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  1. Re the matter of there having been insufficient space between the track and the loading dock. That's a problem I've experienced before once or twice, particularly when it came to locos (ie 08 shunters) with wheel connecting gear/siderods which protruded a fair bit. With the result once that I ended up ripping up an entire platform, in order to correct the issue! But having learned from the experience, I discovered a useful way to ensure sufficient space between the track/loco/wagon. I took a pencil or marker, pressed it vertically against a wagon, then ran the wagon/pencil/marker along the track, whilst at the time scribing a guideline on the baseboard for the edge of the platform/dock, and I found this method gave enough clearance. Not sure if you've employed this technique previously yourself, but if not, hope it helps.
  2. I have a bias/preference towards industrial-themed layouts too, and as such, I quite like the look of this, it will be interesting to see how it develops further.
  3. I like the look of this, it will be interesting to see how it further develops.
  4. I like this, very nicely/neatly modelled, rather a simple concept, but still very effective, well done!
  5. I hope you recover from your injury soon, and look forward to seeing some more photos, whenever you're able to upload them ...
  6. That is tremendous, really nicely modelled, I'm most impressed!
  7. Very nice! A rather simple but effective concept, nicely modelled ....
  8. Very nicely modelled, I'm most impressed.
  9. @ TechnicArrow. Thanks for your feedback, and its nice to know that I might have inspired you! The boxfiles on both layouts were "inseparable", ie they were fixed to a framework of 2" x 1" timber, making them completely rigid. Also, re the inside of the front wall, I can't remember TBH, whether I left it blank, or whether I created/added a scenic backscene. But all-in-all, I was pleased with them both, and I dare say I may attempt a similar venture in the future ....
  10. A few years back, I built a couple of boxfile micro layouts, as a sort of challenge to myself. These were rather aptly named “Filey road” (a small passenger terminus & goods/coal yard), and “Filey Yard” (a small industrial setting, consisting of a goods/coal yard, private factory siding & a small locomotive shed). Both layouts moved on to a new home a while back, though not without having given me a fair amount of pleasure, and below are some photos of the layouts, which I hope are both interesting and informative ….
  11. Seems like an interesting concept, I look forward to seeing how it pans out ....
  12. Really like this, some excellent scenic work, well done!
  13. Looks good so far, I like the iron shed, it will be interesting to see how it progresses further.
  14. Looking good so far, I like the corrugated window, it looks really effective. I also like the Airfix/Dapol engine shed, I've got one on of my layouts, suitable modified. Attached are a couple of photos, which you may find of interest/a source of inspiration for your own model.
  15. Another former boxfile layout of mine, called rather aptly "Filey Road Halt". As with Filey Yard, it consists of two boxfiles (but in this case, one is used for the actual layout, and one for the fiddleyard/control lsection), once again with a plywood sub-base for track etc., and supported on a framework of 2" x 1" timber, to add extra strength/rigidity. Hopefully this also may served as a source of inspiration to you!
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