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  1. Ah I see thank you! I’ve seen the brass plates for 61630 available. What does timmed mean? I think I could make do with renumbering and replacing the brass plate of a decent ‘near enough’ one. Not a rivet counter here which variant did you use? Is 61665 a good match for colour?
  2. Oh lord, I know what my girlfiend (whose entire family are spurs fans including one train enthusiast) will actually WANT me to find next! Not that I can actualyl find any of tottenham hotspur for sale anywhere.... Will keep my eye out! Beautiful shot as always.
  3. The first instance of privacy blurrying of a building on google street view at the bottom there! Love the town!
  4. Hey guys. I’ve been working with the das modelling clay and I’m finding it a lot easier to use than I had anticipated not quite perfect results but it’s a work in progress. Only other news is that I’ve hooked up the last point motor I own and it works well so I have a couple of routes open now.
  5. Both tracks now clayed up. Hoping this works!
  6. I have been experimenting with clay on a throwaway piece of track. I quite like the look of the embedded track so will be using the clay on my layout more. This is based on the workings of chris nevard, examples here http://nevardmedia.blogspot.com/2011/08/creating-effect-of-ash-ballast.html and here Here I have worked the clay into the area between the tracks on the left side as a road bed and run a rule over it to create the effect of tyre tracks. not sure how effective it looks but it's a start.
  7. Just come across this thread in my daily travels and I am definitely subscribing after seeing this! How did you make the leaves for the taters? Love the build and look forward to seeing more.
  8. Hey @doilum just wondering what you thought to this offer currently available from RMWeb: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/brm/store/reader-offers/laser-cut-work-station-cutting-mat-her-first-edition/#FullDescription Would this be sufficient or would those sides be too flexible? I realise it is a bit more expensive than making your own.
  9. Can I just say that I am so thrilled to see so many responses to this topic! Some great details and pointers and I do like the suggestions of what kit I should get and where to look for more inspiration! I do like scalescenes and other printables, but I have no printer currently and works printer is only black and white. (Also not for personal use) Haha no it's not, but you're not the first to ask that I think I will buy some styrene sheets as I've worked with plastic model kits before and see where I get with that. I'll update this topic with some bits as I experiment. Here's a ratio N gauge one I put together a couple years ago:
  10. Afternoon all, I have recently decided that as part of my new layout I would like to start scratchbuilding some line side buildings, houses, huts, platforms and other things such as coalstaiths and fencing. This all sounds great but I am an absolute beginner. I have had some pointers as to where to get some supplies, but am still rather daunted as to what the supplies suggested are on a website (as the naming and sizes seem to be different depending where you look). Ideally I'd like to model something along these lines: And alot of my inspiration for buildings and bits come from the legendary Chris Nevard. And this scene is an inspiration for what I would like to accomplish at one end of my layout. The advice I've currently had is: Which is great, however how do I get from those thin strips to a whole building. I realise this has probably been answered a hundred times before, but I always learn best through example. Many thanks to any who reply
  11. Thank you very much for the suggestions! I still don’t know what I’d need to specifically buy. My goal is a couple of small huts and houses and a pub like building. I need to do a platform too but I think I need to use wood coated in plasticard for that. Love your models there!
  12. Where did you get this load of plastic from? Looks very useful! Need to get into scratchbuilding myself, any tips or good places to get supplies or small projects to practice?
  13. Morning guys, Still loving the new website, so much easier to read and get to places. One little suggestion or perhaps it's around and I'm missing it: Could we have a button under our profile drop down menu (that we can access from anywhere) that will take us to a list of our own created topics?
  14. Nice start there, looking good! I think what you are seeing there are these kind of cable tie mounts: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stonges-Adhesive-Cable-Mounts-Durable/dp/B01HR45KBA
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