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  1. This was my stand at NuSSA in Stadtoldendorf on March 2 and 3, 2019. My Cake Box model is recognizable at the bottom right of the front.
  2. Hello My Cake Box model will be along with my Klosterstollen model on Sunday the 17.02.2019 on the Welt of the model building XXL 2019 in the car dealership Härtel in Osnabrück. If a reader from this forum were to be there, I would be happy if he or she is to be recognized.
  3. After this picture I had searched for the representation of the Cake Box dimensions. My Cake Box model in my homemade Cake Box.
  4. At the last competition I had the same problem in Germany and so I just built my Cake Box myself. To compare size, I had submitted a photo with scales. After all, my Cake Box made it to BRM Challange
  5. In particular, I would recommend watching this video: https://youtu.be/aKRTBzxXGRg The video is taken from the point of view of the locomotive driver.
  6. Since I am currently on the road, here is a first glimpse of my presentation here in the forum. For more, I'd probably have to create my own thread, just where best? http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/130593-hello-from-the-klosterstollen/&do=findComment&comment=3052370
  7. My biggest win is a possible extension of my "Klosterstollen" model. And so my Cake Box has made its way into the "Klosterstollen" model. To do this, I first sawed a matching neckline into the "Klosterstollen" model. The Cake Box can be inserted into this section from the outside and, of course, electrically connected to the "Klosterstollen" model.
  8. I have just received the BRM Online edition of January and congratulate the winner.
  9. I have seriously considered taking part and have already written to Phil on 6 November. But I have almost 1000 km of drive and would also need a hotel. That's why someone else is coming and staying there as a good place as you can? Arraving I would drive on Friday and back on Monday. It would be nice, of course, if you can also spend time together under Cake Box model builders.
  10. Why not there is also sweet pizen as a dessert.
  11. So wait and drink tea. Building such a Cake Box model in a maximum of 3 months is a challenge on its own.
  12. I think the vote has gone and what the future holds, we will see. If it looks good, I don't care how the result is generated, from me also a Pup Up 3D diorama. But it should already convince in terms of design and the real size should be clearly recognizable. The question is to comply with the operational diorama or the packaged diorama. I had no way at all to get a cake box others didn't even bother to show the model together with the Cake Box. The statement remains: What the viewer likes is allowed. Only I think I don't like it when all sorts of things haven't been heeded.
  13. Unfortunately, I have not yet received an answer to my question. Such a meeting should perhaps also make it possible to use a shared hotel. I would also like to see an exchange among the model makers.
  14. In anticipation of things

    1. Hroth


      Its going to be interesting!

    2. Bergmann


      Yes, the Cake Box Challenge shows a wide range. What I definitely have left is an ingenious model, after an ingenious idea that I wouldn't have come up with myself like that. That is why I would like to thank you for the challenge.

  15. Ja und die Lieferung enthält nur neue Schuhe für die Ehefrau.
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