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  1. Good to hear you are still out there Steve - last time we spoke I believe you had turned to the Darkside of 7mm...remember warning me against that 10 years ago?
  2. Don’t forget to line in the white stripe too Mark...
  3. Very nice work Mark, At first glance I thought “where’s this new layout sprung from” ....then I clicked after a double take...crafty use of front wheel sets aligned to rail edge Nice fleet of wagons and kettle there in progress - thanks for tips re pledge too :good: Waiting to see the new layout blog now ;)
  4. Wot he said Great meticulous and tenacious research there Mikkel. Very interesting to see before and now too. Happy New Year and look forward to see more inspirational blogs from you...
  5. Great project Rob - Both track and scenics look fab - enjoyed seeing some more process photos on your Flickr link too. Staying tuned for more...
  6. oh good shout - yes I had forgotten that there is the Scottish and Irish spelling of it... Whichever it is, cheers and all the best for the next decade
  7. Only just found this - I remember enjoying the original build of your diorama as I think I also entered the competition that year... Really like the project Chris and staying tuned for more as I have stated my own 7mm layout since...it’s definitely a great scale to model in
  8. A fascinating read and fab modelling Mikkel - great to see your techniques explained for forming the difficult curved parts Am intrigued by the Cheese and Cucumber sandwich too...
  9. By lift your spirits you mean.....’raise your glass of whisky’? Good recovery Mikkel
  10. bcnPete

    HST 7mm

    That looks fab! I completely agree about not needing a full length train. I worked up an idea for a 2mmFS version of Exeter St David’s using the half station idea...must admit now my eyes and patience are worse it would be good to do in 7mm...failed HST in there too
  11. Looks great Rob - demonstrates why it is good to lay down track and test fits prior to committing with glue and ballast. I would agree that DCC and sound will add another dimension to it too Must stop looking at 7mm sound chipped LL 37’s this end...so tempting
  12. Great pics and likewise best of luck in the new lifestyle. Look forward to see something based around China clay emerging inside that garage ;)
  13. Many thanks for the pictures - looks fab! Rule No. 1 re expanding the fleet
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