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  1. That's a shame Bob. Thanks for sharing this layout with us and personally thanks for all the inspiration that has come from it. Great attention to detail, BR blue diesels and grubby - wot's not too like! I hope things work out for you and we can see you back with another quality layout Pete
  2. Yes, I start mine with class 24’s which morph their way into class 26’s and then give way to class 37’s. *No harm was done with this concept except to my wallet
  3. Looking fab again. BTW, nothing bad about those ‘wrong era’ locos...they look perfect to me
  4. bcnPete


    Lovely stuff - good to see you back posting this again Stewart
  5. Superb work Andy They look great on the layout too...
  6. bcnPete

    we spray to grey...

    Thanks Stu - can’t take the credit as am sure I read it done on here...but it’s all about spreading the (7mm) love... BTW - this was the layout I said would not have been ready for this years SWAG
  7. bcnPete

    we spray to grey...

    Many thanks Jeremy. Ha! I think I was guilty of turning you to the dark side of 2mmFS so maybe I can do the same for 7mm too... Yes all well here thanks and I hope you are too - am enjoying seeing your Swiss layout taking shape Pete
  8. bcnPete

    we spray to grey...

    Many thanks David - Ha!...a case of bringing my work home... Many thanks also Mike - good to see you back on here posting...
  9. bcnPete

    we spray to grey...

    Many thanks Neil... Ha! Still pushing the green Nick Thanks also - Yep, G+T and a chat about 2mmFS and 7mm sounds good Many thanks also Mark Ha! Stop tempting me to part with North of £500. 37 out of context, far too big and heavy for this line...and completely wanted
  10. Evening all, Good lockdown progress has been made on the dries since the last update the end of April - a few hours at the weekends chipping away has certainly accelerated where I thought the layout would be at this stage. Aside from adding gutters and drain pipes to the first building, I wanted to make a start on the second one and get them both to the same status. Using the same build as previously a foam board base was formed onto which various plastic sheets have been applied. I moved a few holes so that the programming track remains hidden but have opened up two bays to give some depth. Again I have gone for construction ease on the roof, so no internal roof trusses have been modelled. For the roof I wanted to capture the slight randomness and not have everything perfect. To do this each of the panels have been cut and laid individually. Whilst it has taken more time I think it is worth it as it has given some slight relief which I can pick up on when I come to the painting and weathering. A slither of plastic sheet at the top of the sheet allows the slight sense of overlap on the sheets. The building was then sprayed grey to help flush out where more work is required and also give a base for the detail painting. At 2.2m long it’s quite some length of buildings! A few drain pipes need to be added to this building as well as glazing the two windows but aside from that it will be time to start adding paints. I think I will work these up off site and then bed them up before any final tweaking and weathering is added. As always, comments welcome and stay safe all, Thanks, Pete
  11. Fantastic Rich - A credit to your staying power. Sir, I salute you... Enjoy some ‘thorough testing’ to catch up on the years Look forward to see more..
  12. Not 46444 then Mark? Looks like a nice project to keep you busy when the bits land. Good that it’s smooth running despite needing some cosmetic work. Look forward to see it on the plank soon...
  13. Hi Angus, Personally, I like the view with the track along the front. Will allow to see the gap under the rails as well as all that hard work that has gone in to building the chassis’s. Pete
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