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  1. I’ll be fascinated to see your progress, Justin. Another Forum member has just sent me a copy of the drawings of Carrbridge Station, so I am going to have a go at producing a model which is still hopefully recognisable in such a small scale! We’ll see!!!
  2. I’m very impressed with the detail you have achieved, Justin! Are you planning to create a scenic layout? Marlyn
  3. Hi Justin, Apologies for not having been on the Forum for months. Too many domestic projects have taken me away from modelling this summer. We have only been out if the village twice since February, so no trip to Carrbridge yet for my reference photos. I hope to do a mock up shortly and pull together what information I have gathered so far. I was very impressed with the model on the trade stand at Model Rail Scotland. I do like to base my models on actual locations and will have a go at drawing up the station building in Illustrator, for starters. I am still catching up with topics on the Foru
  4. Well it has been quite a while! This year the wilderness, otherwise known as my garden, took over! Now the nights are drawing in once more, it is time to tidy the workshop and finish this little model. I have another couple of ideas for some additional cake box models, just for the hell of it!
  5. I think this is an excellent model making challenge, Oliver and Luke. Don’t think I’ll manage to take part this time, but look forward to seeing all the entries on 20th May! Good luck everyone! Marlyn
  6. Thanks ‘ScottishLocos’ - I have been working hard in the garden this last while, so modelling has come to a bit of a standstill. Will definitely purchase some T scale rolling stock and attempt to customise. I don’t have a 3D printer, but there are a few modellers up my way, who might be able to help. Marlyn
  7. I have not been on the forum for a while, Job! But delighted to see more of your school project. Lovely modelling, as always! Marlyn
  8. You are probably right, Job! In a small school the teacher would probably have looked after the buildings, perhaps with help from a local cleaning lady?
  9. I like the way you experiment with different materials, Stu! For rough stone walls on one of my models I used the technique on ‘Mouldy Raspberry’ s Yorkshire Dales layout - the cat litter was very cheap and the process was quite messy, so recommend doing the walls before painting, if possible! https://youtu.be/F5mkiT0gNuQ
  10. Brrr... memories of outdoor school toilets in the winters of the 1950s! Frozen pipes and and a mad dash through icy winds. No lingering!! Lovely details, maybe have the school janitor nearby with a bucket and mop? Marlyn
  11. Thanks, Tony, Paul & Kevin! Will post a mock up shortly! Marlyn
  12. Hi Job - Yes, we are fine here in the Northern Highlands. Plenty of jobs to be done in our garden, we are lucky to be surrounded by open fields and the local village shops are delivering our weekly supplies! Hope you are keeping well too? Marlyn
  13. What a great idea and a fun way to share your interest with your daughter! Marlyn
  14. Great to see what everyone has been up to recently. I have been so bogged down with domestic chores, during this crisis, that my model making has taken a back seat. As I am no longer able to go down to Carrbridge for reference photos, I will make a start using whatever I can find online. Must see if one of the railway societies has a drawing of the station building plans and elevations? Marlyn
  15. Another fascinating project, Job. Most of my archive photos are of interiors of old Scottish schools! Many schoolrooms had a map of the world, which was like oilskin on a linen backing. This little book has a chapter on Victorian schools... Will post anything I find. Look forward to hearing your background story. Marlyn
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