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  1. Athearn Live from Development - September 15th 2021 0:01 - AC4400 - still in progress, on schedule for it's official announcement (it's not delayed) - one of the hardest things to develop is rebuilds, variety of them and uniqueness - 125 variations on the AC4400 (28 body styles, 16 handrail variations, etc) - shows some CAD - the existing tooling AC4400 will continue to be offered in addition to the new G2.0 version - show side CAD for QNS&L version - CAD is still work in progress - official announcement maybe end of this year, maybe early next year 0:20 - SD32ECO/SD59MX - likely before the AC4400 - doing the UP version - CAD - FRA considers them a new loco - will not be tooling #9900 - too unique - built on the SD60M frame (fixed version) 0:25 - SD60M 2nd run - CAD - BNSF SD60-3 rebuild - electronic parking brake - CAD - UP rebuild (cab variation) - should be announced soon 0:32 - RTR SW1500 - as close to Genesis as you can get without being Genesis - led lights (in some cases - think SP - lots of LEDs (12?)) - new motor designed for the small switchers - full cab interior - sound - light effects (ground lights) - some roadname specific details (2 types of trucks) - more coming in RTR line of boxcars
  2. Still doesn't change my reply. Looking at their website their definition of clean is that it doesn't provide the "smoke" that coal does - there is nothing about it being better in terms of CO2 than diesel. And burning oil isn't exactly new - it was common in the western parts of the US and Canada at the end of the steam era. It didn't save steam locos then, it won't bring them back now. Yes, they have other things that help with the reliability/labour issues - but nothing that will provide sufficient benefit to encourage railways to change. So at best a solution for heritage operations - but in the grand scheme of things their CO2/other pollution are negligible to start with
  3. A look at the Wikipedia entries that you linked to indicate both of those people are 20+ years dead, and thus their comments about emissions are unlikely to be about CO2. The bigger problem of course is that steam locos are far too labour intensive compared to the diesel loco, and finding a way for "clean" steaming doesn't solve that - and may in fact make things worse. One of your linked people did try that back around 1980 - see the US ACE 3000 - https://locomotive.fandom.com/wiki/ACE_3000
  4. Whether kits or RTR, often the "unusual and few ever built" are often the prototypes with the most potential. For whatever reason we like to collect unique items, and from a kit perspective building one of X is far more attractive than having to make 10 or 20 of X... Thus (examples in RTR because I don't follow kits enough) we have models of the LNER Dynamometer car, Consett Ore Wagons, 18000, GT3, Fell (both kit and RTR), Caroline Inspection car, etc. So I wouldn't dismiss some of the poll results just because they were unusual or few. As for other items - there is always the potential of the network effect. More accurate GWR stuff means (potentially) more people interested in GWR models, which means more models become viable. Look at the pre-grouping stuff - first one RTR loco, now more, which then lead to Hattons doing their generic coaches, then Rapido doing the SECR open wagons, etc. And then there is the potential of 3D printing...
  5. Rapido Live - September 13 2021 - expect another live event in October, though Canadian Thanksgiving may be an issue - Jordan, Josh, Bill - shipping from China - 3 months is now good, some products 4, 5 months - RS-18u - waiting for new samples - NE Caboose - CAD almost finished, 1 or 2 fixes need to be done by designers - X-3 - tooling soon - samples of the AutoFlood III - Budd 10-6 Sleeper - possibility depending on how the Slumbercoach sells - new run of LRC locos - no. Issues with tooling mean it would need a complete retool, market not there. - D10 - waiting for a new sample - for those who were reading the viewer chat, ongoing battle on the correct pronunciation of "decal"
  6. Rapido have announced product order deadline for 3 items of October 15th. EMD E8A & E8B AutoFlood III Coal Hopper 52' 6" Mill Gondola
  7. 3 New items from Rapido today. Alco FA-1 / FB-1 - CN, CP (Block / Script), Erie, GN, Lehigh & New England, NH (Orange delivery / McGinnis), Pennsy, Reading, UP PDF - https://files.constantcontact.com/b02e8bb6001/2c32bfbb-b182-42c8-ac40-2d2398c8752d.pdf Website - https://rapidotrains.com/products/ho-scale/diesel-locomotives/ho-scale-alco-fa-1-fb-1-locomotives Budd Slumbercoach - Amtrak (Phase 1 / Phase 3), B&O, BN, CB&Q, MP, NYC, NP, Painted/Unlettered PDF - https://files.constantcontact.com/b02e8bb6001/220ba7ce-9e27-44fc-ae55-9a3f730b6f18.pdf Website - https://rapidotrains.com/products/ho-scale/passenger-cars/ho-scale-budd-slumbercoach UTLX X-3 Tank Car - UTLX (1920s/1930s/1950s), Products Tank Car, Atlantic Refining, Procor, Eastman Chemical, Seaboard Air Line, NP, Undecorated PDF - https://files.constantcontact.com/b02e8bb6001/c28ea292-a22b-4682-b150-93866ad0cf35.pdf Website - https://rapidotrains.com/products/ho-scale/freight-cars/ho-scale-union-x-3-tankcar
  8. Wednesday is the order deadline for the Rapido H16-44 and FPA/B-2u units - if they don't get enough orders the projects will be cancelled. Following in the footsteps of the H16-44 video during the summer, using a dog to get sympathy, an attempt is made to find other cute pets...
  9. And the latest in the CP/CN/KCS love triangle - KCS has left CN at the altar and gone running back to their first partner in CP, though CN does have several days to try and win them back. https://globalnews.ca/news/8185641/cp-rail-bid-cn-rail-deal-kansas-city-southern/
  10. My guess, the existence or not of a do it yourself version doesn't factor into the decision making process at all. Far more important in the decision making will be whether they think there is the potential to sell the required number of models - and a DIY version will have limited impact on that guesswork.
  11. Aurora Miniatures (maker of some Chinese prototype models (DF5, DF4B, DF4E) as well as the Canadian SD60F) has a Canadian office set up to sell the SD60F to Canadian/American customers. They today posted the following on another forum: I don't know if they are willing to ship outside of North America, but if you are interested in their Chinese prototype stuff it may be worth contacting them if you want to try and order from North America. North American website - https://na.auroraminiatures.com/ Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/AuroraMiniatures/ (scroll back to Jan. 12th to see their DF5 model)
  12. Not talking specifically about the polls (either these mini-polls or the big poll), but in general I think that the demonstration of wanted user input - whether through direct action like Rapido's submission form or indirect through things like the thread in the Accurascale section, or in better times through comments made at train shows - means that the polls are certainly considered in the decision making process - though each manufacturer will decide on their own both on how much to rate the influence of any of these methods of feedback. But with perhaps some exceptions there really isn't anything that a manufacturer can turn to and say "the business case for making X is so strong that it is a guaranteed success". There is still a lot of guesses, gut instinct, personal preferences and other factors in deciding what to make - like observing both their own sales numbers and their competitors sales numbers. Example - the new high end version of the Bachmann 47 and the apparent strong interest in the sound fitted deluxe version And sometimes, despite a lot of feedback regarding a model, it won't sell as well as expected - in the US ScaleTrains has commented that they had a lot of requests for their Carbon Black cars but the sales numbers didn't reflect the apparent demand. Or they will proceed with a model they think will sell and it won't - Rapido Canada currently has a transition era diesel that is struggling to get sales and may end up being cancelled after the order deadline this week (fortunately for them they haven't yet got to the tooling stage). (and thus worth mentioning sometimes a model does far better than they expect as well). More specifically to these GWR mini-polls. I don't think we will be able to say over the next 4 years that company A brought out GWR product X as a result of a vote held this summer on this thread. But what may potentially happen is 2 things: it is possible for some of these prototypes we have demonstrated a way forward - that we have shown a consensus (based on limited voting) of a subset of prototypes that can be taken into model form that will roughly satisfy the market - though there will of course still be loud complainers. consider that none of these companies will be experts on every aspect of the railways of the UK (the privatized era, BR era, the big 4, and their predecessors) - and this inherently means there will be opportunities that they are not yet aware of. Thus there is the potential these polls will make 1 or more of them take notice and research whether there really is (in their opinion) an opportunity. For example, as I noted, the apparent contradiction between the continued popularity of the GWR BLT and yet the lack of accurate RTR stock (Auto Trailers and B-sets primarily) for such a layout. I am sure there are other potential opportunities that any manufacturer paying attention will have made a notation in their internal "wish list" to research and evaluate further. (and we can't of course discount the possibility of a new entry seeing these poll results and getting the confidence to proceed through any hesitation they have - note the recent podcast interview by Keith Revell (of KR Models) where he - to paraphrase - wanted a GT3 for his layout so he Googled model train factories... and then that progressed further based on the feedback he got through events like Warley... - yes, some have issues with his products, but the example stands at what somebody can do if they have the desire to do it).
  13. The beauty of YouTube is the numbers are all right there for everyone to see. Sam seems to get an average of 20k to 30k of views for each of his videos, with some much more popular (KR GT3 79k views, Hornby 2021 range launch 49k, Bachmann vs Hornby 108k) - and then there are his Thomas videos with at least 4 above 500k views. Or his latest - Getting Started Painting Model Trains | I Got an Airbrush at 20k views so far (1 week old). For comparison 2 of the print magazines appear to have circulation in the 20k to 25k range per ABC.
  14. If I recall correctly today's update video it was mentioned that the blockades have been scheduled for March next year for the replacement of the Dawlish station platform(s?) - at least the down platform, anyone know if they are also going to do the up platform?
  15. Add up enough small savings and you end up with big savings. But it would have still been a loss. And this is also where we have to forget everything we know about what has happened post-Beeching, particularly the growth of rail in the last 3 decades. When making those decisions they had to base it on the conditions of the time - and those conditions were more and more rail traffic being lost to the roads. So yes, perhaps with those cost saving measures that branch could go from £11,000 to say £2,000 loss - but as more passengers left rail for the roads in the following decade those losses would have crept up again. Even today, looking at the passenger numbers for Llandeilo (19k per year) and a population of around 2k I would wonder if that branchline would be viable (yes, the Llandeilo population won't tell the whole story, but it is a good start at indicating that there might not be the passenger volume to justify a rail line). Hence the desire, once the political will was there, to do it all at once instead of a version of the death by a thousand cuts over the next 10 years.
  16. Aurora Models has posted to Flickr a bunch of photos of a hand painted sample of their SD60F model https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157719819774354/with/51454062472/
  17. I hope so as well, though I will just point out (given how impatient we have become in general as a society) that unless some of these items are already in the pipeline we are looking at years for results. The numbers I have heard are 12 to 24 months for a goods wagon/passenger coach and 2 to 3 years for a loco (that's doing the necessary research, getting drawings done, and tooling etc. - and assumes no delays). So make your desires known to the manufacturers, but also be realistic in expectations.
  18. Regarding the viability of offering many of the poll items that have been/will be featured, I see Revolution have just announced (in N scale) the 1938 tube stock and All steel ‘K-type’ Pullmans. If those items can be viable in N I would have to think a bunch of the GWR stuff people want (and have voted for) should be viable in OO.
  19. Google keeps changing things (both for YouTube and their search algorithms) to reflect changes so any definitive answer may not be true for long. But in general any payments will be based on views - because views are what allow Google to run ads. Subscriber numbers though apparently are used to help determine whether Google puts a video in front of a new audience - part of the recommendations system. So anyone generating YouTube content (or any social media) want both numbers to be as high as possible. I don't care for Sam's channel, but I'm not going to dismiss what he has achieved. He currently has 107,000 subscribers and that actually is quite an achievement - YouTube starts giving out plaques at 100k subscribers (Silver) and they wouldn't be handing out free stuff to channels that were very common. As for free stuff, unless you are an extremely niche interest area you are unlikely to get much if any free stuff for a few thousand subscribers.
  20. But that assumes that the person in question has the skills and has the time - because time taken to learn that skill / do that job is time taken from some other (perhaps more enjoyable) part of the hobby. If the model is truly up to current standards - and that frequently isn't the case - then just adding lights doesn't require new tooling. Certainly Athearn in the US has been upgrading some of their older tooling (both the highly accurate and also their equivalent of "railroad") to add lighting effects, better sound options, some extra details, etc. without needing to go for a full retool. But sometimes a new tool is the only way - whether because the company with the existing tooling is showing no interest in moving with the times or because the existing tooling simply can't do what the market today wants.
  21. And Dawlish Beach Cams has just put up another upcoming video, an update on Phase 2, going live Sunday September 12 at 7pm.
  22. Voting for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 4, being short, could be interesting for a GWR themed minories layout. But what has become apparent, looking at both this week's poll entries and anticipating next weeks, is despite the popularity of the GWR BLT as a layout subject you can't really do such a layout accurately with modern accurate RTR stock - the B-sets and Auto Trailers don't exist. Which seems a strange omission given the perceived popularity of the GWR and it's branch lines.
  23. Dawlish Beach Cams YouTube channel has "Construction of Dawlish Sea Wall, Phase One - Official Network Rail Video" scheduled for a premiere on September 24th - see long description on the YouTube page.
  24. Latest Hindsight sessions are now open for registration - they are free though they accept donations. Wednesday Sept. 22 - 8pm to 9pm EDT - Penn Central SW1200 with Hunter Hughson Overview of the fleet Looking at the new Rapido Model Individualizing and weathering the model http://speedwitchmedia.com/product/hindsight-20-20-wednesday-september-22-2021/ Saturday October 2nd - 12:00pm to 8:00pm EDT - Hindsight 20/20 10.0 12:00 - 12:30 -- Weathering with PanPastels, Powders, Pencils and Enamels (George Dutka) 12:45 - 1:15 -- NP Wartime Emergency Boxcar (George Toman) 1:30 - 2:00 -- The EMD SDP40F - Prototype and Modeling (Harry K. Wong) 2:15 - 2:45 -- CB&Q FM Cars in Service During the 1950s (Jerry Hamsmith) 3:00 - 3:30 -- ABCs of Prototype Weathering (Jason Quinn) 3:45 - 4:15 -- EMD NW2 Part 2: Modeling (Seth Lakin) 4:30 - 5:00 -- Trackside on the D&H Penn Division (Justin Jankauskas) 5:00 - 5:45 -- Dinner Break 5:45 - 6:15 -- A New Approach at Extreme(ly) Realistic Weathering - CN CCF Snowplow (Matthieu Lachance) 6:30 - 7:00 -- Modeling the October Scene (Marty McGuirk) 7:15 - 7:45 -- A Bridge Too Far and Other Tales: an update on Bill's NYO&W layout (Bill Schneider) http://speedwitchmedia.com/product/hindsight-20-20-10-0-registration/
  25. Currently at the platform. Comments on YouTube indicate they were doing some train evacuation training earlier. (as for lights flashing - perhaps an interaction between the camera and LED lights that seems quite common? - or perhaps a safety feature if a train is being evacuated?) Being reported it is 484003
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