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  1. Thank you both very much for your help in this question. I really appreciate the time taken to reply and now I an armed with the information I can decide which way I’m going to build things. All fun in model railways!
  2. I hope this will be a simple question for the vast, and much appreciated, knowledge pool on the forum! What is the minimum radius that OO streamline track spacing will operate at? I would like to set the outer road at basically 4th radius and therefore the inner would be a little more than 3rd. Would trains of BR Mk1 coaches be able to pass each other without contact or would it be too close? Many thanks as always for all of your incredible assistance!
  3. I am looking to get a diesel to run passenger services with my era5 midland area theme. I specifically would like a loco that ran Stafford to Shrewsbury via (what is now) Telford but I’m struggling to get any prototype information or pictures. I have lovely images of Britannias and Jubilees with three coach trains and a Duchess on a goods train but nothing for early diesel power. Could someone please give me an idea what may be suitable? Thanks as always!
  4. Once again I am genuinely overwhelmed by the knowledge and help that can be gained on this forum! I would like to thank you all most sincerely for the advice and the time that you took to offer it on here. Looks like I shall be going for a SK of some description! Thanks once again - I just hope that one day I'll be able to answer someone's question on here so that I can repay your kindness!
  5. I am running a crossover period between BR early and late crests. My new loco is a Bachmann Jubilee and the current rake is all Bachmann BSK - CK - SO - BSK. I can run a five coach train so what would be the best coach to complete the train? Thanks as always!
  6. Thank you both so very much for your help! I’ll go and get some at the weekend!
  7. I have dipped my toe into DCC a while back and am slowly expanding my setup. I still use a Hornby Select with a couple of Hornby Decoded locomotives and a Bachmann Next 18 decoder in Webb Coal Tank. I now have a Bachmann Jubilee and a 4F which are DCC ready with a 21 pin socket. Will a LENZ Silver 21 pin decoder be compatible with the Select and the other locos? I know the Select has many limitations and I will be upgrading at some point but, for now, it does enough for me! Is the LENZ an appropriate decoder to still use when I upgrade my DCC system? Anybody recommend a better decoder to use now but will be future proof? I have had a search around the forum but to no avail! Thanks millions in advance!
  8. Thanks so much for your time replying. I shall get one on order then! Modelling the old SURCC line from Stafford to Wellington and I have lots of pictures of super power locos pulling 2 and 3 coach trains in the late 50s and early 69s. Even got a one of a Duchess pulling box vans through Gnosall where I was born!
  9. I’m thinking of buying the Midlander Express train set to get the Jubilee and a couple of coaches, it seems cheaper to buy the set than separately. Is the 'Midlander Express’ nameplate on the smoke box removable as I want to use it as loco an a small branch line? Thanks for your help as always!
  10. My research has got to here, Bachmann 32-135b 45xx. Would this be correct or not? Thanks again for your time!
  11. Following advice on here I purchased a new Bachmann Autotrailer in Lined Maroon. I was astounded by the fine detail on it, miles apart from the stock I last bought in the 90s! The problem now is that the Hornby 14xx that I was going to buy to put with it is in their Railroad range and, whilst good, will not do the detail of the coach justice. Please can someone suggest a new, unweathered loco with a late BR crest that is the correct type and of similar detail to the coach? Many thanks again for all of your help!
  12. Hi all, please excuse what is most likely going to be a silly question..... I have just received my new, and absolutely fantastic, Bachmann Autotrailer in BR Maroon. I was surprised to see insulated axles and electric pick ups on the wheels of both bogies. It’s the first new coach stock I have bought this century so is this a new standard thing? What is the reason for it? Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Thank you all so much for your excellent advice. I have ordered the lined maroon autocoach for my Railway!
  14. I’m getting a Bachman Hawksworth Autocoach for a late BR Crest layout based in the early sixties. I’m using the Hornby Railroad 14xx in late crest lined green. I have the option of an all crimson auto coach or a lined maroon autocoach. Which one would be the correct livery to go with the 14xx? Thanks in advance.
  15. Not really considered that. Is there much difference between the two? Bachmann are still waiting to release the LNWR loco and its listed at £175. I can get an early Bachmann BR loco brand new for £56. Just thought the £110 difference was worthwhile. If it will be miles apart I'll wait till the release and pay a bit more. What would you do?
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