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  1. I might actually raid Howard’s desk and have a go at painting you all myself!! There are some brilliant practicals in BRM to help me! Jimmy Summerville here we come...
  2. There are far too many Andy, Phil and Howard’s running across my desk I really don’t need them in a different gauge too!! However we are all looking forward to seeing what you create with them? Maybe we could do spot the Phil or Andy in the next mag?
  3. Would love to get back to hearing what you all like and dislike at the moment with the new aspects we’ve been rolling out lately as Howard asked earlier? Editor or no editor we’re working really hard to give you as much content as we can but we can only add to our product if we know what you all think!
  4. The BRM Digital Edition is now on-sale. Click here to see what's inside the digital version of BRM and to buy this new issue. The print copy goes on-sale on December 6th. LAYOUTS REEVY ROAD WEST (00) Bradford MRC bought this unfinished layout as a project, though its completion proved challenging. SCOUT GREEN CROSSING (O) Paul Scott’s journey into railway modelling is a familiar one, and he has arrived at an absolutely fabulous destination… BAWDSEY (EM) Paul Marshall-Potter admired a Chris Matthewman layout so much that he bought it. Here we learn about his stewardship and the light changes he has made. PRACTICAL CREATE A DERELICT BARN Kevin Phare’s derelict barn was inspired by a photograph. It teaches us how to achieve some great modelling effects. MODEL RUST Following the success of his realistic ‘Woodmores Scrapyard’ diorama, Michael Russell reveals his secret techniques to achieve a convincing rust effect. HOW TO PAINT YOUR MODELS Phil Parker paints his latest model projects using accessible, adaptable and affordable techniques. Let's take a look. CREATE A LIVERY OF CHOICE Struggling to match the paint finish of an RTR factory? Howard Smith guides us through the stages of repainting a Heljan Class 60 locomotive. WEATHERED CLASS 60s Simon Bendall looks at this often distinctively weathered Class and the effects you could add to your RTR models. MAKE A DRY STONE WALL An inspired solution to creating a rural staple. Michael Russell picks up the wallpaper roller and explains how to create a dry stone wall effect. NEWS, REVIEWS & FEATURES REVIEW: OLIVIA'S TRAINS TEA AND VAA BOC WAGONS Andy York finds these useful must-have tank wagons for the BR Blue freight-lover impressive and sings praise. REVIEW: Bachmann MK.1 TPO COACH A staple vehicle for model
  5. Hi the link is now working! The video had been moved but is now found and relinked! Enjoy
  6. Hi Apologies for the duplicated pages! Attached is the full feature, correct this time! If anyone who is a subscriber or has bought BRM Feb would like this emailed through to them please email either myself [email protected] or [email protected] Enjoy!
  7. Hi everyone!! I'm Ruth the designer of BRM paper and digital issues. As an added bonus for our digital subscribers we'd like to offer an extra article to the digital content each month. We were all wondering whether any of you experts had any ideas on which ones? The articles can be anything that have featured in BRM over the last 3 years that you've found interesting or useful. What do you want to see?!
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