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  1. Thanks Chris - only just noticed this! Hi there - sorry, only just seen this - yes the products were excellent but that was 8 years ago - hopefully they are still trading in 2mm
  2. Scrub that! I clicked on the other link it provides and that seems to work!
  3. Thanks for the tip off. Is this still available as the link is broken? Thanks!
  4. Only just found this and looks superb Am going back to Page 1 to have a good read
  5. Thanks jollysmart - agreed, I have a class 26 and 27 on preorder. That should be it for rolling stock after that…famous last words Thank also Mike - I had a bit of a bonus from work last year so thought I would buy the stock while I had it for the future…especially as looking at my depressing predicted pension statements - no margin for 7mm as it will just about keep me in Mars Bars in the future… Thanks Mikkel - yes agree about end on views. As you say more for the viewer than the camera I think. I think the cantilevered corner on Kyle 2FS seemed to work well so I may as well scale it up and then improve upon it. At least the 2mm stock is easier to hide/store than the 7mm
  6. Ha! Have pondered that one quite a few times Kris but have decided I will just make an 800mm Fiddle stick for it as a run off…more on that in the next Wenford update
  7. Evening all, Just an update on the project as much thinking has been done of late - purchasing too…more on that later. A couple of firm decisions have been made with regard to track plan and boards. Firstly I have decided to model the other side of the station to my 2mmFS version as per the photo on the previous entry. A few reasons really, in that it will make a change to have a different viewpoint, there’s a slightly different track layout plus it’s not the side that people are most familiar with. Secondly I have decided to move away from using Lack shelves (as on Wenford) as the width is not sufficient and the water and platform would need to be added on. I did consider making them myself using the laser cutter in the studio however it’s a lot of ply and a bit different to making my own 2mm boards! So I have decided to use the excellent Tim Horn baseboards and have been having to and fro conversations with Tim of recent. Am hoping they will be lighter than using the Lack shelves too as am not getting any younger Much mapping out of boards using stock has now confirmed that I will have two scenic boards at 1220mm in length and two fiddle yard boards at 950mm in length. The latter will accompany a 37 and three Mk I coaches, the parcels rakes and vans will be arranged accordingly within these limits. The 26 and 27 being shorter than the 37 means no issues here too…maybe allows a CCT tacked on the end of a rake The extra length in the scenic boards will allow me to return and run the water at the end of the scene allowing an interesting end on view. I note that my hero Ian Futers did this with his Loch Lochy 7mm layout and again a slight departure from what I did on the 2FS version. Lessons learnt from 2FS Kyle on the runaround will also be addressed by the longer scenic boards as it will allow 3 coaches to be set back and a split traverser arrangement along the board joints. This will allow me to avoid lifting and turning the locos as I have to do on 2FS Kyle (that is partly due to couplings one end but I will use the 3 links for this) as they are heavy beasts. Finally re the purchases I have started to accumulate the stock required as Heljan have a habit of doing a run and then stopping it - noting that most of their excellent modern image wagons are currently no longer available. I have acquired the three Heljan Mk I’s and a GUV already from Tower Models as well as pre ordered 2 CCT’s and a Mk II coach awaiting release 2022. For the vans I used the great deal Tower Models had and bought 6 x Planked and 6 x Plywood Dapol vans all individually numbered. That will just leave one off wagons in kit or RTR format to be added later if required. The detail on the Heljan MK I’s is superb and the Dapol vans pretty much take up the length of Wenford As I mentioned, this stock is being stored for now using some nifty foam lined plastic container boxes by these guys https://trainsporters.com A few pics below… Board layout and end on view… Mapped out using actual stock… Stretching their legs on Wenford… The typical Kyle rake with BG located in the centre for the ramp… The complete rake of vans!… Heljan 37 on the previous mock up… And again with stock in platform…. That’s all for now and as usual, comments welcomed! Pete
  8. Thanks Graham. Yes this 7mm stuff is very tempting… Thanks Marc - go to it I say - about time we were treated to another stunning layout from yourself Sir…
  9. Damn, going to have to skip this as 24th is my birthday - don’t think it will go down too well in the household if I disappear for train indulgence Was looking forward to the 2020 one before it was (understandably) culled…
  10. More smashing stuff Mike I particularly like the first shot looking at the station - has to do a double take that it wasn’t a real pic at first How are the extensions bits to make it a roundy roundy coming on?
  11. Cracking stuff Rob - the layout and the pics are superb Look forward to the new emerging plans…
  12. Many thanks to the RAILEX Team for organising a great show - was very pleased to be part of it. The content was easy to navigate and have been dropping in and out of it since Saturday to catch up on different layouts and articles. I recall reading that it will remain viewable until the end of June. I also enjoyed to see the differing styles of video. I had never shot one before so the virtual exhibition gave me the opportunity to swap the modelling chair for a directors chair, learn how to use iMovie and edit something from 30 mins of footage to under 15. Thanks again for (virtually) having KoL at the show Pete
  13. Thanks Mike - nice of you to return the compliments. For Wenford, I have used a thin sheet of mirrored material I found in the studio workshop - less than a millimetre thick. You might be able to experiment with something like this rather than risk your marriage interfering with the wardrobe doors
  14. Absolutely superb Mike. Amazing to think it’s a model When you link with the loft run around assume you will have to remove the mirror?! Amazing modelling and photos too Pete
  15. Indeed! See you at 10:00am Ian
  16. Great project Mark. Nice additions and of course painted and weathered to your usual high standards That photo plank has come in handy during lockdown Pete
  17. Hi all, As we ease ourself into a BH weekend just to let you know that Kyle will be attending the RAILEX virtual show tomorrow Saturday 29th May 2021. The layout was lined up to attend the original show but will appear at a date to be confirmed when some sense of normality returns. Meantime, I was honoured to be asked to be part of the virtual show and details can be found here: http://www.railex.org.uk/index.php On my layout page there will be a selection of Chris Nevard photos in addition to a short video that I shot especially for the show. Look forwards to see you (virtually) there Pete
  18. bcnPete


    Blimey Didn’t think to even check that! Am still a 7mm newbie so need time to adjust to things from 2mmFS where that level of detail not so scrutinised! Need to reattach those pesky chains which seemed to have detached from the bogies - jewellers headset required for that…
  19. bcnPete


    Snap! I got mine two weeks ago Lovely model indeed…and with sound even better. They did get pretty grubby especially the roof so you can add a bit more all over - best to work from a pic as you say. Tower Models have just got in a new batch of Dapol Mk I’s in blue/grey should you wish something suitable for it to couple up to Stewart. Looks very at home on your superb layout
  20. Lovely stuff Mikkel. Nearly missed it too…one of the problems of not commenting as soon as you read something Love the explanation, experiments and the outcome - right up there with Shell Island Looks fabulous. BTW, the line about the static grass and your receding hair made me laugh a lot
  21. Sorry David Thanks Mikkel - yes already a good model but even better now… Couldn’t agree with you more…not sure my wife agrees Thanks Mark - preparations are under way… Thanks Rich - will have another go later… I have changed the permissions now on YouTube so hopefully you can now access it…let me know if not…
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