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  1. A miserable day outside has caused some work to be done inside. Card strips to form Waddlemarsh Halt's platforms have been painted to resemble concrete slabs. The required joints will be scribed in later and weathering applied in due course. I also received a delivery of Ancorton security fencing recently which is destined to become chain-link boundary fencing for much of the goods yard. The angled tops and accompanying barbed wire might not be used but the rest definitely will. I need to weather the wire mesh but had to paint the posts first. In ot
  2. Image found here of W9118E in maroon and being hauled by a Western. That seems to clinch it.
  3. An interesting calling pattern. Almost every station to Yeovil then fast to Salisbury. Those trains might have reversed in P&S Low Level. I had in mind that they served the Harbour as a part of the more regular service between there and Bristol / Cardiff. They also used to run fast Worthing - Brighton but had Shoreham and Hove stops added largely for pathing (because they are of necessity pathed close behind an all-stations train) quite some time ago.
  4. A swift reversal at Kimbridge Junction and a slightly bumpy ride up and down the former track bed to Mottisfont's real station could achieve that
  5. No pictures but 156s did operate this service for a short time before the 158s became available.
  6. The traditional long-run of printing several thousand copies of a book which is then distributed around a retail network in the hopes of selling has significantly changed. The new way is self-publication or using one of numerous very small businesses which will publish for you and are geared to producing a small number of copies or even print-on-demand and sales via the internet often as not. What we are losing is the option to browse through books at a bookshop before purchasing. All too often we are now obliged to make our decision on whether to purchase based upon a brief ou
  7. A little more progress as a pair of 2EPB units pass at Waddlemarsh Halt.
  8. Oh dear. There has been something of a pause in the story. It was summer after all and it was permitted to go outside and enjoy the weather after a period of restricted movement. This past week has seen a little activity on Waddlemarsh including fitting of most of the remaining conductor rail, the yard lights and placing (but not fixing) the yard buffer stops. More ground cover has gone is from time to time as well. Also now back in place is the yard crane, The con-rail is Peco code 60 on their own plastic insulator pots intentionally spaced every five sleepers
  9. Southern motormen of the 1920s and 1930s were apparently accustomed to hearing alarming electrical bangs right behind them sometimes accompanied by a flash especially as the power was shut off. That persisted into the sixties on stock dating from the 30s which had equipment cabinets right behind the driving position.
  10. I shall be making a 700-mile round trip in the next few days (Boris permitting) to enjoy Philps pasties. Any sightings of trains large or small will be purely coincidental, SWMBO is not comfortable making the trip aboard them so I get to drive the infernal combustion engine all that way and the mere detail of it being our Silver Wedding anniversary is very much overshadowed by the urgent need for quality pastification.
  11. Yes. About six hours ago Many are still very lightly loaded under the present circumstances and whilst it may not permit the one-per-seat which many now feel is the rule a 2-car train would certainly be enough. Windsor-side services were frequently a 2-EPB alone off-peak on Hounslow Loop services and sometimes to Windsor too.
  12. Excel allows for the item to be catalogued as one but individually listed in its component parts. That way you don't over-value the collection by duplicating items but neither do you overlook any inherent value in boxed sets. The bottom-line figure I used for insurance purposes on my layout (now closed) was frightening as it included all the scenic pieces and an allowance without being specific for paints, glues and other consumables which might not have all been used on the layout but were often bought for it. The rolling-stock database takes a while to set up but
  13. You would have to ask Kernow MRC. They respond quickly to emails and probably prefer those to a phone call whilst on limited staffing under present circumstances.
  14. Half a lavatory . Same as the 2-Hal units. Strictly HAalf the carriages in the unit have a Lavatory; Hap units ditto plus electro-Pneumatic brakes. A second-cousin was the SAP unit which was Second Class Only 'Alf-the-coaches-have-a-bog but all have an electro-Pneumatic brake! . Dating from the SR's fixation with toilets which ironically did not extend to the 6-Pan units (6-car unit with PANtry). Neither did the 4LAV units have four such facilities - they were four coaches long but only one offered relief from the City's Gin and Tonic on the way home!!!
  15. A two-digit headcode was occasionally shown in the NLL 2EPB units in their earlier days. IIRC it was 37 but please correct me if that's wrong. It was always the same number. There is of course a chance that when I saw that displayed it was also the same driver.
  16. 2-cars with "NO Pneumatic brake"? No wonder it was changed to 2EPB
  17. That date has also been advised to me by private email from a reliable source.
  18. No direct experience but one would need accidental damage to be included on the policy for this sort of loss to even be considered. It is a specific exclusion from many policies unless paid for as an optional add-on. Some policies also exclude or have limits on "collections" which are intended to limit their liability in the event of a (more valuable) collection of items such as a coin or antique collection being claimed for. The precise definition of a "collection" might be given in your policy or may be at the insurer's discretion. What is the policy excess? A loss estimate
  19. Cosham became a regular stop. The Brightons called only at Havant, Chichester, Barnham, Worthing and Brighton at that time. Subsequently the remaining (now GWR) service along the Sussex coast has had stops at Hove and Shoreham added as much for pathing as passenger traffic as the trains are timed very closely behind others and invariably close up to red signals even with the extra stops. For a number of years the Brighton service ran via Portsmouth (though I cannot recall whether they ran up to the Harbour) at a considerable time penalty but taking advantage of the then multipl
  20. Possibly once. I believe the Bakerloo Line tube trains which berthed overnight at Croxley shed also had destination boards "Croxley LMR" in case of need but as with 2EPB units I cannot definitively trace their use on the route in service. The 1938 tube stock showed "Watford LMR" and previously "Watford LMS" rather than "Watford Junction". 2EPB units incidentally had their narrow roller-blinds above the two-character headcode equipped with destinations for the NLL service. The original purpose of those narrow blinds was to display bars or dots above the headcode which modified
  21. I believe the issue related to having seating adjacent to droplight windows in the electric units. Mk1 coaching stock only had toplight sliders above the seats; full-drop door lights were confined to the vestibules which lessened the risk - apparently - of heads-out in the tunnels. 3D units were Restriction 1 and therefore slightly narrower than a Mk1 thus not requiring window bars.
  22. I believe some of the Kernow buildings have recently been offered as "virtual show specials" and as such might now be out of stock if the last few have been cleared. The Boscarne 'box is a good one and has been slightly modified here to become a passenger halt ticket office.
  23. We may be in danger of straying into semantic rather than railway details here. As I recall the annual royal beano to Epsom races was facilitated by a locomotive-worked train of bulled-up blue-grey stock to Tattenham Corner. Not “the” Royal Train this was “a” Royal Train.
  24. No. Quite possibly. I’ll buy that. They had been Wimbledon units though having previohsly been used on Waterloo - Windsor Lines services among others.
  25. Agree with that. I lived near the line at the time and made numerous trips. Having also lived in Custom House in its later diesel-operated days it was of interest to compare the performance of the "new" electric trains. Hardly new, of course, because they were SR-design 2EPB units dating from 1953-6 but built on the underframes of 2NOL units which dated from 1934. That made them around 55 years old at withdrawal and one of numerous examples of Southern thrift in re-using worthwhile hardware with newer bodies. The North London Line is one of many different parts a
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