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  1. But the question then becomes do enough others agree with you so Accurascale can stay in business? Take the Class 24/25 - several new tooled items in the last say 5 years, would adding a 4th be profitable? Class 56 - enough market for 2 new tools? I doubt it. Or the Class 47 - you might get away with a 3rd new tool on such a popular class, but would there be a better financial return avoiding that and doing something else? Don't get me wrong, there are things I really hope Accurascale (or perhaps 1 or 2 others) tackle - Class 50, Class 155, HST (power cars and Mk3), Class 118, etc. But given the costs of bringing a new tool product to market there will be a difference between should/deserve and financially wise. But those aren't what was being referred to by Dunsignalling. All 3 of those were older tooling (same as the Class 37) and thus really aren't a duplication in the sense that is meant when calling duplication is potentially dangerous to the manufacturer - they really are more "replacement". But a new Class 56 to take an example from my list above would be duplication, and for a smaller interest class would be likely be bad from a finances perpective.
  2. Some possibilities, depending on what one wants to do with this layout, if one wanted to keep the coal dealer. If keeping it as a through layout then perhaps the left side could be adjusted slightly and a platform between the tracks for a commuter station, with stairs down to Ninth Street. But if you want to go single ended with a fiddle yard then this sort-of resembles a UK Minories layout - so again create your commuter station on the left end.
  3. Remember that any magazines showing up now were complete a month or 2 ago given the lead times for publishing and so none of their coverage in print will reflect the fun of Hornby's official announcement day for a while yet.
  4. Atlas - Winter 2022 - preorders due March 9th - eta 4Q2022 Master - GP7 - NYC, C&O, SF, Rock Island, EL Master - GP9 - NH, TH&B, Wabash, GT, SP Master - Trainmaster - Chihuahua Pacific, EL, Lackawanna, Jersey Central, Reading, SP, CP, Pennsy Master - Pressureaide Hopper - ACFX (Ventrui), ADM (Molecule / Leaf), Luzenac America, Grace Davison, OMYA NEW - Master Plus - 3230 Covered Hopper - Chicago Freight Car, Roanoke Cement, Trinity, TXI, General American, CIT Group Master - Trinity 25,500 Gallon Tank Car - TILX, GATX, NATX Trainman - 60' Passenger coaches - EL, NYC, Rock Island, TH&B, Wabash, C&O, NH Trainman - 40' Double Door Boxcar - B&O, CN, DRG&W, GM&O, IC, LV, SP, GN Trainman - C&O Cupola Caboose - Operation Lifesaver 50th anniversary paint scheme NEW - Streetlights - available in either warm or cool white LED colours, single arm and double arm in both streetlight and parking lot style https://download.atlasrr.com/0122MCPDF/Winter2022ASMCMSRPOnly1.pdf
  5. Atlas - Winter 2022 - preorders due March 9th - eta 4Q2022 Master - GP-38 - CM&Q, C&D, C&NW, FURX, Indiana Harbor Belt, P&W, Rock Island Rail, UP, Florida Gulf and Atlantic, Conrail (Spirit of Conrail), N&W, Tennessee Alabama & Georgia (note: Rock Island Rail is the new shortline using the "The Rock" blue paint scheme of the former Rock Island railway) Master - Trainmaster - Chihuahua Pacific, EL, Lackawanna, Jersey Central, Reading, SP, CP, Pennsy Master - Pullman 10-1-1 Sleeper - Pullman (Island Charm / Island Glade / Island Peer), C&EI, L&N, IC, ACL, NP, Pullman Master - 4650 3-Bay Centerflow Covered Hopper - Engelhard, Georgia Kaolin, Tabor & Co, Farmland (CO-OP), UP, WC, SP Master Plus - 5250 Covered Hopper - WC, SCL, Citco, Amoco, Cosden Chemical, Rocor Resins Master - Trinity 25,500 Gallon Tank Car - TILX, GATX (Owenboro Grain, TILX (AGP), GATX (Soy Power Bio Fuels), NATX Trainman - 70 ton 9 panel hopper - BY&O, Alaska, Peabody, Chicago and Eastern Illinois, WM, Reading, Virginian Trainman - C&O Cupola Caboose - Operation Lifesaver 50 years paint scheme NEW - Streetlights - available in either Warm or Cool White LED - streetlight (single arm / double arm), parking lot light (single arm / double arm) https://download.atlasrr.com/0122MCPDF/Winter2022ASMCMSRPOnly1.pdf
  6. Bowser Trains - NEW - CPR SD30C-ECO Preorders due March 31st, eta 2023 https://www.bowser-trains.com/new/sd30c.html (pre-production sample photos on Bowser's Facebook page)
  7. The counter argument would be if non-members pay the same price, then why pay for an NMRA membership... Yes, it's not all about lower prices for a show, but there has to be some visible benefit or people will wonder why join.
  8. Which explains the surge in vinyl music collecting. I think attempting to predict what future generations will want is fraught with danger as we don't know how things are going to develop. Particularly as the following generations get hit by rights holders removing things from their virtual collections.
  9. Note that Hattons exhibited 2 years ago at the Springfield Train show and are on the list of vendors again for this years show in just under 2 weeks. 2020 - https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail?id=651 2022 - http://www.railroadhobbyshow.com/listofexhibitors.php
  10. Given that using the like button really doesn't do the job enough, I would like to thank @Captain Kernow (who in this case took the time to write a lengthy reply) and @The Stationmaster (for the frequency of his posts) and the many others currently or in the past in the UK rail industry who take the time to educate the rest of us about the realities of the industry. The amount of knowledge they make available for those willing to read and learn from it is invaluable.
  11. I note in his 1971 speech, so pre- Chunnel, that the MP quoted time savings to justify using Falmouth against Rotterdam. Now, what exactly was supposed to happen to all those containers (or whatever it was in 1971) that wanted to get to Rotterdam but ended up on the dockside in Falmouth? I suspect the shipping industry wasn't fooled by his statements/claims.
  12. Whether given a nod or not, what matters is what is put on paper (or its modern electronic equivalent) as a binding legal agreement - and those legal agreements are evidence in any legal proceedings. You can think whatever you want, but that is not how StudioCanal will operate - simply put IP licensing is very big business entertainment world and they aren't just going to cavalierly give "the nod" for a 3rd party to invalidate a legally binding agreement that they have with a different 3rd party - that would jeopardize the entire licensing business that rakes in some multiple of millions of dollars a year for them (and likely billions per year for the entire entertainment industry). Perhaps - but if StudioCanal do nothing, or are found to have encouraged Hornby, Rapido would be in a far firmer legal position given that StudioCanal will have done nothing to enforce at best, and actively encouraged the violation of at worst, a binding legal contract. It may be, if this gets to the courts, that Hornby will be found to have found a way around the issue (perhaps in part due to the age of the IP and that it thus was as securely protected as a modern film would be). But StudioCanal needs to go through that to get off the hook with Rapido. Except as noted previously, companies and people behave stupidly all the time.
  13. It won't go entirely away, but with no new books or films (the spin-off series don't count, no Hogwarts) the interest has died down significantly - enough that the demand for merchandise like train sets means it isn't worth it. Theme parks are different in part because they are feeding the nostalgia of the adults who grew up with Harry - certainly when my brother took his family to Universal Orlando and they came back it was my brother/sister-in-law who seemed more excited by the visit.
  14. It is possible Bachmann have let their Hogwarts license expire - a search of the Bachmann US website shows no Hogwarts products listed. Given that Harry Potter is fading into the past that wouldn't be a surprise.
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