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  1. Nice project Mark. Are you keeping it or will you pass on to your friend?
  2. Hi Chris - Thanks for this. That sounds way more than my electrical prowess The main problem I had was actually trying to get the track pick ups/wipers to sit right against the wheels without interrupting running qualities...
  3. Thanks Rich. Ha! I always try and keep things simple myself. Yes, Kris mentioned above using the stove pipe to prod something down...or as he suggested it ‘the chimney’...but he might have been in full on Christmas mode then on the 27th awaiting delivery of a few railway presents down his...
  4. Thanks Mike - I agree it’s a form of art. I always ‘big up’ the lots of different creative tasks need to be performed to bring it all together and ‘play down’ the playing trains lark Actually I think I might sell the 33 and Lima Mk I’s back on as now the new Heljan offerings are available...and life’s too short... Thanks Rob... Thanks Robert! How’s Thurso coming on?
  5. Again, very nice work off the bench Mark. Weathering looks spot on too. 46468 is getting ever closer to 46444
  6. Nice work Kris - good to use photos and I always think if it ‘looks right’ then that’s the next best thing to scaled information. Look forward to seeing more of this...
  7. How long do you have occupancy of the rear lounge? That’s looking great Rob - particularly like the end on view too. Are you going to add sides to your cassettes? Am thinking of putting something on my ones / traverser deck as the locos are big and heavy and am terrified of them hitting the deck from 4 feet up
  8. I took inspiration from the Bond movies whilst they are in productIon Thanks Mikkel - I thought maybe you thought I was joking when I said I might do it in 7mm one day! Yep, mojo is back and I have been painting the first of the dries buildings over Christmas aided and abetted by glasses of red wine and Pink Floyd...expect to hear more on this later this month...
  9. Many thanks Mark. I think I told Ian that I was thinking of doing a 7mm version was he was stood in front of my 2FS version a couple of years ago...will take me longer than he does though to finish it
  10. Nice work Mark. I particularly like the weathered effect on the piston/connecting rods (?) Once again the scenic plank comes in useful for displaying your work and provides a suitable backdrop to allow concentration on the rolling stock
  11. HNY all! New Year - New Project! Well...not quite yet...am 100% committed to completing Wenford dries first...however there has been an idea long in my mind to recreate my 2FS extract of Kyle in 7mm scale. Strange you may think to recreate an identical layout in a different scale...well, Ian Futers, long a hero of mine did it with Lochside I recall (P4 - 7mm) and for me Kyle gives the perfect excuse to run a blend of passenger, parcels and freight, all short trains. The idea first came about more than 10 years ago when I was living in BCN. Eager to toe dip in
  12. Understood re the slippers - I think my wife’s main bugbear is the stench from the pee built up over the years from the species that have trouble with their aim Fair point I’d say...
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