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  1. Yes should have been in wanted. No I do not expect anything for nothing
  2. That was an interesting video. I didn't realise it was possible to copper plate Mazak and then solder. It is something I will try sometime. I want to try plating anyway to see if I can nickel plate brass parts I make, such as buffers coupling rods etc. I know can make these bits using nickel silver, but I just want to try it. Rob
  3. There is a use for the bogies fitted to very old Triang clerestories. I bought earlier this week an old but pristine clerestory brake for £10 at the shop on Carrog station. I had been on the lookout for some of these coaches for a while. I then had to look more seriously for others. I found two more Brakes on ebay for £10 the pair £4 postage, which I thought was pretty good. Then, looking just now I saw the joke of the week..... A clerestory brake roof for £1.50, I thought yes reasonably ok price, until I looked further at the postage ! £5 now the postage for that should be £1.99 no more. That type of thing really pisses me off.. Anyway enough of that. My other ones arrived yesterday, and I set about them with my razor saw to make a C10 which I am pleased with. The bogies however present more of a problem. I didn't feel like buying the shapeways offering, So I looked at the the Triang B1's that came with the coaches, and wondered if I could do anything with them. The wheelbase is right the springs and axleboxes are passable, but frames are not. Nevermind I told myself , I will have a go. Fortunately the plastic they used in those days is not the soapy flexi stuff they use now. It responds well to Mek. So I carefully cut away all the unwanted detail, and built up the frames with 'Plastikard' and made parts by turning old bits of sprue on the lathe. I guess you could make the bits by hand, but I have a Unimat so could do them quickly. I have made one fair representation of a Dean 8'6" bogie. When my partner is back home I will get her to help me put some pics on here to show you how I did this. I am quite pleased with my efforts. I am looking for other ones I can do which lasted into the BR period.
  4. Wanted. Does anybody have a Buhler motor as fitted to the Bachmann Collett goods ?? I believe the motor is the same as the one fitted to the N class loco. I need this to restore the model to working order. I have a plan B, which is to build a comet chassis, but if I can get a Buhler motor, I will be happy with it until I convert to EM. TIA Rob
  5. I need a few of these wheels for a little project I am working on. The ones I have are off GWR tenders but I think they used the same wheels on all the models. I don't really save any money by using these wheels, but I find it very satisfying to modify them on the lathe, and making improvements ( I think ) If anyone has any knocking about that are getting in the way, I will gladly find a home for them, and pay cost and postage. In the past I would have binned them, but then I began to wonder if I could do anything with them. Thank you in anticipation Rob
  6. I was also led to believe the story about the Mainline firebox shape too. So when I bought the Dapol mogul I measured everything to check. Well I have to say I was unable to find an appreciable difference. So either both models are wrong or the Mainline model isn't so bad. I then had a search for drawings, and found a couple of pretty good ones. I really don't believe there is much wrong with the mainline model. Except of course the chassis. I have built a comet chassis for mine. All in all I am happy with the ML. The cab windows are too small . I don't know if I will alter them, but I might. I have made a new back head, that improves it, and I've fitted wire handrails where there were moulded ones. I will post some pictures one day.... Always a faf on here...
  7. Reading your comments and seeing the little piece of video quite an emotional experience for me. We were very close friends for many years. This the first time since before he died that I have heard his voice or seen a video. So I would like to thank you for finding that. I hope you don't break up the layout. I would rather know it was kept something like intact. I didn't think I'd seen Rye harbour. When we both got married we moved to different parts of the country, and communicated by telephone mostly. with occasional visits to one another. When I used to go to various exhibitions with him and help operate the layout it was EM and I thought it was arcadia, but maybe my memory is playing tricks, and it was indeed Rye Harbour. I do remember the photographer. Martin was quite young looking in the video. he retired and moved to Ledbury I visited him a few times. He was going grey by then, certainly not like the Martin in the vid. It was amazing to see him again. Rob.
  8. I have built a new chassis and added all the missing details including a new backhead reverser etc. New chimney , safety valve, cab handrails, aws conduit , etc etc. it compares well with the new Dapol model. The tender also has had the works. new mainframes, wheels, and all other details. All moulded coal removed, and coal space rebuilt. getting near to repainting... i'm not bothered with decoders etc.... Rob
  9. Re the Mainline mogul, I am a bit puzzled about the references to the bodies accuracy. I have a new Dapol mogul, and a very old Mainline one. Having read the comments over the years , I have carefully compared both models, with scale drawings . I can find little or nothing wrong with the Mainline body, apart from undersize cab front windows and lack of some detail. I have checked and compared measurements of both, and some detail. I cannot for the life of me see anything out of proportion on the old Mainline model. What is it that I am missing ??????? Unless of course the Dapol model is also wildly inaccurate and or my drawings are wrong. Also compared to the dozens of photos I have looked at, both models look excellent to me. Rob
  10. I use an ancient rivet press I bought about 50 years ago . It is very simple but does the job really well. I bought a GW models recently , it is not as good, so I will probably sell it on. I have never tried rivet transfers, but now I know that Railtec are doing them, I will give them a try. All other stuff I've had from Railtec is very good so I am sure the rivets will be too. Rob
  11. I always use real coal crushed to the correct size. There is no substitute. I saved a large box full the last time we bought some for home use a few weeks ago. it should last me the rest of my days. Rob
  12. I agree, lead free solder is a waste of time. I Use Powerflow flux it is very good. Rob
  13. Ok cheers Jason, I will have a look. I have had plates from Narrow Planet, but I waited ages for those. I don't particularly need them that desperately, but I would just like to know whether or not I can get them. Rob
  14. Has anyone here any problem ordering plates from Modelmaster ? I have tried several times to order some etched plates, but cannot get logged in to my account . I am told there is an error . I have tried phoning but it goes straight to a recorded message telling me the message box is full . I have to assume they are still trading, because I get emails telling me of offers etc. I know Jim has had health problems, but I gather he's up and running again. I don' know any other way to find out what I can do. Rob
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