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  1. Hi All, Has anyone fitted a driver into the cab of a Bachmann Class 150. Best Rgds Dave R Australia
  2. That's a lot off my mind. Being a retired oldy and new to this DCC lark I'm always wary of things that I'm doing with my layout. Best Rgds, Dave R. Australia
  3. Hi All, I'm about to embark on converting my Class 170 for DCC operation. Although I have a Hornby R8312 e-Link unit I'm still building my layout and using an old dc controller for checking track connections etc. My question is this, if I convert my Class 170 can I test that it works OK on the dc layout or am I going to blow the decoders up. My Class 150's are straight out 21 pin decoders and will happily run on dc. Best Rgds, Dave R. Australia
  4. All sorted. Widnes Model & Craft Centre came to the rescue. Barry Williams there was extremely helpful with a great sense of humor, love it. Best Rgds, Dave R. Australia
  5. Yep tried them and left them a message a few days ago, still waiting for a reply. I've even tried to get help from Bachmann's head office in Philadelphia, America, same deal awaiting a response. Keep searching I guess.
  6. Hi All, I'm trying to obtain some Bachmann 36-062 couplers and I tend to agree with someone else that they are like 'Hen's Teeth' to find. I tried several places, including Peters Spares Hattons and even Bachmann themselves without success. I would greatly appreciate any help in the search for these. Best Rgds, Dave R. Australia
  7. Hi All, When installing signals on a layout one thing that would help a lot of amateur modellers like myself, would be a site that one could upload a sketch of ones layout, and for a fee, get some professional advice on what signals go where. I've had a look on the web but cannot seem to find anyone that would offer such a service. Any ideas and links would be great. Best Rgds, Dave R.
  8. Hi All, Well, basically Freelance, I suppose, I'm not into a specific time, region etc., I just like model railways. I'll be using Scalescenes for most of my buildings and platforms, with a bit of scratch building thrown in for good measure. From what you are all saying, maybe the best way is to build them with a flush edge, it would certainly make life easier with less chance of getting a wavy look about it. I'm originally from Colchester on the LNER, now living in Victoria, Australia. Phil, I think that what the UK is doing about reducing the chance of a child's pushchair rolling onto the tracks would serve well here in Australia. There have been many cases, some quite recently, of this happening. Best Rgds, Dave R.
  9. Hi All, Having recently retired I'm in the process of restarting my OO Gauge model railway layout in earnest this time. I need a bit of advise on the ledge overhang of platforms. I've downloaded Standard Railway Modelling Dimensions and they give a whole host of stuff but nothing on the ledge, although they show it in their sketches. Can you point me in the right direction, thanks. Dave R.
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