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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories, Phil! Somewhere in a box of old photos in my attic, there is one photograph of the ‘boxroom’ layout I helped my brother construct in the 1960s. Ours was not quite so ambitious as yours, because we were both young teenagers with limited pocket money. Dad helped with the timberwork, but had no interest in the modelmaking side of things!
  2. Just returned from a short holiday in Moray and found these two gems in the wonderful second hand bookshop at Logie Steading, south of Forres. I already had John Ahern’s books on buildings and scenery, so why not add his third book in the series? While I am not sure if I will ever scratch build a locomotive, I’ll enjoy reading about it. The other book is O.S. Nock’s ‘British Steam Locomotives’ (1966) which has some great illustrations!
  3. Hi Dava - Thanks for the link to Millimodeks. Your Micromodels link didn’t work? I found this link for the UK site? http://micromodels-london-ltd.uk/ These kits are a nice change from scratch building! Marlyn
  4. Lovely project, Stubby! I still have a strip of these LEDs left over from my first lighting experiment in one of my CakeBoxes. At some point, I think I’ll have a go at a boxed-in Micro Layout like yours. I like to base mine on real locations and have identified two or three already. Oh dear, all these ‘AnyRail’ plans waiting to be brought to life!!!
  5. I think these micro layouts in a box, by yourself, Chris Nevard and others, are a great demonstration of what can be done to make a start in railway modelling, without a huge outlay. As a pastime, it can be both absorbing and relaxing! And we acquire so many new skills! I have enjoyed watching your progress through your YouTube videos.
  6. Although I haven’t got anything planned, I am going to order one of these Peco Highland Signal boxes, as well!
  7. These are lovely looking kits! I have a few dioramas in mind where at least three of these RTI models would be ideal!
  8. Wow - almost finished, Kevin! Great to see a shunter on your diorama and the lorry is perfect!
  9. Hi Kevin - Thank you for your kind comments! I just added a PS to that post, because her model will never see a railway track! She experimented with quite a few modelling techniques at Art School and would only have ever used this model as a backdrop for an animation, rather than a completed diorama. She has helped me in the past and will be creating two custom illustrated back-scenes for the larger layouts I have on the go! All the best, Marlyn
  10. Thanks Chris, I might give it a try with something small to begin with! Marlyn
  11. I still model mostly in card and paper, Chris, but very impressed with the quality of 3D printed models. If I went down this route, I would probably also get a company like Shapeways to do the 3D printing . Do you mind me asking, what software you use for your designs? Marlyn
  12. We’ve had so much rain, that our grass is nearly a foot high, so spending a lot of time outdoors in the garden, which means I am usually pretty tired at the end of the day! This stage in building the hostel is a bit fiddly. I have used some ordinary white tissue for the curtains/window netting, just fixing it with the tiniest drops of glue at each corner, then painted the back of the tissue with white acrylic. The window can then be backed with a small piece of black paper or the window area on the wall painted black. I have purchased some platform fencing, from Model Railway Scenery, to cut down for the hostel balcony. Once I start putting the building together I will build up the foundation and the remaining scenery. The shoreline has been detailed a little more using two grades of ballast. I will spray paint the whole base with gray, then paint on the foundation colours for the lake area and rest of the landscape. Upper floor walls are a reddish brown brick, so this will be formed in the same way as the ground floor, with window openings, window detail, then each wall elevation finished off with sills, shutters, etc.
  13. Found her model! She couldn’t remember the ‘brief’ apart from there having to be at least two/three elements which were recycled or recyclable. The photograph was one her dad’s discarded prints, from some experimental work he did years ago. Think the abstract hill is various plastic tops covered in paper, telegraph poles from cocktail sticks and wire staples and corrugated card for the little cabin. It just needs a little circuit of HOe track! Now I must get back to my own model.... PS The little models my daughter experimented with were usually intended as possible backdrops for short stop-frame animations. Now she is a an Illustrator for digital games, which is another ballgame entirely!
  14. I LOVE IT!!! But if you are invited to exhibit, you’ll have to make more cake!!
  15. Following on from my previous post... Strangely enough one of the pages in this pad had my daughter’s visual for a first year project, which she ended up making in a boxfile, I think? I seem to remember it had the solitary house with a line of telegraph poles crossing an empty landscape, and a black and white photograph of a forest as a backdrop. Could be almost Alpine?
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