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  1. Class 385 unlikely, one paint scheme and geographically limited. Don't think there is any interest by anyone other than Scotrail to buy them. Maybe one of the newer manufacturers who have lower overheads than Hornby, but suspect same issues would make it problematic. Though anything seems possible these days.
  2. GWR also have PDF timetables you can download at https://www.gwr.com/plan-journey/train-times If you want the current service then do it soon as I assume they will disappear when the new timetable takes effect. [edit] And for completeness, South Western Railway for Exeter St.D to Waterloo services https://www.southwesternrailway.com/plan-my-journey/timetables Crosscountry for Exeter to Paignton / Exeter Plymouth https://www.crosscountrytrains.co.uk/travel-updates-information/train-timetables
  3. UID - guessing a unique number for the database, would be different tomorrow for the same 2B74, likely unique to realtimetrains. SSux - looks like what you used to see in the printed timetables - in this case you have the dates of the timetable (may to December 2019, and I assume S(aturday)Su(nday)(e)x(cepted) ? TRUST ID - I assume from the NR sysem, it has the 2B74 train code in the middle of it. The Pathed as is merely a placeholder, it doesn't mean the service actually operated that unit (there have been comments in the past here on RMweb where an entirely different class of train has been used than expected, and the comments from former railway people are it is just a convenient placeholder to describe the performance characteristics that the service is timetabled for).
  4. Important video for anyone with a Rapido RS18 and DCC
  5. mdvle

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Parts are made per what is ordered. The lack of spares is a choice made at the time of production, I assume on cost grounds, and thus has nothing to do with China. Actually, those cottage industries are all located in the same city/small area, as pretty much all model train making occurs in that one small area of China. For example, Jason Shron recently commented somewhere about the troubles Rapido have with their factory that they moved to a different part of the country - because all the suppliers/subcontractors/experienced workers are back where the factory originated (and where Rapido's other factory remains).
  6. The first question you need to decide is how far you want to go for prototype accuracy. When first entering the hobby it can be easy to assume that a tank car is a tank car, a hopper is a hopper, etc when in fact the different designs are frequently for specific products. Easy example, heavier products tend to have shorter car lengths. So if you want to be really accurate, you need to decide what industries you want on your layout and then proceed to research what cars would have been used. If you are more flexible, then you can be more generic and choose any car type that suits your industry. Spend time on the photo sites and YouTube looking to see what cars are used for what industries to give yourself a broad idea. If you want to be specific, then you can also start looking at the data on the sides of the car - somewhere there will normally be a date that will either be the build date or the date of rebuild/repainting - which can set a lower date bound for that car. And if you really want a caboose, it may be justifiable. While there are many around anymore some have been kept to act as a platform for a crew member to ride on if the train needs to make a long back up maneuver. It really depends, The good news is that for the most part almost anything you buy will run well these days, and almost everything should have body mounted couplers. Differences really come down to level of detail, or in some cases how accurate they (primarily an issue with older tooling, but can also be an issue with whether a given car ever had a certain paint scheme). For highly detailed Tangent, Arrowhead, ScaleTrains (Rivet Counter), Rapido (except the container car), Athearn Genesis are likely the top, with the Athearn RTR generally not being that bad. Exactrail unsure about but is at least reasonable.
  7. Anyone going to that thread, most/all of the email groups listed have moved from Yahoo to groups.io
  8. Someone else asking a similar question made me remember a member on here trying what you propose (though not with reduced access). He had 1 in 36 gradient and tested and found a lot of his locos failed:
  9. As stated by others, you really need to test. A couple of years ago there was a guy on here building a huge layout in Spain, and he went through the process of testing his locos and found significant variance between the models. The only thing that could really be said was (as mentioned above) in general diesels/electrics pull much better than steam. [the results he posted are long gone as he deleted the thread when he was called out on some non-train related issues] Not as comprehensive, but the gentlemen doing Leeds City, Midland Side wanted to have double decked fiddle yards and actually built and tested and found the 1 in 36 gradient to much trouble (though he was looking at operating longer trains than you appear to). He eventually abandoned the 2 level fiddle yards and instead expanded the shed... Unless the gradient is absolutely necessary - to change levels - the best advice is simply not to have any given they tend to cause more trouble than really worth.
  10. In general I suspect Sunday working isn't a big issue with the drivers, or for the union. From the union perspective anything that increases the number of union members is going to be a good thing, and having scheduled Sunday work requires an increase in the the number of drivers - and hence union members. The big issue really is simply that the government isn't willing to pay for the extra workers, whether it be in higher subsidies for the TOCs that operate at a loss or lower premiums from those that make a profit. The battle in the US has started with the American railroads launching legal action against the union to force it negotiate on dropping crew sizes to 1 (unsure given the lack of information who is in the right). https://www.freightwaves.com/news/u-s-freight-railroads-file-lawsuit-against-rail-workers-union-over-train-crew-size
  11. There is a difference between saying it may happen, or you are guessing. Saying "I believe" implies a lot closer to it is actually happening, usually based on a fact read/observed elsewhere. Generally everyone starts projects before they are announced these days given it likely averages 2 to 3 years from starting research to actually shipping a model.
  12. Sadly long experience online has demonstrated that many people rarely go back a page or more to read the initial announcement, and even those that do often don't read what is posted carefully - a danger in this case given it is a rare/unique testing to see if there is sufficient demand and not a normal announcement.
  13. That might work for a TOC that makes a profit - that is they pay a premium to the DfT - but Northern isn't such a TOC. Northern requires money from DfT to operate because Northern doesn't make a profit. Thus given (in general terms) every train Northern runs loses money the extra cost of staff wouldn't be covered by extra revenue. Maybe not for the railways, but it was almost certainly the correct/clever thing for the managers of the time. They will have gotten their yearly bonus for a job well done, and either a promotion or a better job elsewhere, because far too much of business these days is based on quarterly results with no regard for future consequences.
  14. Just to be clear here for everyone who may not be paying full attention to what Dapol posted, this is not an announcement that these models will be made. Dapol have opened an order book (open until the end of January) to see if there is sufficient demand to do a run of the 68 in the TPE livery offering 2 numbers. If Dapol do not get sufficient orders, then they won't be made at this time. This means you can't just wait for them to arrive in stores, you actually need to tell a retailer you want them. So anyone who really wants these models should spread the word amongst others who may be interested in the model and don't follow things like Dapol's Facebook page or this forum.
  15. So a quick Google search reveals it to be a Class 08, 08691, that has been named Terri. Photo on Flickr of it located at Southampton Docks.
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