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  1. No problem Keith, I’m far from swamped with comments! So my pleasure. The trestles are too wide and I find them a pain and do bang my knees on them! I may try and narrow some, they were only a fiver each from Homebase. But along the walls I’m toying with going with twin slot shelving as https://www.bigdug.co.uk/shelving-c4505/wall-shelving-c5021/twinslot-light-duty-custom-build-wall-mounted-shelving-system-white-p19390/s40704?cid=GBP&vs_vat=inc&utm_campaign=CSS:Shopping:All_Products&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2IkiLnsAXxikwHJL5Zm6uQQyAx
  2. Thanks John, seems Therefore it could be ok. Having laid some templates down I don’t think my above idea fits the space. I have been trying to find something that some else has made work or an experienced designer put mouse to screen! Found a helpful website http://www.amherstrail.org/ABEL/Downloads/Shelf-Layouts.pdf some handy ideas there I actually remember Chewton Mendip & West Harptree in RM. Hook Basin looks useful. Anyway another attempt, the narrow gauge could run on the top of the twin hidden tracks at the back and be a loading dock to the standard gauge closest
  3. Where was that mentioned? although with an email alert every 3 minutes roughly I’m sure I could have misssed it! Must be the most updated thread after Tony Wrights! loving the new layout and it’s build up Verbally so far on here. cheers Ade
  4. Maybe down to your browser or platform your using to create the post? quoting your post above there were just lots of empty lines that I deleted to get the bottom of your post a few lines under your signature. Not an answer I know but I’m no expert on how the forum software works. Maybe a post up in the technical problems? Not sure it’s proper name will get the proper answer. cheers Ade
  5. Time to test some ideas! There was always going to be hidden tracks under the rock face at the back of the layout. Then the transition to the next board as it was no longer a fiddle yard if I could help it. I’ve come up with an idea of a tunnel mouth in N gauge looking straight off the Meldon Board South end, the photo I have used is of Trelill tunnel the only tunnel on the North Cornwall Railway so fitting to put there. The running line will slip off left in the photo below under a girder bridge. Above and below this will be N gauge track and I’ll have to widen it a
  6. I’ve been thinking about the fiddle yards to Meldon. I’ve decided I’m going to do them scenic, which then led me to thinking the final objective is a roundy roundy around my small Railway Room. So why not keep going and get the boards made and erected. First up I bought some DCC concepts base board dowels and on inspection they are the Don! The old TTTE board was beefed up and new timber added, but it’s been in storage for nigh on 20 years and kept straight so should be fine. Joint clamped up ready for a 3mm pilot hole x 2 needing to be both level and square.
  7. Done a fair bit since June time for a catch for a catch up. More done the home made fence post stuck on. Ah bit of a problem! Some how I couldn’t count on the clear photos I have how many slabs there were on the top level. I had one to many! posts marked and drilled all stuck on. So next SMS supplied glue the deluxe-materials-ad-21-super-phatic-glue. That stuck the posts to the white metal. So the handrail next made from telecom wire superglued. The fence wire wanted to be thinner really but even with a mag
  8. Excellent article in the virtual exhibition Al as Rob and co have already said well written, top top photos outstanding really. Great work of that there is no doubt. Cheers Ade
  9. I’m not a magazine buyer or subscriber, I didn’t even know this forum was allayed to a magazine until recently after signing up 3 years ago! I just looked for a model railway forum this one looked like it had the most posts a day that was that. But your quoted text here has led me to part with twenty quid for a years subscription and very pleased I am too. Lovely photos (as always) and nicely written about both layouts. when I do buy a magazine Railway Modeller or Model Rail occasionally (that’s all that’s on the shelf locally) I do find myself wishing I could pinch and zoom the photos gl
  10. Thanks for that write up Pete all looking bob on, hadn’t seen sketch up mentioned by anyone 3D printing before so thanks for the heads up. Cheers Ade
  11. Rob wow spooky that the Sheppy Sheepy I guess as you quoted runs at Dulcote just a mile from home! and I’ve for a long while had a vision of a branch from Masbury to Wells following that valley. But stopping short just of Wells top of Constitution Hill where a Property sits beside the road with a glass canopy veranda all it what you will that could of been designed as a station.. looking forward to this brilliant stuff. cheers Ade
  12. Nice looking layout developing Gavin, excellent work so far. I came across it Goofle searching via images for trestle viaducts, you’ve got some crackers here, what are the sources of these you have made I know you said noch for one of them are they all noch? Subbed watching with much interest. Cheers Ade
  13. Hi Pete, Looking rather good now, I’ve definitely been toying with first learning CAD then probably shipping off the files to be printed by someone. But heard small quantities are expensive and printers getting ever cheaper so owning your own could be the way. Was only looking at downloading something this morning, toying with Fusion 360, Tinkercad, Inkscape for starters! Be good for you to do a how you go about it. Cheers Ade
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