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  1. Great work on the bridge Ian, where did you get your laser cut railings from ??
  2. Thanks for that Ian, been spending a couple of hours studying photos on this website, some great pictures
  3. Cheers Keith. Must admit the grey looks good with just a light brushing of white as seen here. Been experimenting with bridges today and knocked this up, its not quite right as one of the towers in thinner that the other at the top (the jig must have moved a bit). its 25mm wide which is the same width as Kato track bed, however im thinking of sticking some overhanging strip of plastercard on the deck as a lot of RhB bridges seem to have this flat overhang on the tops
  4. After about 20 mins of scribing, then a bit of drybrushing with white, dark grey and a dark yellow colour and a touch of dark green flock it looks like this,
  5. Having cut the outer edges to what design you want it to be (using a hot wire cutter) I started to scribe in the stonework
  6. Then I used this template to cut the arch and sides out (all the pictures Ive seen of RhB tunnels have straight sides) unlike some tunnels Ive seen that curve inwards towards the bottom.
  7. Been experimenting with making tunnel mouths with modelling foam (advise taken from Pauls Bonsai thread). Firstly I made a jig using 6mm mdf, for the arch I used a 35mm hole saw, then cut down to this from the edges.
  8. Looks good to me with plenty of operating potential.
  9. Superb detailing, great photos, really like how this is coming along
  10. Great pictures, remind me of when I travelled over the Lotschberg line from Brig to spiez
  11. Cheers Keith Glad its not just me then, thought I was doing something wrong. I am currently operating on just DC atm. I have used digital in G scale and HOm scale but the thought of fitting a digital board in a loco I can only just see frightens me to death. I've see Paul's excellent thread on how to do it, but its too risky for someone with clumsy sausage fingers. Steve...........
  12. Testing, testing testing. This is an important part to me. I soon found out that the trains slow down considerably when further away from the track power feeds, even more so on the gradients of the mountain line. So I've added more power feeds, theirs 3 on the outer loop and 5 on the mountain line. I had this spare Gaugemaster controller from an old layout and built a small panel for it, I can have both lines running simultaneously now.
  13. Here is the center of the layout, the idea is the two loops left and right will mainly be inside mountains and this bit will be a valley with the mountain line crossing it three times. A river will run from back to front and turn right under the curve. Looking at this picture from the rear is the fiddle yard (still yet to be completed with track) directly underneath this I have added boards for another smaller fiddle yard to run off the mountain line, a back scene will be put in after this. Then there is the lowest point of the line (25mm from the base) which will cross the river on a girder b
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