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  1. Nice show - popped over yesterday afternoon. Can’t believe I have been living in Putney for 6 years and wasn’t aware of it until Andy (St Ruth) tipped me off Good balance of quality layouts and traders and ended up buying some further storage boxes. Definitely a date for the calendar for future years Here’s a few iPhone pics from me... Pete
  2. bcnPete

    Tolworth 2019

    Always good to see St Ruth and nice to have a catch up. Haven’t seen the layout since you modified the lighting but it works really well For the record, I managed to exit without any 7mm purchases...assuming foam storage for stock doesn’t count...
  3. Enjoyed watching this today at the Tolworth show It was at Stafford this year too I think but as I was also exhibiting I didn’t get much chance to see it Some nice modelling and rolling stock Always happy to find a BR blue layout which are scarce at shows these days...
  4. You can’t beat laying out paper templates to gauge sizes - it’s also less expensive to shift things around once laid and ballasted Know what you men about size of the turnouts too...I was quite shocked once I completed my first C+L 7mm turnout Nice collection of stock you are accumulating there Rob...
  5. bcnPete

    Kyle be back...

    Thanks all...in more detail: Thanks Rich - will be good to meet you after all these years!... Thanks - it’s never been called a diorama before though! Thought definition of those was that they are static? Yes the harbour wall is built from plasticard and then small details such as brass ladders, tyres from dinky cars etc. have been added... Thanks Andy! See you @ Tolworth then... Thanks Mark - shame you couldn’t make this one - see you next year though... Thanks also Mikkel - I think the depth is 145mm (driven by the original two halves fitting in an A4 boxfile) Oh go on then...yep, boring and dull mundane tasks...but they will get done for next outings!...
  6. Have you considered the C+L turnouts Rob? I am also new to this 7mm malarkey () and built three of the ‘turnout in a bag’ kits for my Wenford layout - really enjoyed the process. The shear presence of the 7mm rolling stock is very satisfying...
  7. bcnPete

    Kyle be back...

    Evening all, Quick update to say Kyle appeared at the Wycrail one day show yesterday. As always, a very nice show and very friendly and helpful exhibition team. Good to see some familiar faces for a catch up and also meet some new peeps. Received some very nice comments and overall the layout performed well. I really do need to sit down and work my way through the list of small things such as replacing knuckle couplings on coaches, corridor connections, checking all DG couplings etc. You would have thought with all the rainy days here in UK this would have been addressed Show closed at 5:00pm, packed and ready to roll at 5:40pm, stopped for a well deserved quick pint of Doombar at the Squirrel Inn, then home by 7:05pm. The next outings booked for the layout are the SWAG 2020 meet in April followed by Railex in May 2020 so Kyle will be back. Meantime, a few pictures from the layout yesterday - the two 37’s sounded delightful together... Pete
  8. Thanks Simon and Andy for the teaser and full length videos. Just sat and watched them both - awesome, just awesome...
  9. Thanks for posting the pictures - looks like it was a fab show! If you repeat next year I will definitely have to visit. Pete
  10. A big thanks to Dave Fryer, Graham and all the Wycrail team for the hospitality yesterday whilst exhibiting KoL. The show was very well organised and the exhibition team friendly and helpful. Cracking lunch of Jacket potato and Chilli with a slice of Black Forest Gateaux for pud! The layout generally behaved itself and I received a lot of nice comments. My left ear is slightly deaf today as I had a PA speaker behind me so got the brunt of the rugby score updates and notifications of cars which had left their lights on or parked in bus standbys All in all a very nice show. I was on my Tod yesterday so didn’t really get a chance to have a good look around but the two layouts that caught my eye, and I would have liked to spend more time admiring were both 7mm being Treloar Sidings and Vale View - a few pics below. Many thanks again - will be back to see the show as a punter next year! Pete
  11. BR Blue + 7mm = Watching with interest...
  12. Corrrrr! That grubby LL 37 in 7mm makes me go weak at the knees
  13. Hello. Welcome and Good Evening... Sounds like an intro from the late David Frost Nice work Mark - Look forward to see which project these are for...
  14. Am trying something different by using a piece of 3mm laser cut acrylic from work overlaid on the track plan...will report back on my blog how successful it has been... Thank you - I think others have since answered this. Am not too worried as I rebuilt the turnouts for Kyle using PCB sat amongst easitrac and no one has commented to date. Apart from this turnout, the rest of the track will be PCB built but covered in a concrete apron...
  15. That is good news indeed... Thanks for the tip off about the book too
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