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  1. Etched brass ones are available from Malcolm Mitchell. He sells them on ebay from time to time.
  2. A couple of observations regarding what has been written over the last few pages. Firstly WCRC'c commitment to keep its trains running with a third party running the show as with today's Cleethorpes-Llandudno charter applies only to those trains they promote themselves. The likes of Steam Dreams and Railway Touring Co etc will be left to make their own arrangements which, in the short term is likely to mean cancellation. Secondly, as has already been hinted at, The Torbay Express is a DBS manned train and will not be affected by the current suspension of WCRC. Thirdly, PhilH, as a
  3. Malcolm Mitchell does them also, his are in etched brass. He sells them under the name 'Kingclass' on ebay from time to time.
  4. No date but I'm sure the general appearance of the 'onlookers' may help with that..
  5. I think standard railway parlance would have been simply 'seventy-two', 'fifty-seven', and , in the case of standards on the Western, 'ninety-two'. A Western diesel was, of course, a 'thousand'! If saying it in full, then I prefer 'seventy-two hundred' over 'seventy-two ex ex' as it sounds less like a modeller's term.
  6. Simply because they are not just any traction inspectors. Most of the men that DB employ in this role are former steam men that work on a part-time basis to cover this work. It's not for me to mention names but they are a good bunch. Technically, I believe they are there to liaise with the owner's representative but there is certainly no harm in having an extra pair of experienced eyes looking over operations. Going back to the original subject of this thread, and leaving aside any partisanship for a moment, blowbacks have always happened, mostly they were avoidable, but sometimes a set of
  7. DB Schenker always have a traction inspector on the footplate (their firemen are always from the driving grade also - although not necessarily passed to drive steam) but WCRC do not have a requirement for a traction inspector as part of their crew. 70013 was being operated by WCRC at the time of this incident.
  8. Interestingly, the article states that Thompsons are representing the aggrieved residents which is somewhat ironic as they are the firm that ASLEF uses for the legal services it provides for its membership. I think a quiet word about the possible threat to the jobs of their members and a possible conflict of interests might be in order.
  9. It would be interesting to know how many of the new breed are still working as drivers? Since the post-privatisation hike in driver's wages there have been quite a few recruits who hold more paper qualifications than the rest of us. They don't necessarily view the footplate as a vocation and are quick to apply for management jobs or they leave the industry altogether when they discover they're not cut out for getting out of bed at two in the morning. Incidentally, three years in university doesn't appear to give some of them an ability to communicate written English - I once had the misfortune
  10. It's a bit of an alien concept for those of us brought up on British signalling systems too. If anyone is interested in finding out more about train orders, I would recommend 'Rights of Trains' by Peter Josserand. Be warned its 450-odd pages will provide several month's of bedtime reading if digested properly!
  11. Increased atmospheric radioactivity is, I believe, the reason given. It's all totally beyond me and I couldn't tell you whether it's urban myth or reality.. Edit: Oops, beaten to it!!
  12. I suppose that it's understandable that he chose Clun Castle - it was very early on and there was no way to predict that there would be eight surviving Castles all these years later - but, considering the success of the design, it is a great shame that not one Grange was saved.
  13. Are you sure about that? I was shocked enough, after reading that, to check wikipedia and I think you may have misread the track gauge for the driver diameter!
  14. Many of today's mainline locos are fitted with Westinghouse pumps so that they can run with air-braked stock. DB Schenker (and, before them, EWS) have been AB only for a number of years. In that period West Coast have crewed all the vacuum only main line steam although just the other week DB-S did have John Cameron's K4 on the Cathedrals Explorer between Inverness and Kyle. The K4 has been fitted with a through air pipe (a much cheaper and less invasive modification) which allows it to be rescued by an AB only diesel should the need arise and perhaps that, together with the fact that DB are no
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