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  1. 3 different numbers for Fortescue Metals Group, pre-orders due by March 26th 2021 with a delivery estimate of March 2022 http://www.athearn.com/newsletter/022621/01_GEN_Dash_9-44CW_032621.pdf
  2. Wonder if it might be a Manor? Can't find it at the moment but I think Accurascale indicated that they were open to the possibility of enlarging their Manor to O, and of course Dapol has a brand new Manor in OO as well...
  3. Selling also comes down to the entire ecosystem of product though - yes the GWR BLT is an attraction, but so is the variety of GWR locos that make a GWR layout viable. But balance for balance works against the manufacturer in a smaller scale. Exclude the people on here (which are a minority of O scale), and "randomly" choosing locos from the potential pre-BR railways ends up with a wide variety of product that doesn't make potential layouts possible if you want more than a single type of loco. If they really don't want to do another GWR loco, then
  4. Sutton Locomotive Works very recently announced their 25, taking it too 3, but in that case it was somewhat obvious given their tooling for the 24 likely allowed for the 25. With things like the Manor it is more likely a case that both were working on it and were too committed to the project when they became aware of the other, thus both being forced to continue.
  5. mdvle

    Class 88/93

    Sometimes it comes down to unfortunate circumstances - that a manufacturer has spent too much money on a new project to cancel it when it becomes public that someone else is doing it. Or there is enough of a market for multiple offerings. Or in some cases stubbornness. My guess is that at some point someone will tool a better Class 50, there are enough issues with the Hornby model to justify it - combined with a reasonable sized fleet and numerous liveries. While I won't (any more) say no one will make the 88, it will be a tough sell and it may come down to someone do
  6. mdvle

    Class 88/93

    The 93 is different in 2 key ways - it looks different, and it has a different livery. This means it will stand out on the retailer's shelf, and thus be more likely to be purchased by the casual buyer. The ongoing problem with the 88 is that it has the same livery as the 68, and other than some roof details looks like a 68 - so most people will be quite happy to just buy the 68 or skip buying the 88 because they already have it in the form of the 68. (yes, for us detail people they are different, but we are a minority in this hobby). Now add in a potentially
  7. Athearn - March 2021 Announcements Preorders due March 26 2021, eta March 2022 (PDF's for the 2 Genesis releases are broken and won't display as of posting this, Athearn hopes to have it fixed by Monday) Genesis 2.0 - Dash 9-44CW - SF, BNSF Warbonnet, CN 2-window, NS, FMG, SP - FMG is Fortescue Metals Group, Australian operator http://www.athearn.com/newsletter/022621/01_GEN_Dash_9-44CW_032621.pdf Genesis - FGE 57' Mechanical Reefer - BNFE (Yellow, Green), BN ex-Frisco Prime-for-grime, BNSF, FGE, Frisco, SF leasing "Solid Cold" prime-for-grime,
  8. I think it is a case of it depends. For some operations - like passenger trains - the unobstructed view was probably preferred. But if my understanding is that if say you were doing switching enroute the hood units were preferred because the engineer could look forwards or backwards to see the other crew doing hand signals without having to lean out the window.
  9. My take is that the NR person isn't so much predicting less demand - after the 80% commuter number the article eventually concedes NR is planning for 60% to 100% - but rather he seems to be indicating that parts of the network became unreliable because they were trying to run too many trains, and thus by cutting back the number of trains the overall system (and hence experience) improves as the system is more reliable. This presumably is based on observation on how well the trains run under current conditions of significant reduced demand.
  10. All this does is end up making customer unhappy, because the livery they "ordered" is now cancelled, and creates extra hassle and work for the people behind Revolution (who, to be honest, likely don't have enough hours in the day already without creating additional work) who then have to notify people about cancelled liveries, extend order deadlines in the hope that they switch their orders instead of just cancelling, etc. At the end of the day, while they are being polite enough to not say it, the reality is that there are apparently only enough potential sales for 2 out of the 3
  11. Those of us who want to model accurately - to choose a location and era and stick to only appropriate rolling stock and liveries - by most estimates only make up 10% to maybe 20% of the hobby. This hobby exists on the purchases of people who either just collect trains, or run whatever they want regardless of how likely it happened in the real world. Aiming only at the prototypical modeller is a quick way to go out of business given the costs of bringing a new RTR model to market. Actually, it isn't. What we are seeing is 2 or 3 people making the same argumen
  12. This past summer I saw a CN freight go through with 3 ES44 units and 1 GMD-1 (built in 1958), so while not quite the level of an F3 I suspect that if railroads still had F3 units on the roster and they were geared appropriately they would use them. And for more fun making up consists, back in 94/95 CP was short of locos so they leased passenger locos from VIA and used them in mixed VIA/CP consists to pull freights - http://tracksidetreasure.blogspot.com/2015/09/cp-leases-via-locomotives-1994-1995.html Then there are shortlines - the Ontario Southland has an assorted ros
  13. It all comes down to the market interested in buying the model. While it's not perfect, populations in part tell the story - Glasgow at around 600,000 vs London at 9,000,000 (adding in the surrounding areas doesn't change the underlying disparity in population). Simply put, there will be far more potential buyers for the London based units than the Glasgow units. This in turn reflects the number of paint schemes that are viable. As for what liveries to offer, Revolution (as they have said) have experience that says Orange sells better than C&C - and whi
  14. Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette - Jan/Feb 2021 Rebuilding My Pine Cliff Layout - An On30 Mining and Rock Quarry Module An Inexpensive Turnout Controller - Throwing Points and Routing Electricity The East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad and its Locomotives Part 3: Consolidations To The Rescue Self-Propelled Log Unloading Machines Part 1: Early Home Built And Washington Iron Works Machines Lighting Up My HOn3 White Pass & Yukon Route Part 3: Incorporating Control And A Bit Of Magic Layout Re
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