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  1. Convention is to list width then height (then depth, if appropriate) as that's the X and Y axes (& Z) in alphabetical order, though a lot of people & places don't. For that section though, I would expect that the width is 2mm, and the height 1mm, i.e. all three 'legs' would be 1mm in width (an equal 'T' section). I'd guess there's a 75% chance it's that way round, though sod's law says it could well be the other way... Not terribly helpful, but there you go!
  2. I used a 2-colour LED strip for mine - it has alternate warm white and cool white LEDs on separate circuits. They're connected to a controller that can vary them individually, but I tend to just have both on all the time, which gives a nice daylight effect. One thing I would say though, and this is contrary to some of what has been said above, but paying more from a UK supplier isn't always worth it. I've had very good quality strips from eBay direct from China, and I've had (for work) very expensive strips (like £20+ per metre) from a reputable lighting company that have been litt
  3. Which was very inconsiderate of them, since I had planned to visit whilst I was on holiday down there in August! 
  4. Looks great, Karl! Thanks for posting. Jonathan JSModels
  5. @SteveyDee68, Wow, that's quite a list Seriously though, there's a lot of good ideas there! Just to pick out a few of your comments: Lock kit - It's modelled on one of the locks on the Rochdale Canal, so I'm glad to read it reminds you of Littleborough since all the locks on that canal are pretty much identical. I've still got quite a lot of work to do on that before it's ready for release, but hopefully it'll be out before the end of the year. A fully 'modular' system, whereby a modeller could build it to any height and width, is quite tricky t
  6. This week sees the 6-month anniversary of JSModels, and I wanted to celebrate the occasion. So effective immediately and until next Sunday (11th October) you can get 10% off ALL products on my website when you spend £25.00 or more! Use discount code RMDISC10 at checkout to get your 10% discount. Not only that, but spend over £50.00 and not only will you get 10% discount, UK customers will also get FREE DELIVERY!!! For that, the discount code is RM10SHIP. For anyone overseas who would like to take advantage of the above offers, please e-mail me ([email protected]
  7. Thanks, yes distillery buildings would be good, I've also been asked in the past for colliery buildings too. The initial step with both of those is finding a suitable prototype to work from, which I haven't yet had time to research. A large goods shed is a definite possibility. The old Midland Railway Grain & Goods Warehouse at Bingley is just a couple of miles away from me... That's why I started with low relief structures, because I wanted them for a micro-layout. Shops & houses could be something I might look at in the future though.
  8. Kev, Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts on this. My machine isn't particularly large, but I can cut up to 900 x 600mm. Retaining walls: I have looked at these before, and even designed a kit system for it, ready to go: The above was for an 80mm (20' in OO) change in height, and included level sections as well as a 4% incline set to go from zero to 80mm in height. Eventually I decided not to take it past the prototype stage, for a number of reasons: Firstly, 4% is quite steep an incline, but even so it takes a full 2m r
  9. I've just asked this question over on my facebook page - what new kits would you like to see from JSModels? JSModels is now approaching 6 months old, and I already have 20+ products available, but the big question is... what's next? I already have a few products I'm working on behind the scenes, but there's always room for more! If you have an idea for a product, I'd love to hear it! It could be a completely new building that you think would make a great model, or it could be an existing model in a different scale. Or maybe something else entirely. I've been asked f
  10. The full warehouse kit, JSM93, is now in stock and available to order on my website. Jonathan JSModels
  11. Duplicated post, please ignore!
  12. Since it seems to be a day of announcements for me today, here's a third one! JSM09 - Small Stone Warehouse: This small warehouse was initially designed as a commission, but is now available for general sale. It features thicker outer walls than my other kits, and has a more random stone pattern, typical of older canalside mills/warehouses built in the early 18th century. Smaller than most of my kits, this kit measures approximately 210mm wide, 50mm deep, and 175mm high (8 1/4" wide, 2" deep, and 7" high).
  13. A few weeks ago, I posted on here, and on Facebook, a picture of a half-scale (1:2) LMS signal arm that I'd been asked to make for a client: I'm pleased to announce that this, along with a WR version, will shortly be available as standard items from my website! There are 4 in the range; LMS Home/Starter (JSM81), LMS Distant (JSM82), WR Home/Starter (JSM83), and WR Distant (JSM84): Despite being half-scale, they're still quite large; the LMS ones are 785mm long, and the WR versions 765mm. Here's a painted one, with a 12"/300mm steel rule for
  14. Ever since the 'Waterside' range of low-relief kits was released, I've been asked for a full building version, so here it is! A combination of 4 of the 5 existing kits, with new floor and roof pieces, the kit can be assembled in 2 different ways with the end loading doors on the left or right hand end of the building. Comprising 6x A3 sprues of 2mm MDF, 3mm MDF details, 4x A4 sheets of roofing slates, plus glazing material and full build instructions, this is quite a sizeable kit! The finished building is
  15. I was wondering the same, though the wagon in the top right would date the photo well after broad gauge, I would have thought?
  16. At the time of writing this, all products on the website are in stock, and ready to ship. Please note however that I will be on holiday for a week, as of this Saturday (22nd August). Any orders received prior to 5pm tomorrow will be despatched before I go; after this time, orders will not be shipped until Tuesday 1st September. Jonathan JSModels
  17. Seriously impressed, Kev! Very nice indeed. Jonathan
  18. Something a little different tonight - this was one of those 'do you think you could possibly do...' requests! An LMS upper quadrant home signal arm, half-scale (even at 50% it's still quite big, at around 800mm long!): This is a combination of 6mm and 3mm MDF, with 3mm acrylic lenses, and will be painted & hanging on a railway-room wall soon! Jonathan JSModels
  19. Revised lock gates, and handrails on the bridge: These are a sandwich of 2mm and 1mm MDF, so they can effectively have engraved detail on both sides: Bridge handrails from 1mm MDF: A long way to go on this project yet though! Jonathan JSModels
  20. Just a few days after the loan machine was installed, the laser cutter I had on order finally turned up! Since then I've been working pretty much non-stop, cutting all the kits that people have ordered over the last few weeks, and I've now finally caught up with the backorders! I've now moved on to making kits for stock on the website, but just before that I cut some pieces for the prototype for a new kit that I've been working on in the background for a few weeks now: The above are 2mm, with 6mm for the top surfaces. I've also since cut some bits in 1mm MD
  21. It's really difficult to give you an answer to that one, as it depends on exactly what thickness the '6mm' ply is. Whereas 6mm MDF is usually slightly over in thickness (6.1-6.2mm) 6mm ply is usually undersize - it can be as thin as 5.3-5.4mm, but occasionally it can be quite accurate. I would (initially) draw them at 6mm, in order to have a drawing you can get quotes from. Then, when you've decided on a supplier, ask them what width you need to allow for & alter the drawing accordingly before they cut it. Jonathan JSModels PS - I would offer, but m
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