd be surprised if it wasnt
  10. Hi Dave Definitely home territory today. I was born at Drem farm behind the station in 1948 and have lived in the area ever since. The station was listed but due to a misreading of the documents the down side shelter was accidentally demolished and had to be rebuilt about 1990. The sight of a 26 on hoppers at Cockenzie Power Station was a familiar one. This is fairly close to the track bed of the Tranent and Cockenzie Wagonway is close by.This was one of the first railways in Scotland and may have been the inspiration for an early Wagonway in Australia through the Caddell family of Cockenzie,one of who settled near Adelaide and planned the line which is now a preserved railway on 5ft 3 in gauge.(The Steam Ranger,Victor Harbour ,South Australia)
  11. From Steamysandy (Alex Rankin)

    I realize this is a bit late but Google JNS Forum to get on the web site I mentioned

     Hope this helps

  12. Another place to try is Traintrax ,a dealer in Kato nGauge who has a website and has direct connections to Japan. There are a number of modellers of Japanese trains in this country and there is a web site for Japanese n scale modellers with a world wide following. I watch it regularly
  13. I was born at Drem and am now seventy years later living in Longniddry.Beautiful Layout and full of atmosphere. Definitely one of my favourites.
  14. I had known about the Nightstar stock on VIA but I didn't know about the German 628 dmu on tonight's episode!
  15. The idea was to provide a form of entertainment and education as appropriate from a live studio on the train.It was actually a bit ahead of it's time. On the trip I was on the sound circuit was used to provide a places to look at from the schools own teachers who were on board(All of them!)one of who picked out the secondary school he'd went to about 20 or so years earlier! Curiosity was revealed with flashes of the teachers in the studio being given demonstrations of how it worked My recollection is of a very hot lamp being close to my forehead while I was singing! After we left St Andrews a sort of concert was produced from the studio coach the "artistes" being chosen from the pupils by the teachers,muggins being one of them! I believe that apart from Scottish Region internal workings ,it was used on trains between Glasgow and Blackpool on occasion (Glasgow Fair weekend?)
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