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  1. Spent an enjoyable day yesterday dropping in and out of layouts and the other content. Looking forward to more of the same today albeit with some different content as noted by PP above. Many thanks to all the organisers as clearly a lot has gone on behind the scenes to make this happen - Inspiring stuff
  2. Glad to find this thread now relocated. Awesome stuff Geoff
  3. Absolutely stunning work on the 37 David and the photos are amazing too.
  4. Nice sharp crisp work again Graham
  5. Many thanks Graham - all credit to Lee for his work on it
  6. Many thanks Mikkel, I think we both have something in common with layouts overtaking our apartments! Thanks also re the dries - there’s a way to go on it yet before I subject it to the white dust/talc but am trying to keep an overall colour balance without too much jumping out…
  7. Thanks David - yes the 37 is just stretching it’s legs on here until Kyle 7mm is built…for exhibitions it will be strictly the 08
  8. Thanks for the kind comments Mark. Yep much deliberation, faff and pondering was had before I decided to work on the present…the one thing at a time approach and try and finish stuff. Worry not, that Tractor will keep making cameo appearances…and no doubt will be joined by a few other Rule No.1 purchases…
  9. Thanks Kris Ha! Yep a right up lash up…extensions plugging into extensions That will be sorted before it get’s on the road
  10. Afternoon all, Well I have to confess that since that 37 arrived much time has been spent running it rather than modelling however just having this week off work (a ‘use it or lose it’ kinda thing) I decided to work on something I have been pondering for some time now. The layout was originally planned as a toe dipper into the senior scale…something to set up on the DRT and shuffle a few wagons about…the planning was all based around an 08 and the lengths of wagons used to set out the track layout. Whilst this has been realised and much fun had to date, I always liked the idea of taking it on the circuit to help demonstrate that 7mm can be done in a relatively small space (2.2m x 260mm) I realised that shuffling wagons at a show for a day (or two) may have its shortcomings so I set about thinking of extending the layout another board. Much thinking and sketching was done on which end it should be however what nailed it was the fact that the trains actually arrived and disappeared to the right hand end of Wenford (as viewed) so this made much more sense. So an additional board (aka IKEA Lack shelf ) was duly purchased and I decided that I would use a single laser cut cassette (from Intentio) to serve both roads…again much pondering whether to have one or two run offs...more on that in a future update. So prior to finishing work last week I laser cut the fascia’s from 3mm ply to match and have introduced a cheeky viewing slot which seemed to work well on Kyle 2FS. The larger of the two openings may have a track plan whereas the hole to the top rhs is sized to allow an iPad screen to sit behind and display a slideshow of the prototype photos that layout is based on. The other requirement was to how to support the boards as it was now 3.3m long and our DRT is only 2m I have two Draper metal trestles that I use for Kyle at shows and I like the fact you can get the track level at around 1200mm above finished floor level…a lesson learnt from an early first exhibition of Kyle when it sat on a table provided for me at a show - wrong height, bad lighting etc…things out of your control that can make a big difference. As much as I love my IKEA Lack shelves since I first started using them in BCN 2008, the only downfall is all the wiring needs to be below…unless you want to try and thread it through the shelf amongst all the support material This meant I needed to build some support boards which could sit atop the trestles so the wiring was not compromised. Again, much thought was given about building something that could be used or extended for Kyle in 7mm which is planned as circa 4.3m long. Much sketching was done whilst commuting until I decided that I needed a solution for now as Kyle 7mm was planned to be my retirement layout…and that’s still a few years off yet Originally I wanted a neat solution to incorporate the attachment of the black fabric base however that will be reconsidered as I adapted as I built it to get a stronger attachment for the front 75mm fascia. So essentially a 50 x 25mm sw framework with a 6mm MDF top was proposed which was hinged in the middle so folds to 1.65m. The wood was sourced Monday and work started Tuesday this week. I have no workshop or power provision to a remote garage so the MDF was cut to size and I cut the sw and glued and screwed it on the LR floor…mostly whilst my wife was out Sketches here… The reason why I have included a small moat at the front (which will have a 10mm foam base) is am terrified at any stock falling off It may not completely stop it but hopefully may help! For the Fiddleyard board I first did a quick dry assembly with masking tape to check fit. Here is the completed sub structure sitting on the trestles and it will all be painted Matt black in due course. It works well with just the two trestles I currently have and this is helped by a 1000 x 30 x 5mm galvanised metal strap which straddles the two boards at the rear, secured with a few bolts as required. From the front and with the boards added it will look like this…the fascia will be painted grey to match the other boards. Another 900mm LED light from Screwfix extends the lighting into the Fiddleyard area - cables etc. will all be routed safely and discreetly. With the layout lights on we get this… I was pleased that it all sits very stable and it’s good to have the layout (albeit temporarily) at this height as was originally envisaged. So whilst it was all up I took the liberty of a quick play…No Fiddleyard as yet as that needs to be wired and am awaiting some 1m rail lengths from C+L… So a productive week off for me and now lots of smaller jobs to get on with which won’t require the full layout to be erected, before I can get back to the scenery and finishing the dries buildings. As always, comments welcomed, Pete
  11. Many thanks to everyone for your help and responses. As mentioned I have two of the Draper ones already which am pleased with - just thought I would ask as we have various baseboard manufacturers to choose from now…but not for the supports. As someone once commented on a table design “nice table top…shame about the legs” This week I have made a support frame to sit on top of the Draper trestles as for my next planned layout I already have the Tim Horn baseboards which can sit directly on top. I will post a blog entry later today on whatI did. Thank you again everyone for your input to this thread Pete
  12. Hi all, Had a quick search prior before posting this but does any manufacturer make timber trestles to order? I have been using a couple of Draper (metal) ones which are good as I usually like to set my layouts with rail height 1200mm above finished floor level. Am looking at other options for a new layout and my timber skills are pretty hopeless (plus I have no facilities to build in my apartment) Just wondered whether anyone manufactures them? Many thanks in advance, Pete
  13. Only just found this thread after seeing the layout at the Tolworth show yesterday (I was the guy you blamed the derailed 47 on as I was videoing it on my phone at the time ) Great layout ( it got my vote for the cup!) and really enjoyed watching it for some time as was my era - I will go back to the start of the thread and have a read through now Pete
  14. I visited the show yesterday afternoon too and spent a pleasant 2 hours as we try to return to some sort of normality. Some great layouts and a good mix of scales, eras and trade support. My favourite was Tidworth as that’s my era and interest but I also enjoyed the scenery on Outwell Village Thanks to the organisers for taking the decision to proceed with the show - I did ask if I could pop back today to the show just to buy some stock boxes from JB’s Model World (as I needed to check back at home what I needed) but was told I would have to pay full price again (would have thought a steward could have escorted me to the stall whilst I made the purchase and then out again) but on that basis it’s cheaper to do it by mail order. On a positive note maybe two day exhibition shows could consider having a ticket which was say 1+1/2 times the full day price? Not a grumble just a suggestion. A few iPhone pics from me…
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