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  1. I thought I would put up a couple of close ups showing the dead undergrowth under the platform directly beneath the pagoda shelter which I'm quite pleased with (a few stray static fibres still to clear off the track). Also following on from previous post, how to continue the platform to full length with a convincing join on the wood planking. While I continue to work on that one I have also started to mock up how the Wills tunnel mouth will sit at the other end of the track. A few inches in front of the Railcar is where I plan to site the level crossing which hopefully will be operated automatically. Still lots to do on this one and I'm enjoying every minute, but that's it for this evening. Regards Mark
  2. Sounds intriguing Mark, looking forward to seeing what you have in mind, not much space to play with. Regards Mark
  3. Thanks Kevin glad you like it. Believe it or not even though the platform surface has come out fairly well, I'm not sure how to extend it with a convincing join as the platform is a scale 109' long so another piece of greyboard is needed. The way I scribed on the planking will not look correct at the join so I may have to give it another go and actually plan it out first next time instead of steaming ahead without thinking about it. Happy days!! Regards Mark
  4. Looks like you've had a busy and productive weekend, glad it all lined up with no nasty derailments. Can't wait to see your further updates, this is really coming along nicely.
  5. Quick update tonight, I am slowly working along the track applying the ballast. I am using ready mixed deep gap polyfilla to fill in between the sleepers and bringing the level up to just below the top of the sleepers and then sprinkling over some sieved desert sand and stone mix ref JS75 by Javis. I gently tamp this down and when dry, paint over with diluted sleeper grime. I am only doing this method on the station area to give the appearance of being more mucky. Here's a pic to show progress and now the Pagoda building is planted on the platform, weathering to follow.
  6. Nice work Bo-Bo, its the detailing you have put in which makes the scene. Regards Mark
  7. Fantastic little cameo scene within a fantastic model in itself. Wonder what there chatting about? By the way, the chap drinking the tea, have you met his identical twin.... Regards Mark
  8. A little more about whats been happening at Tyteford Halte. The good thing about modelling a straight bit of track is you get something running up and down pretty quickly and then you can just spend some time on the landscaping and where to place other items. I debated whether to have a road over bridge or tunnel mouth at the other end of the track, the tunnel mouth won and I'm using the Wills single track brick tunnel mouth SS59. Current experimenting with painting techniques for the brickwork has resulted in failure, this is work in progress - see first image. I also intend incorporating a level crossing with servo operated gates, never attempted anything like this before, any tips from members who have managed to do anything similar are very welcome. I also plan to scratchbuild a low relief crossing keepers cottage. I have recently purchased the Bachmann Scenecraft pagoda style station shelter and store 44-0055 and the Metcalf GWR benches, so still plenty to do. The Dapol GWR railcar now runs up and down quite happily, with lights and sound and passengers on board.
  9. Thought you might like these pics as the buffer stop is now painted after being installed, insulated fishplates not yet fitted. The wagon shown is a Cambrian kit 'C2 10 ton Loco Coal Wagon'.
  10. Of course, it measures 6" wide and 42" long (15cm x 107cm). Its actually meant to serve as a test/program track but I am also experimenting with scenery and a bit of scratch building, so when not in use the idea is for it to also serve as a diorama and be on display with a GWR railcar sat at the station. Regards Mark
  11. Hope you have success over the weekend, build so far is excellent and I look forward to seeing it progress. All the best Mark
  12. Many thanks Lots of more things to come in such a tiny space. Regards Mark
  13. Many thanks Was it me who influenced your buffer choice or something you had already decided on? When you install them on the layout make sure you use insulated fishplates to avoid the buffer beam shorting actross the track! Regards Mark
  14. Hi Steve I only apply static grass in small areas at a time using a puffer bottle and get the fibres to stick up more by passing the hoover nozzle over them a couple of minutes after they have been sprinkled over the glue base.The suction pulls the fibers upwards. It takes a bit of practice for the desired effect as it is dependent on glue you use (I use diluted PVA) and how powerful the suction of your hoover is. So try on some scrap card first and vary times between laying the static grass before you apply any suction, otherwise you will suck everything back up the hoover if you do it too soon or hold the nozzle too close. Also with the rock face do you have use of an airbrush as this helps blend in colours more subtly, also several washes of very diluted black and/or very dark brown can emphasis depth and shadows when the paint runs into all the crevices. There are also many dry brushing techniques as well which you normally finish the effect with to give the weathered look. By the way looks impressive already. Good luck Mark
  15. Evening folks, All comments appreciated and thanks for those received so far. I have just started constructing the platform supports and am using Plastruct for this with grey board for the platform surface which will be scribed and painted to represent wooden planking. As beneath the platform will be open, I will introduce some undergrowth. For those of you interested, the buffer stop is a GWR short type, 'BS14B' from Lanarkshire models. Its a nice little kit and you get 3 in the box. I stuck a red loco lamp on top of the buffer beam from DCC concepts, wired it up with a 50k resistor direct from the track feed and it sort of resembles an oil lit lamp when illuminated. So that's it for tonight, an abridged entry complete with the pics of progress. More to follow..... MAP66
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