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  1. Still in very good external order last September. I wasn't able to see inside on that occasion but had done so on an earlier visit when I was able to see that - whilst significantly altered internally - the work is to a high standard and they are very comfortable indeed.
  2. Very somewhat. The level crossing has closed and the platforms now extend across its site to give 10-car rather than 6-car length. The road overbridge in the background has also been rebuilt in order to cope with the traffic displaced from the crossing. Beyond the bridge the former goods yard and steam shed site is about to open as the new class 701 home depot meaning there have also been track and signalling changes.
  3. Bear in mind that the system operates in real time but has to account for stock held across two retail outlets and a very active online presence. Stock is updated as orders are placed and I believe items are counted as they go into the virtual basket. So the stock level displayed may differ between customers at almost the same moment in time. Likewise if a basket is emptied the stock level will revert to account for that. It is possible (though not during Covid restrictions) that the last of an item is picked from the shelf by a customer but not paid for immediately while the
  4. Gwiwer

    Dapol 'Western'

    I used trimmed Heljan headcode characters in my Dapol “Westerns”. The efforts which went into getting the illumination level accurate (for incandescent bulbs) seem to have paid off because mine don’t seem to suffer from light bleed. It is a tricky job to remove the cab assembly and dismantle the small parts which make up the headcode assembly but placing a crew (always two in a Western) in the seats and having internal headcode characters in place of the Dapol-supplied externally-stuck ones does improve the appearance of an already fine model.
  5. It made no difference for half the year when heating was not required anyway. Following the handover to diesel traction on the Brighton diagram in 1966(?) it was then found necessary to revert to steam haulage for one final winter as the stock was not dual- or ETH-heated.
  6. Whilst I would never suggest that I saw every train or every move I never ever saw such a move at Salisbury even with Warships.
  7. My memory and records don’t go back to the mid sixties on this route but I never observed a loco taken off at Salisbury for the purpose of adding coaches. The Waterloo - Exeter sets had settled into 8 or 9-car rakes once diesel haulage was universal and (other than the night-time “passenger and news” trains) seldom varied.
  8. Oddball it may have been but it was required for conductor-guard operation on the Hastings - Ashford "Marshlink" route and, whilst it did stray, it wasn't a common sight elsewhere. Despite being a 3H (sub-classed 205/1) the guard from another depot might have considered he was unfamiliar with the rolling stock since the arrangements were rather different. Sometimes oddballs did get kicked around the fleet but in this case I believe 205101, which was reconfigured specially for this route in an effort to reduce overall operating costs and keep the line open, stayed mostly at home
  9. Hwllffordd, I believe. Haverfordwest is only for the English.
  10. And the correct livery of the units which may be of interest for those following the extremely drawn-out process of choosing, modifying, altering and applying the SWR livery. Given that the 455, 456, 458 and 707 units have short shelf-lives they will remain in Stagecoach-style livery but the great majority of the 444 and 450 fleets should by now be grey but remain blue / white. Only the diesel fleets have achieved anything like a credible relivery program with all of the 159/0 type done some time ago and some of the 158s also. But the 159/1 sub-class remains fully Stagecoached.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDJQ9q3DfB0&feature=youtu.be Same problem as OP describes. Nothing I can do will clear it but it is readily viewable and not exactly over-long (therefore not exceeding any limits) via this link on You Tube. Which suggests the problem may lie with the upload or in OP's You Tube account.
  12. It wouldn't work for me and I cannot see why. But clicking the link activates the video in a new window.
  13. Just tried a couple of mine to check the format in the link was the same. It was. I will agree with the post above that you may have a You Tube setting blocking the embedding for general viewing. It must not be set to "Private" but can be "Unlisted" or "Public". The difference in the latter two is that either can be viewed by anyone with the link but only "Public" videos will be displayed in response to a search request.
  14. Same to you!!! BR managed to mis-spell "Penrikyber" in the timetables for a couple of years after it reopened. Anyone knows it's Penrhiwceiber. Just up the road from Hell on Earth. Otherwise known as the Abercwmboi coking plant.
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