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  1. I've open out the windscreen and door windows/quarter lights on the other (all white) van to try and match the BG van but it means that will now also need re-glazing. And my painting is increasingly looking rough, wobbly and blobby, especially in close-up photos, although it's not quite so bad in real life. But overall, being white metal castings, they're probably acceptable and probably more so than some of the older solid ranges that used to be commonly available
  2. Great to see how you go about the modelling to make the changes and improvements. It's very inspirational and interesting. I appreciate that you've done a lot of renovation and development of this area of the CF layout during the pandemic period and presumably at home. Are there others working on other areas of the layout?
  3. I've started to get some livery on the van - can you tell what it'll be? Not difficult as it should look at home in the gasholder station scene I've made. The white was from an aerosol but the blue is hand-painted (no masking tape) with a hairy brush. The pic shows that some tidying up is required and details to paint - as well as the two lighter blue bands on each side to add. I think I'll paint some transfer paper, varnish it then cut the stripes from that as I'll never be able to paint them neatly by freehand or even using masking tape. Then the tricky business of glazing;
  4. Nice to see some N gauge electrics - locos and multiple units.
  5. Surely that is for removing the lead foil from wine bottles . . . ;-)
  6. Thanks. They're called Scenesetters glazing bars from Freestone Models. There's a choice of grid sizes. HTH.
  7. Yes, the front grilles do indicate slightly different Trannie Mk1 variants, but also the two white metal versions are LWB ones which do/did have a higher roof line (than the other SWB one) as well as extended rear wheel arches for double wheels.
  8. Yes, the A pillar is rather thick but unfortunately it's the thickness of the white metal for both the side and width of the vehicle. I've tried to thin it down a little, in both planes, and open the windscreen aperture a bit but there is a limit and it'll increasingly make flush glazing more difficult. The buff SWB version is a resin 3D printed one so is a little finer : It's probably a little improvement, but the close-up pic shows some tidying up is required. Still, N gauge vehicles are pretty small (the van is less than an inch and a half long) and hopefully paint
  9. Blimey, brave to admit to that. It makes it sound like you'd prefer to build a similar layout rather than design one or base it on a real location. And confirms that many layouts are copy-cat me-toos and not something new, exciting or innovative.
  10. Yes, I do get the impression that many layouts are based on others and tend to be copy-cats, at least in some ways. And even when layouts are based on a more unique real location their approach, build, scenics and presentation tends to reflect other similar layouts. Perhaps there is nothing new in model railway layouts. I certainly recall many people asking at exhibitions for details of a layout I was showing "so that they could make something similar". Some asked to look around behind the layout and one chap used a tape to measure up dimensions and sketched the track plan.
  11. Amongst the forgotten about and dusty etches, kits and half made models was a R Parker white metal kit of a LWB transit van. I've assembled and painted several before and they make up in to nice and fairly good looking models although I think the windscreen and rear windows are too small. Here's a pic with the raw unmade and just discovered kit on the left, a made up version (centre in white) and a SWB version from RailNscale (right) for comparison: I think I'll check to see if the windscreen does need enlarging (compared with the real thing) and if so hopefully upward
  12. I'll try and get the thread back to a bit of modelling (although I don't mind some subject wander especially if it's something of interest). A few pages back I made a Knightwing Pacermaker portacabin model kit having dug it out of a dusty storage box. At the time it was the only one I could find but I was sure I had some more, and while rooting about today have found three further kits - which I've decanted all in to one bag (so I can misplace them all together next time). I also found an unmade Ratio kit of two SR concrete platelayers huts. These are tiny structures but typical of
  13. Indeed it is. I have a few snaps that I took of it after it was sold. Here's a few;
  14. It's all part of 'continuous improvement' and the desire to produce more accurate, more reliable and better performing models. And, of course, it doesn't only apply to individual modellers. Manufactures too have changed over time and now produce RTR product that is more detailed and with greater fidelity than ever (not so sure about reliability/performance for some thou). I doubt anyone aspires not to improve their standards, although rate of improvement change will vary depending on the individual. Mine is slow, but like BR 'we're getting there' .
  15. I'm sure many of us have groups of friends who model and get together privately and socially on a regular basis (covid excepted) - I certainly do. And they all produce great models, cooperate on various projects and help each other out with regards to modelling. However, I wouldn't post up their names as being the 'pedigree' for justifying a category of consideration for compiling a list of 'greatest layouts'. But then that's perhaps just me.
  16. Hmm, that makes it sound like this site is a steam only one (which it's not) and is not for diesel/electric modellers to post on, or that this thread is the preserve of steam era enthusiasts only. I thought it was for all modellers who make some constructional effort and presumably regardless of any scale or any genre.
  17. Ah, but that'll be eclipsed by the one I'm going to build after I've finished the one I'm currently building.
  18. Worse was being next to an American layout with a crossing, the sort that goes clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang when operating. And that was constantly working and never had the barriers raised and the sound off.
  19. Hmm, yes, pedigree? Perhaps one with no lineage or breeding, a real mongrel, or dog of a layout. ;-)
  20. If they were due this year, chasing them up before the year is two weeks old is probably a little premature. I doubt anyone here has any new insider information. I'd suggest that all bets are off ATM and some patience is best.
  21. Although not really showing any new modelling, here's a pic of how my latest N/2mm scratch-built project of a row of shops fits in with the gasholder station. Despite the slow progress, I'm quite pleased with the grouping of the buildings and structures although there's still plenty of work and detailing to be carried out. Unfortunately the palisade fencing (recently added) suffered moire distortion (making it look like most of the uprights were not vertical particularly on the front side of the forecourt) when resized for posting on the forum. Consequently I've posted a higher res
  22. With the talk of broad churches and 'serious' modellers looking down their noses at alternative modelling approaches, perhaps it should be remembered that criticism is a double edged sword and cuts both ways. No doubt Tony W will testify to the 'flak' and criticism he took for an article of his published in a monthly mag about his 'serious' approach and preferences. Unpleasant and unnecessary critique and vitriol does not help the hobby, whoever it is from and whoever it is directed at. Maybe acceptance, although not necessarily agreement, and consideration in response would be bet
  23. And there's me thinking that the majority of people like to see things moving, especially at exhibitions. ;-)
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