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  1. Me neither. My order is still showing as 'pending' on their website.
  2. Is it possible to ask a member of this parish to 3d print you the part?
  3. Pull the chip and put a blanking plug in to narrow down the problem
  4. I was in the first 500 to order. My edition number is 1605
  5. Mine arrived today. I don't think the ltd edition no tallies with order history. All seems ok, axle boxes in place. Like the box. TTS later
  6. Good luck with that. The rest of the world is 649USD. The UK is 847USD. I think the amount and the quoted currency is far from a mistake. He must be a very bitter little man. Still, he/Germany might need all the money they can get soon.
  7. Haha, yes but I'm a little wiser now! I don't wish to come over as a Hue fan boy, but when I set the lights, I do blend them, ie, some may show red, some orange, some white, some warm white, some cold in order to get the condition that I want. (See pic). And that condition is set by the press of a button. I can change the condition to suit whatever time of day or feature I want to model and the bulb output may become more blue, more red etc. Whatever I want. At £50 per bulb, it's not a cheap option though!
  8. Many thanks for this detailed explanation. I have a question from this. If the paint chosen does not fall into a gap not well covered, can the lamp(s) not be adjusted until it is? Like all the things, I guess it would depend on the quality of the bulbs. I fear the OP simply thought that my suggestion for smart bulbs was simply to have them turn on and off. This was not the case and I should have made it clearer. My suggestion for smart bulbs was to enable colours and intensity to be blended from the app which could then be used to simulate various times of the day on command. It would take effort to get it 'right', but once done, it's just a button press/voice command to call it up. Not all bulbs have this versitality, even within the Hue range, but the more expensive bulbs are all but infinitely adjustable
  9. I'm afraid you've lost me. What do you mean by continuous spectrum/spectrum shape? It's a genuine question, I don't understand.
  10. Or as I posted early, smart bulbs where the colour output can be changed
  11. You can't make an assumption like that.
  12. Me too. As did the ####er on facebook now asking £150 for his. https://www.facebook.com/groups/270721966362295/2674760269291774/?sale_post_id=2674760269291774&comment_id=2674923099275491&notif_id=1596647066549853&notif_t=group_comment_reply
  13. I have a northern line efe that I treated myself to a while ago. If I remember, I paid around £150 for it. And I think that's a fair price for what it is - a reasonable but basic model. The glazing is thick, the couplings are weak, it makes a godawful noise as it trundles on track. But I like it and there is scope to add more detail. If EFE Rail can add a decent motor and improve the wheels and couplings then the RRP becomes more justifiable. However I'll be waiting to see more details of the improvements before I order. Fingers crossed.
  14. Ouroborus

    Hornby RTC Stock

    I don't have an SLW, but do have an earlier Hornby model from modelzone. As said, not a great colour match.
  15. That's not quite right. It has been closed to visitors, but the shop has been open online for trade. I'm wondering if the FB poster phoned the shop and made enquiries about it.
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