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  1. mdvle

    EFE Rail launches

    I suspect that is an oversimplification that doesn't really reflect reality. Yes, the car makers run assembly lines, but they aren't for 12 months churning out product A - rather they churn out the basic A, and then they switch to the deluxe version of A, and then the super deluxe version for another several months, and all of that is subdivided by colour and other things. Hence the reason why if you look at a catalog and decide you want a certain car in a certain colour with certain options you may well be told sorry but it is out of stock with no more to be made until the next model year (or if you are lucky the dealer calls around/checks the computer and finds one in stock elsewhere and arranges for it to be shipped). Again, doubtful. Ikea puts in an order for a quarter worth of stock of item X, and it gets made - and then the production line shifts to the next product for the upcoming quarter. Even for a good selling product to have a dedicated 12 month production line would be woefully inefficient and thus expensive. My suspicion is that their production line alternatives between products as necessary, with a risk that they can run out of product temporarily if a sudden surge in orders happens.
  2. mdvle

    EFE Rail launches

    I can't comment on the UK market, but certainly in the US it was/is urban myth that things were always available. In the US the "bible" of products was the annual Walthers catalog, which until about 20 years ago listed pretty much everything available that was mass produced - and anyone honest will remember that for a lot of the major items like diesels there was always a disclaimer that availability couldn't be guaranteed - for the simple reason that there was no hurry to suddenly make more until demand built up again because the production line could be more profitably used to make something else.
  3. mdvle

    EFE Rail launches

    Reads like someone with foresight who saw what was happening in Hong Kong, and might happen post 2017, and moved to prepare for it.
  4. Perhaps it is an example of why the common suggestion in the use of those maps is to not take the location of the track as accurate and more of a close enough representation - that the map makers weren't particularly interested in the tracks but rather the buildings and other features.
  5. I agree with Jeremy C, your drawing looks off when one considers the needs of the turntable.
  6. Exactrail announces a 2nd run of their Trentonworks 67'11" Bulkhead Flat Car, available now Available in TTPX '2000 As-Delivered' (18 numbers), TTPX 'New Logo Patch' (6 numbers), and TTPX 9-2004 'As-Delivered' (3 numbers). https://exactrail.com/blogs/announcements/now-available-the-trentonworks-67-11-bulkhead-flat-car-in-ho-scale https://exactrail.com/collections/trenton-works-67-11-bulkhead-flat-car
  7. mdvle

    EFE Rail launches

    As noted many times, the pricing and non-Tube model choices clearly indicates this isn't a "lower spec" range. As for Liliput, that would be confusing things given that it is used for European HO and N - while EFE Rail is exclusively UK OO and N thus keeping things nice and simple.
  8. mdvle

    EFE Rail launches

    But the claim wasn't that it was good for the company, but that it was good for the customer to not have the wait from announcement to delivery. Except in this case the customer can't buy it because it's sold out, so it is likely fair to assume a lot of those customers would have found the pre-order system to be much preferable because at least then they would be getting the product they wanted.
  9. mdvle

    EFE Rail launches

    The Tangent Greenville auto parts car announced Sunday, released tomorrow, and 4 of 6 paint schemes already sold out (with 2 of them selling out within 48 hours). The situation is so bad, and has apparently annoyed so many Tangent customers, that Tangent has been forced into putting up a public apology on their website because so many customers could not order anything. https://www.tangentscalemodels.com/greenville-86-high-cube-double-plug-door-box-car/ That is not good customer service.
  10. mdvle

    EFE Rail launches

    I suspect that those people who aren't able to buy the latest Tangent release because it is already sold out before release won't agree with you...
  11. In model trains cant / superelevation serves no operational purpose and is only a visual effect - the result of the fact that physics doesn't scale and we use wheels that are way out of profile compared to the real thing.
  12. Simple - the islands started out poor and the 1st world takes advantage of them. Take the Caribbean - the arrival of cheap air fares in the 80s resulted in a tourist boom in the cold winter months to the islands - but they never got the chance to cash in on the boom. Because at the same time American money came up with the all-inclusive resort. So the Caribbean Islands get some low wage jobs, an American company parachutes in some management, they wall off the property to discourage guests from experiencing the real island, and the majority of the money that the people on holiday pay never leaves the US. Then comes the cruise ships, and same thing - the money spent on cruises never leaves the US except the token amounts necessary, and the hundreds of guests spend at most a couple of hours with 15 minutes of the docks buying souvenirs made in China. And thus those countries remain poor. Google Maps gives Brighton to Edinburgh as 375 miles. I think at this point you might be pushing your island in the middle of the Atlantic a bit far, so perhaps consider a different way to get what you want. Perhaps go for a "alternative history" of the UK where the big 4 remain after WW2 but never have the money to properly upgrade. So periodically the government funds a diesel build to be shared among the big 4, but the railways in general remain run down as they remain starved for money. Steam remains far longer because of the coal reserves mean coal is cheap compared to imported oil. Because BR never exists there is no incentive for a Beeching to cut costs to the treasury, so the railways limp along and any attempts at cutting costs are met with refusal by the government who now (with no money at risk) bow to the wishes of the public to keep services regardless of the losses. Perhaps for tourist purposes the government provides some money to provide a few "intercity" routes to a more prestige standard. I doubt it would be containers - containers really work where there is a bunch of modal shifts - say truck -> ship -> train -> truck and the receiving location can justify an entire container of a single item. For example, a small town's food store is unlikely to need an entire container of bananas - they would go bad before most could be sold. Far more likely to have assorted goods wagons loaded at a central warehouse with the assortment of items each town would require - so essentially a variety of wagons with the occasional insulated one for items that need to be kept cool. Then whatever the industry on your small modeled section needs - whether it be wood, metal, or something else.
  13. Athearn Train Tuesday - August 4th - recollections - as usual possible errors Times 02:10 - 30,000 gallon tank cars 12:05 - FMC 4700 23:00 - Dash-9 - showed test shot photos, some taken outdoors 27:20 - Dash-9 -will look into with engineering improving the screens 35:50 - Q&A Dash-9 - CN/BC Rail tear drop - coming in a future run, already tooled Dash-9 - Australian - good chance (the SD90's did well) Dash-9 - second run likely 1Q 2021 ATSF Hudson - will look into, may tie in with some other possibles F125 - would love it **BUT** only Metrolink... Single operator makes sales problematic, so unless others buy it... Hyundai Rotem cars - have been considered with some other projects rerun of 844 - maybe in the next 6 to 9 months UP Turbines - keep an eye on announcements looking at GP7/GP9 upgrades/updates Genesis 2.0 DD40AX UP - hold on to your hats MP15AC - needs updates before another run (SW1000/SW1500 also mentioned as possiblilities), maybe fit into schedule sooner rather than later Fed Ex / ABF trailers & containers - can't get licensing PTC roofs for NS/UP heritage SD70ACe's as separate part - maybe, would need to be a preorder item SD70ACe - sometime next year, working on licensing for some new paint schemes
  14. For those who haven't seen it Bachmann has announced a new range of items under their EFE brand. Items include the DJM tooled N scale Class 17, the Mermaid, and the OO J94 as well as one Heljan item and some Kernow stuff. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/360-efe-rail/
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