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  1. Or the ducks simply waddle in the marsh thereby giving it its name. There will be a few more pieces salvaged ftom Penhayle Bay in addition to some of the rolling stock.
  2. The waterfowl arrive plain white. Today some have been repainted as brown ducks with others black to represent moorhens (red brow) and coots (white brow) And ……. she’s back!!! Senara, the mermaid from Penhayle Bay, now lives at Waddlemarsh.
  3. Exactly as I did. Or even by email. No charge applied and no funds lost.
  4. Not half an hour later and the ground cover is in place. Random bushes will appear later.
  5. More progress. The opposite bank now exists. A card wall was faced with Scalescenes “Coursed Ashlar” printed at 67% to reduce the size of the blocks somewhat. That was then brushed over with brown weathering powder and dark green was added at the lower edge. A flight of stone steps was built using scrap offcuts of the card and more ashlar print. These provide access to the stepping stones. The land on the “railway” bank is built up using two sheets of foamboard on top of each other and will be developed into a patch of greenery. This now provides the illusion that the railway is slightly higher than the river. Which it isn’t.
  6. Gwiwer

    Bachmann 4BEP

    It is true that traffic to and from Gatwick Airport has grown, until Covid intervened, very significantly across the past 30- 40 years or so. Despite being well connected to the motorway network (the M23 spur ends a short walk from the South Terminal) the airport authority has long been keen for public transport to be the option of choice for all with business there. The "Former Mid-Sussex fasts" have had a chequered history. As we know they were for many years routed via Sutton. They were then diverted to run via Gatwick with the side benefit of also serving the ever-growing town of Crawley. Then they went via Hove as a portion split from the Littlehampton service at Worthing as Ian says therefore still serving Gatwick but no longer Crawley nor Horsham. The Mid-Sussex route for a number of years had only an all-stations service. At some later point, the timing of which eludes me for now but I believe it was to allow for the introduction of Thameslink, the service was reorganised once more so that the Littlehampton trains were stepped up to half-hourly but were combined with the Eastbourne trains rather than the former Mid-Sussex ones; splitting was at Haywards Heath where the poor Sussex coast customers were sidelined for as much as 12 minutes while faster trains ran through and theirs combined or divided in a move which could be accomplished in 2 - 3. At the same time the (now) Arun Valley service was also given a split - this time at Horsham - and a fast portion was returned but faster than ever. Previous fasts had served Pulborough and Arundel; now they served Horsham then ran non-stop to Barnham. All intermediate stations are served only by the "stopping" portion which runs to Bognor Regis and is therefore no better than it has been for many years. Arundel and Pulborough have been the losers as there are no fast trains in either direction nor are there any direct trains south to points other than Ford, Barnham and Bognor. The use of Ford as an interchange has been half-heartedly marketed but has largely failed; it's a pretty thankless place to wait (though has commercial premises of interest to some of us next door) and connections all involve use of the dingy and mouldy subway with its original steps. There remains no direct service between any Arun Valley station and Littlehampton despite pressure locally and suggestion from commuters. The road between Arundel and Littlehampton is notoriously congested with frequent complaints about delay times at Lyminster level crossing yet try making that short trip by train ..... You have to go via Ford or even Barnham. There is a bus but only hourly during weekday day times and it too gets held up at Lyminster. Apart from the east and west coast routes once again having dedicated trains these days that situation still applies today. No longer are there splits at Worthing or Haywards Heath (with a couple of exceptions largely to maintain staff competencies) but Horsham sees them every half hour each way. The service is underwhelming and the fast Portsmouth / Southampton portions could surely manage a stop at Arundel without destroying the global timetable.
  7. Gwiwer

    Bachmann 4BEP

    The suspension of GatEx services is down to the rebuilding of Gatwick Airport station. It was said (publicly and notably to Brighton Line commuters) that at the time - i.e. pre-Covid - that this would be the only essential reduction in services. There clearly are pathways available for half-hourly services to both east and west coasts as evidenced by the service until around 11.00 and from 14.00. The East Grinstead service also drops to hourly (and the Uckfield to a woeful alternate-hours) headway between mid-morning and mid-afternoon and is not affected by Gatwick unless there is commonality of traction / crewing which I doubt. In my opinion what could be done is to permanently suspend the excessive provision of Thameslink services which run lightly loaded most of the time especially south of Croydon. One Brighton - Bedford and one Brighton - Cambridge per hour should suffice plus one Horsham - Peterborough. The rest can start from Three Bridges using the depot as a turnback. That doesn't change the number of trains through Gatwick but does ease the pressure farther south. Most intermediate stations which would lose some service are not that busy at such times. That reduces train mileage and therefore costs to meet post-Covid patronage without seriously inconveniencing too many users. Wivelsfield is served by Eastbourne trains and Burgess Hill, Hassocks and Preston Park by the Littlehamptons (which perhaps don't need to make all of those stops based on patronage - Burgess Hill is the only one used to any extent) so a reworking of stopping patterns could take place bearing in mind that it is all one franchise and there is no need for trains to spot everywhere just for Peter to rob Paul on the books. How many people ever travel between Preston Park and stations along the coast? Or how many would be seriously inconvenienced by not having the coastals calling at Hassocks for example? Those trains offer appalling and unattractive trip times which in some cases are slower than the steam services of 100 years ago though admittedly with more stops thrown in. Worthing used to be within 72 minutes of Victoria for example but now requires almost 90 minutes with some serious waiting for time at stops along the way adding to frustrations and affecting overall line capacity.
  8. Hayes (Mid Kent) Line as far as I know, plus some duties on the Dartford lines.
  9. Cowswisher gloop has not hitherto been on the menu. Can we neither confirm nor deny that this may or may not be the case henceforth?
  10. The Waddle Marsh continues to grow. Faced with the problem of having a river in a valley on a flat board I intend to build up the far bank with a low-level retaining wall and a little “land fill” back towards the headshunt siding.
  11. Still happy to be a part of it. I can offer demonstrations of how to consume pasties and cake if required.
  12. All in due course. Heron, ducks, geese, other water-birds if I can source them or adapt something such as coots, moorhens and a few gulls. Even an egret.
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