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  1. Now that is a good picture. the upstanding flange isn't as big as I thought. I wonder if that is common to all 25s..? I can use that to copy for my model now. A lot easier than ideas I had in my mind.. Thank you guys. Rob
  2. Yes that is how I have bought bits before. Well if I can't get a kit I will carefully cut the grill out of the A1 etching and make a ring for it sit in, and solder it to the flat bolted ring. Phew ! and if that doesn't work I will leave the original Hornby grill in place.. ooo er ! Rob
  3. Thank you for the info, I think I had seen that list, I don't know why I forgot it, and didn't order that one.. Anyway most helpful. Cheers Rob
  4. It looks good, but I tried to to find these , and couldn't. I wonder if they are still available. I will search again. As for it not fitting the Hornby diameter, I really don't see that as a problem. Modifications can be done. Thanks for your Help Rob
  5. I am working on a Hornby class 25/2 doing as much as possible to improve details, Laserglaze, correct diameter buffers etc etc . However the fan grill is defeating me at the moment. I have an A! etched grill and fan, but to me it seems totally inaccurate. The diameter appears to be too large, and there is no flanged ring. So it would seem I have to attempt to modify it to make it look something like the prototype. I don't feel like doing this, so I think I will have to stick with the original Hornby grill. I might try to modify it if I could find a decent photo of a 25 roof, but I have searched for ages. The only picture I can find was taken from about a 100 yards away, and doesn't help at all. Also no drawing or dimensions can be found. Can anyone help with info please.. Rob
  6. I had to scrap, well put one side a Lima motor I couldn't get to run smoothly. I took it to pieces prepared to do a clean up job on the gears, but decided to run it without any gears to drive. It still sounded like a clapped out coffee grinder. So I removed the armature, and discovered the commutator had little bits of solder on it from when it was made. I very carefully cleaned and smoothed it. Put it back together, and it was still noisy, so I decided it was a lost cause. I have others that run really well, so I know they are basically decent motors....
  7. And I just a couple of weeks ago chucked out several SCART cables out because 'We don't need them anymore' grrrrr
  8. Your L1 looks really good. I'm impressed,
  9. The lima model is pretty good, I have removed the moulded handrails etc ,and fitted an etched fan grill, And some Heljan tanks/Battery boxes. It will be repainted in early green livery, and look good I hope. Also new wheels without traction tyres....
  10. I agree with the use of Dettol for paint stripping , but once the paint is stripped there will be a gungy residue. A wash with Methylated spirits will clean all that off. I stripped a Lima 33 recently and the paint was reluctant to come off . So I soaked it Dettol again but overnight instead of just an hour or so. It finally softened enough to move, then I washed it with meths. No damage to the plastic. Rob
  11. Well I have successfully solved the problem on several of my Dapol 6 wheel tanks by making sure there is enough vertical play on the centre (Dapol) wheels and of course the back to backs are correct. They all now run through large radius code 75 points with NO problems. So likewise if anybody is chucking out Dapol wheels because they think they don't work, chuck'em my way. because with a little adjustment here and there, they do work... Rob
  12. Just been reading this with interest. I have quite few Dapol 6 wheel milk tanks, all with original Dapol wheels. Just been checking to see why they a bit rough through points. I use Peco code 75 long points so the curves are not tight. The back to backs were out on the worst ones. Re setting those is big improvement, but the worst problem is that some tend to rock on the centre axle, Removing the centre wheels cures this totally. I now intend to find a way of overcoming this without chucking the wheels away , or blaming the wheel profile. It may be I will mount them slightly differently, but I will cure it. Anyone who bins Dapol wheels on sight, please don't. Parcel them up and post them to me, I will make them work. Rob
  13. RobMG

    Heljan Spares

    I have just found out as I attempted to order some spares. Fortunately I only wanted them for stock. I had a load of class 33 spares just before Christmas. Good job I didn't wait or I might have given up the project. I will now second thoughts about any more Sulzer mods.. Rob
  14. I looked at the stays on the Prairie at the SVR not long ago and decided they were at least 2 1/2" inches. As usual of course I didn't have any means of measuring accurately, but that said I live only 8 miles from Bridgnorth, so will be going there again soon. Got some old magazines to donate to the cause... Rob
  15. The problem with Lima motor bogies apart from the ringfield motor , which can be either smooth and relatively quiet or very noisy, is the fact the axles are 2.5mm dia. So in order to fit different wheels which 2mm axles, we need either to make new shouldered ones , or sleeve the new ones to fit. This is the method I chose. I looked on ebay and found some 2.5mm od x 2mm id brass tube which does the job admirably. then we have the Lima gears to deal with. Contrary to some peoples belief that these are moulded as part of the wheel, they can in fact be removed, but you need some sort of press, because they do not separate easily. I used my lathe,but a drill press could be used with adaptors/spacers . Once the gear is removed you can cut off the bit that goes into the wheel, and run a 2.5mm drill through the gear wheel so it will fit onto the brass sleeve. I haven't got as far as fixing the gears to the new wheels, but have assembled it all loosely, and tested for running. It all works really well. More soon when finished. When the promised replacement wheelsets from Peters Spares appear, all will be much easier........ Rob
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