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  1. Rusty, There isn't a specific date yet, but it probably won't be until the middle to the end of March, so you've got several weeks yet. Jonathan JSModels
  2. Given Boris' plan for unlocking the country, who's going to be first to announce a show for later in the year? Stage 2 - no earlier than 12th April - allows opening of gyms, libraries, and community centres. I think that one could reasonably argue model railway clubs can reopen their clubrooms to members as of that date. Stage 4 - no earlier than 21st June - full opening, so presumably exhibitions/open days from that date? At AVRMC, we're already discussing potential dates for an open day - possibly sometime in August, to allow for a few weeks of 'slippage'
  3. I've looked, but can't find a picture anywhere to back it up - but there's Fred up a chimney, and his land rover parked at the bottom, on the N gauge layout 'Cleggworth' at our club. Also saw a very nice model of a 4mm scale boilerhouse & chimney with the same on Facebook a few weeks ago. Edit - it's by Dan Evason, Tunnel Lane Model Railways. Jonathan
  4. New from JSModels - Industrial Chimney Kits - in 3 sizes! Ranging is size from 336mm (13 1/4") up to a rather sizeable 570mm (22 1/2") these kits will add some instant height to your layout! Here are all three sizes, with one of my JSM13 kits 'Canal Warehouse Front' for scale: With stonework to match the 'Waterside' warehouses, but also suitable for my other 4mm scale kits, the kits are available immediately from my website. They are: JSM40311S ‘Industrial Chimney Kit – Small’; 40 x 40 x 336mm - £7.00 JSM40312S ‘Indust
  5. Ever since I was given one of these LED swan-neck wall lights by a member of my local club, and I used it on Haigh Sidings, I've been trying to get hold of some of them for my shop. It's taken over 12 months now (thanks to the C-word - no, not that one, the 5-letter one!) but I've finally got some available: They come with mini 2-pin connectors, nut for fixing, and a 620 ohm resistor: Available now - Swan Neck Industrial Wall Light I know things have been a bit quiet with JSModels recently, but exciting things are happening in the b
  6. Just as a quick exercise, I've just drawn up this very basic shed/office: A couple of caveats: 1. This was just done very quickly, in about 20 mins; 2. I haven't done this in a while, so half that time was spent trying to remember how to do certain things! 3. I'm at work, so have just used the basic textures included with SketchUp. If I were to do this 'properly', I'd use better textures, and add a bit more detail. I'd do the door and window separately, so they were recessed, and have brickwork to fold back onto the reveals. But hopefu
  7. I would also recommend SketchUp for this. The built-in textures aren't great, but there are a wide variety of them available online. I use sketchuptextureclub.com, just register (free) and you can download some excellent seamless textures. Edit: I prefer SketchUp 2016, if you can find it. That was the last version before they started removing useful features from the free version. Though I must admit I've never tried the current online-only version. Jonathan
  8. Thanks, that worked perfectly. Jonathan
  9. Due to a combination of a poor internet connection, a small screen, and massive impatience on my part (!) I accidentally hit the big red 'ignore this topic' button on a thread I really didn't want to ignore. In my defense, I was trying to hit something else & the button jumped under my finger just as it hit the screen... Anyway, I can't now access the thread in question to un-ignore it, because it (obviously) doesn't show up any more. I've had a look around in my account settings, and whilst I can find a list of 'ignored users', I can't find the equivalent for topics. Can anyo
  10. For those that don't follow everything on here and therefore haven't seen the news, I'm sponsoring the 2021 Cakebox Challenge. There's a £75 voucher up for grabs, so head on over there & get working on your entries!!! Jonathan JSModels
  11. Jon, It's on it's way, but how long it will take to get there is anyone's guess!!! Looks like that would make a good cakebox project...
  12. Philip, I think you can change that in settings/preferences - though I use SketchUp 2016, as that was the last version before they started messing with it too much & moving it online, so maybe you can't in newer versions (although if a comma is used as the decimal separator, what do you use to separate two dimensions, ie the x & y dims when drawing a square?). EDIT - It seems that what is used as the decimal separator is set via the keyboard settings. See this thread on the SketchUp forum.
  13. If they're straight, my first thought would be to use solid plastic deck boards - something like this would seem ideal - Use smooth side up, rout or cut off the lower portion of the groove to leave an overhang. 25mm thick, weather resistant, and doesn't even need painting! You could even cut/scribe some flagstone detail into it if you wanted.
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