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  1. Loving the way your ideas have developed to what looks like it’s going to be a cracking little layout. Following with interest. A couple of questions if I may are you’re points operated by dowel with a spike up through the tie bar? How mad have you gone with dropper wires? All handy info for Meldon I’m building, thanks in advance. Cheers
  2. Ah I read to much into your it’s doomed post! Glad was wrong. Hope you’ll continue posting here on progress. The metcalf hut offering looks pretty good, will make it all come together in no time! Cheers
  3. Been track laying and trying to sort the wiring, bit of research required as not wired a proper layout before. Had a Birthday over the weekend and my brilliant family gave me this. There she is well number apart as I intend it on the layout lovely model and super detail and super smooth slow running. Well pleased more soon. Cheers.
  4. Nice work Al lovely weathering. Is the tank scratch built or a bash of something? Enjoying the thread. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the post James, I To was just an admirer and just exchanged lines of encouragement etc on the thread. A truly great modeller and sad loss for you all, condolences to you and your family. Cheers Ade Im opposite end of the country unfortunately.
  6. Blummin amazing weathering and modelling skills Dave. Awe is an appropriate word. Cheers Ade
  7. Shame that you’re having to abort Jack was looking forward to see this come to fruition. Also finding great inspiration and information for my own offering! Cheers for sharing. Ade
  8. Cracking modelling here Mike brilliant stuff shown in this thread, just had the pleasure of reading through all 25 pages over the last few weeks. Looking forward to more. Cheers Ade
  9. Coming along really well Al control panels up to! No experience of carving DAS I imagine plastikard is easier? Dunno cheers
  10. Like a Cornish layout will be watching with interest.
  11. Nice work, Could you describe how the yard surface was achieved? Sorry if I missed it! Also the backscene looks the business is that off the shelf? Cheers
  12. I had that wrong! Daves post was this. Top marks for giving it a go and not spending the £££s to regretting it afterwards. I was thinking about trying the Y where ringed. If possible consider moving the track plan a few cm to the left (as viewed) to create more space at x-x which would allow a sweeping curve in the siding (Y) and maintain the open feel of the area - assuming you have the entire board to play with! And I wouldn't worry too much about moving paper templates and rolling stock around as it's worth taking the time to make it look and perform as originally imagined so now armed with that info I had another go at putting a long Y in. I think it’s better even though I forgot to slide it over 2 cms and get those curves in the shed road and siding. The slide over would also bring the loop more parallel to the platform line. Off to the Quantocks this weekend so no more here until next week. Cheers.
  13. On the other channel Dave had an idea for me to try. Ok Dave had a go at that couldn’t seem to get it to work in the space. Below I could slide the large Y left a bit but not enough to make the siding meet the RH point. Below back to a small right and then a small left from the loop to the engine shed. Then the siding by the engine shed fits. I did read you can’t put these small points together. “The small radius points are too short to be used to build a yard 'ladder' as the tracks will be too close together, but can be combined with a Y point to create a 'fan' yard. Plan to space track centrelines at 2in and double check that all tracks are at more than 1in centres before final fixing down” All comments good and bad gratefully received. Cheers
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