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  1. What did you expect? There were three left a few minutes ago but none now. Shows how a good model can be a strong seller even with very limited prototype numbers and range. Ditto the Beattie well-tanks among others.
  2. Ah but will it beat the Flying Duck's speed record ..... ? ..... oh ..... wait ......
  3. Opening the gates means the athletes in our society have nothing to hurdle in order to enter or exit stations It is sometimes necessary to leave gates open for a short time for a number of reasons (and only the wide gate should be so opened) but it should not be necessary to leave the lot open while multiple staff take breaks. PNBs should be rostered to ensure best coverage and if the staff will not observe their rostered times then management needs to take mattes in hand. At many smaller stations where the gates are supervised by a single booking office person or
  4. I believe where interavailable ticketing exists between TfL and NR services (such as Fenchurch Street / Liverpool Street - Stratford / Barking / Upminster) that gates are programmed to accept all relevant ticket types rather than only TfL or NR versions. In cases where a NR ticket holder also holds a railcard and their ticket is valid "via London Terminals" with the † symbol the TfL gateline will accept the ticket, at the essential cross-London stations only, without a need to show the railcard. For children 11 and under and in all cases of difficulty there is always an attended gate or if t
  5. Real pasties contain skirt beef not sheep and swede is called "turnip" in Cornwall and when included in Cornish pasties. What they do east of the Tamar in the name of "pasty" sometimes (and in Callington all the time ) beggars belief. No. But there will be a Great Western Railway one. GBR arrives on the scene a little later starting in 2022-3 in many cases. If Uncle Boris and his Merry Men approve.
  6. Why not both? Why not as a marketing tool to get traffic onto their own website? And to sell otherwise empty seats at a nominal amount in much the same way as airlines do. It makes no sense to Joe and Joanne Public when they have paid four, five or six times the amount their neighbour did for the same trip but they also gain flexibility by doing so. As with the airlines the more you pay the more choice you have. The only time an Advance or similar ticket can be used otherwise than on the booked service is if that service is cancelled or if as a part of the journey a connecting service was
  7. "Screaming" shunters seemed to afflict one production run of Hornby 08s and was, as you say, intermittent making it frustrating to track down and cure. There would be a topic a number of years ago now relating to this somewhere in the archives. I am pleased you managed to find a "fix" which is one that sounds similar to that which others discovered previously. My own "screaming" 08 ceased to do so all of its own accord after a year or two of use. I still have no idea why but as the noise was intermittent I also didn't bother investigating.
  8. Look also at Southern, among the current ex-TOCs who offer seriously discounted fares on the less-busy trains which are also quota-controlled. Plenty of tickets available via their website (and nowhere else - including not on the NR website and definitely not the booking apps) for £5.00 between Sussex towns and the London area. AND reduced for railcard holders meaning in many cases that becomes £3.30. The anytime single fare varies by journey but for my example, Worthing - Victoria, is £35.20 and a typical off-peak fare is £20.30.
  9. The bridge girder sections are now complete and painted. Painting was with Woodland Scenics Slate Grey roughly mixed with Jo Sonjas Smoked Pearl and Titanium White. Railmatch Rust was then dry-brushed onto and in places worked into the not-quite-dry “grey” colour.
  10. Accommodating Australians Meanwhile all four inner beams have now been constructed and await final fixing to the main girders. They'll get a coat of "girder grey" paint first which is Woodland Scenics "Slate Grey" with a drop or two of dark rust weathering powder roughly mixed through it.
  11. Absolutely. And not a day goes by when we don't miss the ease and speed with which those could be split and joined. I think 20 seconds was the record for a split at Worthing with a join being completed (outside the rules) in even less since the driver of the attaching portion drove straight onto the lead unit rather than stopping short as required and shunting up. Not a jumper but a person (or persons) behaving very badly indeed resulted in the Down Slow being blocked at Earlsfield for around 30 minutes this morning. Some trains were diverted to the Down Fast. Yours truly was
  12. In a similar vein and inadvertently broadcast to all of the radio-users on the channel : "Darwin Awards - We have a winner". Dark humour of the kind which helps many people cope with these things, to the point but definitely not meant to be overheard.
  13. Which may indeed sometimes be under investigation. And may sometimes be remarkably obvious to some people somewhere who can then advise the real reason. A case in point: Weymouth train awaiting departure from London Waterloo is observed to have a smashed window with both panes gone. (Single pane smashed can be taped and the train proceeds - both panes of a double-glazed panel gone and it's out of service). Train is emptied and taken out of service. Sonia announces to Clapham Junction and all points west "Due to a problem under investigation" but there is visibly
  14. Known as Sonia to many of us. Because she gets Sonia nerves.
  15. The prototype is, yes. It carries the "Wall of Death" over the road at Morden South station.
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