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  1. The detailed build of the Goods Yard building at Omagh using 6mm birch ply for the walls and 3mm for the roof. The building, overall measures 900mm x 400mm and is built using original GNR(i) engineers drawings from Dundalk and measurements taken before demolition many years ago.
  2. A scene from Omagh Goods Yard......
  3. Far from wanting to confuse readers, the past two years has seen my attempts at building a layout fail. With renewed enthusiasm and lots of technique observed at the recent Model Railway Show at Cultra, I have built new baseboards for my new layout, built this time with a view to actually exhibiting, sometime in the future. The baseboards are almost complete, they are mobile and will be an end to end shunting layout featuring a hidden fiddle yard working to Omagh Goods Yard. The next job in hand is to cut the plywood alongside the track work and that will ultimately form my embankment. I was adamant this time to raise the entire track bed to allow a more realistic look. Here are the start of my construction pictures. The layout measures 2800 x 350 including a 700mm hidden fiddle yard. The last shot shows the loosely laid Code 75 streamline track.
  4. Colm, your pictures capture the day very well. I travelled to Cultra in the morning by train, spent all morning looking at an excellent display of both models and the 'real' thing and went back on the train full of enthusiasm and ideas. Thanks for sharing these.
  5. The coal looks very convincing, I'm more intrigued by your 'single lever brake' - maybe you can let us know how you fashioned that.
  6. Yes, I think there are a few of his videos there, and very good they are too.
  7. Fantastic job Kieran, enjoyed the Workbench thread and came across to see this gem on duty at Kirley. Looks great!
  8. Thanks for your response, I've tried but nothing as yet. I'd be interested to know if a track plan exists for the model 'Highly' that he built, it looks superb.
  9. Only finding this thread now, does anyone know if David Andrews still visits the site?
  10. I'm seriously thinking about hinging the section at the opening of my shed door. Although all is wired and operational, a bit of thought and work could give me a hinged flap for easier access. Up until now I never considered doing it but having seen it in use on another layout, I thought it worth considering.
  11. A modelling masterclass, full of knowledge and experience. Thanks for posting.
  12. Thanks Kieran. I've just a small droplet of oil to each loco and both show a massive improvement. The UG runs flawlessly around now, the U runs so much better but shows minor signs of imbalance. On the whole, its a big improvement.
  13. Thanks for that Kieran. Did you screw the lead weight in place or stick it? The UG may just need a little oil and running tests to free itself up.
  14. With GNR(i) U Class 4-4-0 and UG Class 0-6-0 both withdrawn due to running problems the CIE Class 141 takes over to shift goods on the 'Derry Road' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv0wMzX4NeU Any tips on the easiest way to balance these locos?
  15. I've now completed all wiring and point motor wiring. These have all been brought back to a panel next my controller and switched using small toggles. Everything is running well and I hope to start ballasting in a couple of weeks. I want to make up a couple of road bridges over the lines before I do this and make some attempt to wire the track on the turntable which will be manually operated.
  16. Mark, I'll not be rushing into any ballasting. The point motors will hopefully be fitted this weekend though I'm not sure if I'll get them all wired just yet. I have to set up my operating position and think about where I want all cables to terminate. That aside, its always good practice to run locos over the layout for a few weeks before ballasting to test the running.
  17. Some pictures of progress....... Two additional points to be laid in the morning to extend the headhunt in one of the sidings and allow the release of the goods loco and I'm ready to start fitting point motors.
  18. Joseph, god knows! I've bought one and will soon be installing it.
  19. Always nice to hear of a house move, a garage going spare and a modeller with a blank canvas. Good luck with the latest project.
  20. I bought the South Eastern Finecast turntable kit for my GNRi layout as its only 10" and hand operated. Its a well-type turntable similar to Omagh and many other GNRi stations. http://www.sefinecast.co.uk/Turntables/Turntables.htm
  21. I'm in Omagh where there was a couple of fantastic shops in the 1980s. Enniskillen is brilliant but they don't keep Code 75 at all. You just cannot beat TrackShack - Isle of Man. If you place an order before 4pm it arrives the next day like magic. Postage on Flexi track, that arrives in stiff cardboard tubes is £3-£4 max.
  22. I've just completed laying the rough track work to my new layout which focusses on the GNRi anywhere on the Derry Road. Previous efforts to build anything like Omagh have failed and I have decided to enjoy the movement of my GNRi locos and stock on these lines without any influence from any station. The track consists of mainline track work, sidings, turntable and fiddle yard. Points are kept to a minimum so I can enjoy long flowing trains. Hopefully I will return with some pictures later.
  23. Kieran, I can almost hear a sigh of relief when you got this together, very patient man. Well done.
  24. Fair play to you for giving it a shot, looks good so far. I admire you!
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