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  1. Erm, the fact that it got put in abeyance despite several similar statements of confidence many years ago. And, of course, there doesn't need to be 'wriggle room' to change tack and plans.
  2. Here's some N/2mm low-relief building models from Tooley Street (unfortunately they still needing finishing). At 29-33 Tooley Street, just to the right of Colonial House, is this building which was originally shipping importers offices for the wharfs and warehouse behind. It still exists, although changed a little, as the well woman centre clinic of the London Bridge hospital. To the right is Dominion House, at 37-45 Tooley Street, but this building has long been demolished and replaced with the Cottons Centre: Further along Tooley Street, at 81-85, was this row which has also been demolished and replaced with a lacklustre glass block. The pub needs branding and windows added but I do recall having a couple of pints of Bass in there many years ago;
  3. And, of course, neither of the class 59s have yet been delivered. Plenty of time for one to drop out of the race or get put back in to abeyance. ;-)
  4. A bit of slow progress on the Prestwins. The bodies are only resting on the chassis and I need to order some decals. The main change has been to replace the moulded ladders with etched ones - quite fiddly removing the 3D printed ones and I've made a bit of a mess of the bodies . . . .
  5. It might be me, but I'm getting the impression that modern technology is more unreliable, less able to do what it promises and becoming unnecessarily complex and frustrating to use. A bit like DCC I guess. ;-)
  6. And, probably more essential and not available, multiple units, both diesel and electric.
  7. They don't look like peas - too brown, mushy and overcooked. Is it guacamole? ;-)
  8. Any evidence to support that assertion? It'd be interesting to know what are the top ten.
  9. Not a great range, but MRD have maroon Mk1s - FB, GUV, FO, RU and SLF.
  10. And, of course, you'll be writing for a 'modelling' magazine rather than a 'collecting' magazine so would it matter? I'm sure modellers would be more interested in reading how to go about some constructional improvement tweaks and collectors would be less likely to purchase and read the magazine anyway.
  11. Good luck with the range. I can't quite read the sign in the pic. When will they be available? And how will they be sold?
  12. I recently ordered some 3D prints from Shapeways including these two Prestwin wagons. The one on the left (dia 274) is sitting on a Peco 10ft chassis while the other (dia 277) requires a Parkside or Dapol 12ft chassis. Disappointingly I was unable to purchase either at TINGS (the Peco chassis is from a complete wagon kit) or some 5'6" plate-back bogies from the NGS (OOS) for another 3D printed wagon. Looks like these projects have stalled before getting started, until I can get the parts required. Hope it's not too long a wait.
  13. The few times I sauntered past the stand (on the Saturday) there were very few people there. Enthusiasts do need to engage with manufacturers, make their preferences known, take away the fliers and register their expressions of interest in the proposed products if they want one. And pay a deposit if one is required. However, there has now been several unsuccessful stabs at getting sufficient interest in the King and there was, an admittedly older RTR one, available from Farish which will have at least partially sated demand. And I've read and heard comments that the King project is now rather tainted (whatever that means). Will KRS be able to break though what appears to be a difficult barrier for N gauge steam enthusiasts - that of pre-ordering something in sufficient numbers that is proposed and has not been made? Nonetheless, I wonder if there has been an uptake in interest and registrations on the website as a result of the show. Perhaps KR could comment on how it is going.
  14. Maybe it's a continuing problem they've not yet fixed. And is now compounded with things like covid and distribution issues (shortages of containers and drivers, escalating shipping costs, delays, etc).
  15. To be fair Farish have announced quite a bit over recent years. It's not just the 5mt having a sound upgrade but they announced a list of most of their steam and diesel locos a few years ago as scheduled for chassis retooling to accommodate sound. Then there's the announced new class 69, 319 and 450. Retooling for the Crewe cut 47 and 158. And the EFE range (of which the JIA is still awaited). I just wonder if with their problems with factories, Chinese production, covid and worldwide distribution issues, they've bitten off too much in their announcements and need to be a little quiet on new ones until problems are resolved and the backlog cleared. But then other companies producing/commissioning N gauge railway models don't seem to be affected to the same extent.
  16. It's not a complaint - more a statement of disappointment. For a premier N gauge show it would be nice to see more businesses, traders and companies involved in N gauge attending. Especially those that offer a range of bits and kits as well as unique products.
  17. Good grief, no-one has suggested anyone is banned from taking a stand. I'm not sure where that idea would come from. And I certainly mentioned there are various reasons and excuses for non-attendance. Companies are free to make their own decisions. There was a rumour going around that Peco were due to attend (a first at TINGS and possibly some compensation and exposure for the cancelled Warley show). And talking to one of the traders they said the commercial aspects of what they considered high stand rents affected what they brought along to sell as well as the stand size.
  18. Kits (and scratch-building) tends to be cheaper than RTR models for those with limited funds/unable to afford.
  19. Less than half the attendees and exhibitors/traders were wearing masks.
  20. This might be a little contentious, but I'm starting to feel that TINGS is loosing its way as the UK premier international N gauge/scale show. It was disappointing (perhaps some of it due to covid) that there were some manufacturers and service providers missing (or who have never attended) like Peco, Kato, Union Mills, Mercig and DMToys/Modellbahn Union. And I appreciate that there will be various reasons and excuses for that. But it does also seem to becoming a RTR fest for box shifters at the expense of parts and spares sellers. There were three things I was particularly hoping to pick up - NGS 5'6" plate-back bogies, Peco 10ft wheelbase steel chassis and Dapol or Parkside 12ft wagon chassis - but I couldn't find any on sale. I might just have been unlucky (although one stand did comment that I wasn't the first to ask for that) and not come across them but I'll now have to mail order and that is potentially where the future lies, which could be a problem for future exhibitions. Nonetheless, I did enjoy my day at TINGS and there were plenty of layouts to see (I've posted some pics of some above) as well as traders stands to keep one occupied and entertained. Traders like BHE, Osborns, Plus Daughters and N Brass Loco are very welcome with their range of bits and kits. And judging by the scrum around the second-hand stall there were plenty looking for bargains.
  21. Yep, stock trundled on-scene and off-scene under the bridge on the right hand end. The layout was probably my favourite of the day although there were a few other very nice ones.
  22. Went to TINGS (The International N Gauge Show) yesterday. Numbers seemed to be down on previous years but still a large queue outside at opening. And aisles between stands felt larger than usual. Less than half were wearing masks. A couple of layouts caught my eye including this tiny quarry shunting layout: There was also a 2mm fine-scale layout present:
  23. Nah, you need some muscular diesel power to keep those pesky yappy terriers under control. ;-)
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