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  1. Well, I am back to modeling after the visitors from the UK have left. Now to decide what to model, whether to do the sheep loading or something else. I have some concrete sleeper track so could do modern, or use old track and go vintage. Have some interesting charts on how to load Sacks or Bales onto railway wagons. Will have to buy more sheep if I do the loading dock, but they could go on my big layout later, or purchase some horse drawn carts for wool bales. so many ideas, might have to do 2 entries
  2. Hi Captain. I like this idea. with regards to the trees, if you use the armatures without leaves and really dirty up the area, it would look damp and cold like the pictures in the 29th Oct post.
  3. Great idea Marly, I was thinking along the same lines, but have decided to go Australian old times, (I think). There are some great welding light electrics around that you could incorporate to give yourself a bigger challenge, as if you don't set yourself a high bar already. Best of luck.
  4. Well, I am going to be away for a month but will reserve this spot and commit myself to taking part, I think it will be on the lines of my Silo entry in first comp, or maybe a loading bay for sheep or cattle, or maybe a grain or oil loading point at the ports, maybe a wool bale loading, the ideas are endless. I will go back to my roots and model in N gauge. bought a cake today but the box was 9 x 9 x 4 so still no box to fit into. This was how they loaded double decker sheep wagons in Oz
  5. I am really glad you finally finished this one Marly. It has taken a long time but is worth all the hard work, I can see why you didn't finish it in time for the original comp. maybe Phil will do a theme for the unfinished from other comps class. I love the back scene and the story. the tower on the right is fascinating, trying to work out it's purpose, maybe a signal tower for semaphore or homing pigeons or even a clacks (Disc World) Well done
  6. To qualify for this blog (2 railway items) you need to put a narrow gauge track along the sea wall, or even a small tt gauge train as a seaside model or make the seawall from old sleepers and put a signal as a feature
  7. Marly, when you use this stuff don't forget to seal all around the edge joins of your dam with hot glue, this is the best idea I have been given so far using water products. I tried once with just sticky tape and the medium I was using flowed out.
  8. Well done Dickon, That was a great entry, I love the steam shovel and the way you scratch built it from odds and ends
  9. To cold in Oz to sunbath, Middle of Winter here. My rd. 2 cakebox is nearly finished. so looking forward to entering and starting on another
  10. Hi Mr Duck. The most difficult thing about changing gauge is remembering to convert bigger, and there is more detail in O than N and less space.
  11. Only 10 days left until the end of this round and nearly finished. I hope there are more entries than just the few posting so far.
  12. Not sure if I like this O gauge, it is very fiddly trying to build post and wire fences, drilling holes in matchsticks and threading single strand copper wire through holes.Have put the short grass on the sheep side of fence, need longer grass and weeds on railway side. There might be a new beginning in the spring as the Ram is taking an interest in the ewe.
  13. Some more work done. I am a bit disappointed that there are not more models being made, but I suppose all you Poms are too busy enjoying your Spring and Summer weather. over here it is nearly winter and it is only 9oC First, I had to do a mockup with the survey team. As they are period dressed and not in High Vis then the idea is changed, they are not laying a new section on a preserved railway, they are now laying track for this new fangled railway thing. That seems Ok. So on with the scenery, had to put a drainage hole in the bottom of the wall or there would be serious problems later. There is already dampness around the drain. I am impatient, and it is cold in the shed, so would not wait till the glue dried on the wall capping. The slope behind the top of the wall will have a post and wire fence half way up and a couple of sheep looking over at the workers. I might even have a go at that long grass if I can work out how to apply without an applicator. This has been a few new beginnings for me. making and painting air dried clay wall, O Gauge measurements, the post and wire fence will be something I have never tried.
  14. Been away for a while, and had to find some people to do the track laying, could not find any O Gauge track workers in the shops here so bought a set of surveyors to check the straightness of the sleeper laying. Will get on with the work now and post some pictures later.
  15. I am assuming the picture in the background is a hint to the finished model. Looking good.
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