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  1. Hi Chris, Yes that's the hope. Everyone so far has been very understanding and agreed with our decision, in spite of being very keen to attend. It's certainly an alien world we're living in at the moment. Still we are hoping that our Open day/Mini Show will be safe on 30th October. I hope you and yours are safe and well, Best wishes, Dave
  2. Hi everyone, I am sorry to have to announce that The Exmoor Coast Railway Modellers have had to cancel their 2021 exhibition, which was due to take place on Saturday 7th August, due to the ongoing health situation. Although things are improving, there are new variants that are still coming into the country, any of which could cause 'slippage' of the 21st June date quoted as Freedom Day. Fortunately, all of the stands booked for this year have agreed to attend next year's show which will be on Saturday 6th August. Out of courtesy, all of the stands attending have already been noti
  3. So much I like on here Alex - even down to the rusty railings on the end of the dock. Can I ask how you managed that effect?
  4. Looks really good Alex! I shall look forward to seeing it 'in the flesh'!!! Stay safe & all the best.
  5. Just consulted 2 of my Ian Allan books and according to my "Spring 1961" edition, I had seen: 21(81C), 24(82B), 25(81C), 28(82B), 30(81D), 31(81C), 33(81D), 34(81C), 38(81D) - of which only 34 was a parcels car. I can clearly remember often seeing a railcar parked in the short spur only a 100 yards+ away from the bottom of the footbridge steps, where us lads used to congregate. I can't remember which one it was though! Ah, happy days....
  6. I have pre-ordered the blood & custard/grey roof version and really looking forward to receiving it. I just hope that the slow-running qualities are first class, plus slow stop/starts - which are essential for a small layout. I remember seeing quite a few of these railcars back in the day in my trainspotting days back in Southall. (AEC territory!!!) best to all and stay safe exmoordave
  7. Good afternoon everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me any suggestions concerning painting a platform surface for my new 4mm layout please? I want to paint it a sun- bleached grey colour - as in worn tarmac, and wondered if anyone has used a light grey paint - preferably a spray if possible, at least for the first/second coat? A couple of the grey spray paints I've tried before always seem to end up darker than I had hoped. Anyway, I hope you all stay safe and many thanks in advance exmoordave
  8. Evening gents. I've just seen your replies and wanted to say many thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. They look to be something I could use with the new Peco bullhead track on my new layout. Thanks again and stay safe, Best wishes exmoordave
  9. Hi everyone, I'm just hoping that someone can help me track down a new product - and which I should have written details of at the time? !! It was made by a small concern I'm sure and consisted of a pair of cross-board joining plates to which tracks could be soldered and feeds attached. The most distinguishing feature was that the sides to be joined had a wavey edge on each side, so hopefully allowing excellent alignment every time when using cassettes for example. If anyone can remember the name of the company/product I would be very grateful. It would also be great, to hear if any
  10. Good news for the future! Most of the layouts originally booked for this year's show have readily agreed to appear for our rearranged 10th anniversary show in 2021. In addition, we have had a very positive response for future shows, so layouts already booked for 2022 and 2023!! How's that for positive thinking... Best to all and hope you all stay safe exmoordave
  11. Very interesting Chris - I shall look into that. I am trying to find a material for a backscene for my new layout, so this is good timing! Do you have an idea for the best adhesive to use to attach the backscene sheets on top please? All the best & stay safe exmoordave
  12. I have only just heard about Graham's passing through a third party and am really shocked. I knew he had some health issues, but he always seemed so upbeat about it. I am lucky enough to be able to call Graham a friend and we shared many laughs together over several years. We had both exhibited at each other's shows and he was due to bring "Tormouth Quay" to Exmoor Rail at our postponed show in 2021. He was a lovely guy and will be sadly missed. My sincere condolences to his wife Sheila and the rest of his family. R.I.P.
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