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  1. These look good, I have done a couple of conversions using Gibson coach wheels on Lima locos. I had to sleeve the axles up to 2.5mm And fitting the gears was a challenge to say the least, but I did it. As for traction , well with added weight a loco can pull 20 free running wagons or up to 4 free running coaches, which for me is adequate. What I have found is if you give the loco too much welly the wheels slip like mad, but if you are careful you can get the whole train moving gradually..... Just like the real thing eh ! So I am on the whole pleased with my efforts. To be able t
  2. I am beginning to think the Hornby type is fictitious, so will consign them to the bits box.... Rob
  3. Thank you for the link, I have already seen the part on bogies, but it doesn't show one anything like the Hornby bogie. The rest is very interesting and useful though. Rob
  4. I have resin cast some American type bogies for my Hornby siphon, What I would like to know is this. I am by no means clear as to what is wrong with the Hornby bogies. They look pretty good to me, Surely they can be used for some other vehicle. I have searched for info on gwr 9' plate frame bogies and can find nothing . I have googled and asked elsewhere and people just seem to side step the issue and don't give a coherent answer... Can anyone here tell me , Is it worth keeping these to use on something else. Rob
  5. I just had a small package from California and the postage was something like £2.99 It might be worth your while emailing the supplier in USA to see if they can give you a better deal on p&p . I did this once a couple of years ago and they brought it down to a much more acceptable level. Rob
  6. Hi Folks, I am looking for a Mainline or Bachmann tender for a mogul or Manor. If anyone has one surplus to sell I am interested. Rob
  7. I can't help with Jinty wheels , but I do need a set of gwr 45/57 pannier wheels. How much do you want for them ? Rob
  8. Had a further look at photos, and the model, can't really see anything that would bother me . The loco will be finished in two tone green with just the yellow panel at front , so the side windows are safe. I have a photo of me leaning out of the cab window of 1581 in the summer of 1971 that is the loco I am doing. Rob
  9. Thank you, for your answer. I will confine my work to new battery boxes etc . flush glaze windows, buffer beams and buffers. Fans and grills. and repaint & transfers. Oh and nearer to scale wheels. and all hanging down pipes... Rob
  10. James, I do like to get things looking as right as possible, but I also bend the rules a bit here and there.. Looking right is the key.. I don't think 2mm is going to bother me.. All the best to you too Rob
  11. Cheers James, As you say it's not a great , 2mm short. I think I can live with that. A bit of underframe detail and a coating of grime will divert attention from that.. Rob
  12. What exactly is the problem with Lima 47 bogies ? They look pretty good to me , compared with photos, I can't see anything particularly not right about them or in what way are they too small ? Rob
  13. What exactly is the problem with Lima 47 bogies ? They look pretty good to me , compared with photos, I can't see anything particularly not right about them or in what way are they too small ? Rob
  14. Well thanks guys for all your replies. Very useful. I will give this some serious thought before making up my mind. Rob
  15. I am beginning to think that maybe my idea about using Bachmann wheels is seriously flawed . I will look at Markits and also Gibson. The problem I have with Gibson is that I would have to drill the crank pin holes, and for that I would need to make a jig to feel happy about doing that. Not impossible of course. Rob
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