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  1. Congratulations Ben! A wonderful model and a well deserved winner! It has been a really enjoyable challenge, working ‘virtually’ alongside so many talented model makers!
  2. Didn’t manage to complete the tartan detailing on my figures, in time for the submission. I have tried to emulate two family tartans ‘Hunting Stewart’ from my first kilt and ‘Macdonald’ from my grandmother’s folks. The laird’s kilt detail was hampered a bit by the sharp folds in the model and even my finest brush struggled! Grandma Giles’ brolly and her specs were created from fine wire (with the addition of tissue and clay for the brolly).
  3. Some of these old books on scratch building are very interesting. I can also recommend John H. Ahern’s book ‘Miniature Building Construction’. I bought my copy some years ago from the Pendon Museum shop, but second hand copies are available through Abebooks.
  4. As I have managed to finish my entry for the 2021 Challenge, think I should return to my unfinished models and complete this one, for starters! Now where did I put the locomotives?
  5. Well it’s been my usual last minute dash... figures still need more detail, but the model has now been submitted into the ‘Challenge’. I was trying to add a few more ‘Emett’ features... some ‘spear-topped’ railings made from wire and paper triangles, and there is a clay mouse and bird lying around somewhere. As this has been my first model, after being tied up for most of 2020, I have discovered many small pots of paints need replacing and my workshop needs a good tidy. It’s been good fun following the progress of all the amazing models. NB. The two chi
  6. Train is as complete as it can be! Couple of things drying for the scenery, text written, photos to finalise then ready to submit! Like the locomotive, the carriage is made from paper, cereal box card and grey card, with the details drawn up on the computer and printed out onto matt photo paper. The chassis is made from card with two sets of Hornby 00 plastic carriage wheels. Buffers are drawing pins set into clay-filled sections of drinking straw.
  7. One ‘Emett-style’ loco more or less finished... may add a few details before final photos. One tall carriage with a small footprint to follow! That drinks can came in quite handy!
  8. Well said, Mike! That is a beautifully rendered image of those times. Our 1950s cities were grubby, gritty, grey places, but my memories of those times are still fond, despite the trials and tribulations our parents had to endure during the post war years! Marlyn
  9. Good luck with this new project, Keith! There is a lot of potential for some interesting scenic work and operation in this scale, especially when there are space restrictions. You are not alone in the challenge of being realistic with your model making aspirations! Marlyn
  10. What an interesting project, David! There are numerous Highland and Scottish stations I would love to model, but they cannot all be part of a layout! My foray back into modelling has been based on historical projects and an interest in modelling buildings. I look forward to seeing how this diorama develops!
  11. Despite the challenges, it’s these small details which are quite satisfying and provide some rewarding finishing touches!
  12. Thanks Kevin! This small diorama is a self-indulgent distraction from my half finished N gauge layout, based on a real location!
  13. Checking the dimensions of the model within the cakebox. I am leaving fixing buffers to the carriage and locomotive until the main carriage structure is completed! Cab roof and smoke box door are painted and currently drying in the workshop!
  14. I am afraid I would need another workshop, PaulRhB! I am working on an idea for a layout which provides a complete run around (possibly dogbone), with an interchangeable middle section. I could then enjoy modelling different themes, eras, etc to my hearts content!
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