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  1. Great pictures, thanks for posting, I like pictures I do. That last one gives a really good impression of the depth you have created, with the background looking miles away.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments guys. The height of the mountain side was something I wanted to create as it engulfs the train (as in real life) There's loads more to do as this was the first piece a just a tester really, but I'll crack on next week with phase 2 (of around 99). Meanwhile had a hour or so testing this evening, helps me unwind after a long day at work. Steve..........
  3. Cheers Keith, yes lots of dry brushing involved here as well. I bought a pack of acrylic paints, think there is 12 tubes of various colours from the Works shop for 3 quid, that did the job nicely.
  4. Finally after painting ( must admit I painted this several times to get the right colour, first time was too brown) and adding a bit of greenary it looks like this of which Im fairly happy with.
  5. After coating the cardboard with PVA glue ( it helps protect the card from the wet palster and also helps the plaster bond to the board) I then covered the cardboard with finishing plaster, roughed it up a bit etc
  6. I am now using hot melt glue to stick cardboard to the Skelton frame work.
  7. The mountain skeleton is made up from off cuts of 5mm mdf board that I left over from building the track bed. I used thin cardboard to make a template as its quite easy to cut or sellotape bits onto until it looks right. Then I placed the template on top of the mdf and drew around it, finally cut the mdf out with a jigsaw.
  8. I cannot believe is been March since I last posted. During the summer months little has changed although extensive testing has been ongoing on a weekly / daily basis and a few items of rolling stock has arrived. Now that the nights are drawing in and the weather in getting wetter and cooler I have made a start on one of the mountains. I must admit that I have read most if not all the topics on the Swiss group and there is some excellent advice that I have used to make a start on the test piece of mountain scenery. These next few pictures were taken over about a month. Making a start
  9. Great pictures and nice smooth running on the vids Would that be SRS AGM at Derby in April next year your looking at.
  10. There is 2 hours free parking on the roof top car park of Wilkos (if you can find it), that should just about give you time for a quick browse around the shop.
  11. Its also interesting that the top of the piers last measurements are 1.20m on one side and 1.34 on the other possibley for the cant of the rails on the bend or for drainage on the deck, or both
  12. Great thread this, I knew the piers were wedge shaped from front to back but didnt realise that the arches were straight, although I have written that down in my notes. Sorry if Ive missed this but any idea how wide the arches are (not the span but the width) I once drew the bridge on a piece of card in NM scale and worked out that it was 433mm high and 906mm long with a radius of 666mm (although I think track radius tightnes across the bridge) The arch span is 133mm.
  13. Great work on the bridge Ian, where did you get your laser cut railings from ??
  14. Thanks for that Ian, been spending a couple of hours studying photos on this website, some great pictures
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