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  1. Hi Mike Nice Picture, good luck with the show, Im hoping to be there. Steve...……….
  2. Inspired by this months BRM mag and at a loose end today feeling under the weather I decided to have a go at building a temporary small Ingelnook shunting set up. I had some spare track in the loft and 5 sets of points (all left hand !!) So I set about laying the track on the conservatory floor to the required lengths. Loco is running on DCC with sound which makes it more interesting. I only had two buffers so the small coffee table acts as one as well as the settee on the head shunt. Its amazing how much fun you can have and how quick time goes when your just shunting about to get the correct order drawn out of a hat. Im already feeling much better. I'll have a few more goes and then the biggest challenge of all is to get it packed away and tidied up before the Mrs comes home from work.
  3. Cheers Jim, I also have an LGB railway in me garden, hence the livery choice. Steve...…..
  4. The loco running on the Nutbrook semi portable line set up on the conservatory floor atm. Front end details still to be added to the loco
  5. Just a couple of pictures for future ref erence The decoder in position
  6. Cheers Jim Ive found something here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/103189-the-zimo-swiss-mapping-thread/ After reading the first post several times and completely baffeling meself, an executive decision was taken. I'll leave it as it is...…...
  7. Yes they were working on anilog and they are working on digital in the forward direction (both ends) what I was getting at was getting one single rear light on the loco on the back of the loco as per RhB do
  8. Thanks for all the info guys, I bought a Zimo MX617F Decoder from Peters Spares £20 + post. It has a 70mm cable on it and plugs direct into the loco when the small circuit board is removed. The cable is long enough for the decoder to sit behind the cab area and I used a bit of double sided tape to hold it in position. The decoder has an insolation sleeve on it to save any shorting out. The lights work on the loco in the forward direction but I don't have a rear on one, is this doable or do I have to rewire the loco to do this (which I wont probley do) or is it just a cv on the chip the change. Over to you guys...……..
  9. Thanks Jim, I'll nip down me local model shop see if Malc has any of these
  10. As its nearly that time of year again Ive treated meself to a new Bemo GE4/4II. This is a anilog version but I run digital using Bachmann ez. What recommended decoder would fit best (the instructions say it has a 6pin socket on the loco) Ive not had the lid off yet to see what room is available inside as the Mrs says I cant have it until the big day Cheers Steve...……..
  11. I took this a couple of years ago at Chur, an Allegra shunting stone and cement wagons
  12. Nutbrook


    Liking this very much, keep it up, very informative
  13. Great photo's, thanks for posting Steve...........
  14. Great thread Paul, enjoyed reading it some great moddeling tips in it.
  15. Thanks DIW, It was sooo difficult to find any address on there web site, I have now sent them a E mail, we'll see what happens.
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