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  1. Looking for a London Road Models or Peter LeJeune/Swanage models unit if anyone has one they would like to sell Many thanks
  2. If purchasing a new RSU, how do the Swanage models and London Road models units compare?
  3. Interesting photos, thanks for those. It looks like more of a proper road bridge would actually be suitable Many thanks
  4. I'm in need of a tunnel for my railway to disappear into. It is going to be a 1930's era quarry, and I'm thinking of a bridge to carry the access road to the quarry over the railway, which would be in a cutting. I'm trying to find some photos of either small tunnels or bridges for such purpose, being 1930's based obviously lorries would have been quite small, and I'm guessing that being on an industrial line in a quarry it would not be to the same standard as other structures on the main rail network. It is for a standard gauge track, had it been for narrow gauge a piece of concrete pipe buried in the ground would have sufficed Many thanks
  5. I've been busy working on the engine, there should be plenty of room to hollow out the interior to fit a motor.
  6. A couple of screenshots to show progress. A bit more work to do but I think I have the linkages correct, hopefully these can be etched brass.
  7. Thanks David I'm hoping to do something similar to what you did with your Ruston
  8. I have decided to finally have a go at scratch building a loco using a combination of resin castings/3d prints, plasticard and a bit of brass. 3d CAD drawings have been started, looking forward to having a go at building
  9. Do you think it would be possible to fit the gearbox to a Mashima motor? I want something to mount sideways in a Simplex, the gearbox looks ideal, but would prefer it with a chunkier motor. I think you used something similar in your 32hp Simplex
  10. How does the N20 motor perform? Thinking of using one (or an N30) in a 16mm Simplex
  11. Just found this question, I'm no expert but I noticed this too and looked further into it. It looks like narrower gauge locos are wider as the engine and gearbox are mounted off to one side, otherwise the drive chain from the gearbox fouls the wheels, once you get to 2ft gauge the engine/gearbox can be mounted more centrally, thus reducing the width
  12. Does anyone have a spare copy of issue 30?
  13. Looking for a copy of this Roy C Link publication
  14. What is the best wood to use for sleepers? Layout will be a detailed indoor layout. 16mm scale (32mm gauge). Ideally looking for something that is similar size to full size sleepers, I work it out to be approx 13mm x 7mm, (width being more important than depth) A realistic plastic sleeper would be ok, as long it is the right size.
  15. Many thanks for the replies and suggestions of Gauge 3. I have found some Code 330 rail which is used for Gauge 3, which seems to work out about right for 16mm scale
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