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  1. TheCuckoo

    Aquatic antics!

    Wonderful. The star of the show for me are the 'brambles and undergrowth'. Very, very, nice.
  2. I've had similar musings. I wonder if the techniques used in the "Pepper's ghost" illusion could be used? Perhaps for exhibition layouts only, but it may be possible to produce it on a smaller scale. It would be marvellous to see a train pull up at a platform and then have the 'ghosts' of the passengers and staff move about the platform and so on. The other alternative might be to use a looped video playing on a smartphone screen, which is then hidden inside a building so that the movement is visible through the windows?
  3. Wonderful stuff, as ever. You always deliver the goods, Mikkel ray
  4. Really nice looking layout Chris!
  5. Just read the entire thread, John, and I must say that Hintock gives me a delightfully warm, cozy feeling like a comfortable old arm-chair. It's lovely. Well done and keep up the good work.
  6. That was quick! The Saint kit has arrived. Lovely!

  7. ...has bought a Saint kit. It'll all end in tears.

    1. Horsetan


      If that's the ProScale one, you're in for a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that you might be motivated to start your own range of state-of-the-art loco kits....

    2. TheCuckoo


      It isnt, luckily. Its a SE Finecast one, picked up for a decent price off eBay.

  8. Those pictures are so realistic that I feel like I should pop down the road and wait for the goods to arrive. Really beautiful.
  9. TheCuckoo

    Hornby A4

    Sorry. Just had to
  10. Page 92 - What is a GWR MONGO vehicle? Is it for transporting Flash Gordon's luggage?
  11. Really impressed with this N-gauge stuff. Couldn't help mucking around with some layout planning software this evening and pondering if I should 'dip my toe'...

    1. Stevelewis


      I did back in '68 and still I keep dipping!!

    2. TheCuckoo


      Glad to hear the water's nice!

  12. My brother gave me an N gauge starter set for Christmas...

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