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  1. Didn't Hornby do this with the Javelin though? A plastic wheeled, crudely coupled version
  2. I'd buy that. If Dapol can put smoke on a 59, here's hoping Hornby can add fire to a Hell Trains 800
  3. I guess two months is a long time. He's got one on his layout now. 18 seconds in.
  4. 166's are missing from the above list. GWR was slated and then pulled. An open goal missed.
  5. You're right. Loadhaul is popular. That said, i'm not sure i like it *that* much. I'd also be wondering if accurascale might do one if i wait long enough. Throughout this thread, there are a number of people who've said or implied that they have a limit, there are even more comments to this effect on fb forums. What I found a little alarming was the comment from a previous poster of Bachmann's failure to understand how people buy, specifically in regard to rakes. I can afford a single Mk2 coach at £65, but buying 8 becomes prohibitively expensive. I'm not just going to buy a single coach. Not that i can't afford the £500, its just that there are other things i'd prefer to spend this chunk of money on. I'd be a little bit more accepting of the price rises on chinese made stuff if i didn't see prices on other chinese made stuff tumbling, or holding steady. Numerous people had "explained" it saying its wages, materials, shipping, exchange rates, Mr Bachmann's wife wants a new handbag and i'm sure all of these have some merit. The 47 (and 37) enjoyed being 'dealer specials' shortly before the competition was announced and as being dealer specials, saw a substantial price hike with no discounting. But we also saw Bachmann reduce the price of their 66 once the Hattons broke cover. They're all co-co diesels, so why is it so much cheaper to make and sell a 66 than a 37 - the arguments about costs no longer have any merit? The toolings were all made years ago. You can probably draw your own conclusions. Bachmann is in business to make money, it is not a charity. But just like any other business, if it wants my money, it needs to earn it and not just expect it.
  6. Just read on fb that its been delayed due to tooling changes to reflect disability access modifications on the real thing. Second half of 2020 now
  7. Oddly, the 37 is pitched higher than the recently announced competition. £180! Maybe they've just made the one.
  8. Cads are on Heljan Facebook page and the Heljan catalogue. Due late 2020
  9. Will you be making the cab interior as a spare so I can fit it into my triang?
  10. Its not "bad news". It didn't work first time, so you've had another try at making it work. I like that. It would have been easy to give up, but you didn't. Good for you. We can wait.
  11. I shouldn't share this, but the warley announcement is their own take on DCC sound with the 1970s class 37 being their first project. As we've come to expect from accurascale, their attention to detail is second to none. The truly authentic 1970s sound file features: F0 - strike action F1 - engine cold, not starting F2 - engine warm, not starting F3 - driver farting (low) (playable) F4 - driver farting (high) (playable) F5 - driver saying "the trouble with this country is" F6 - mildly racist comment F7 - very racist comment F8 - (footex) breaking windows F9 - (footex) riot (small) F10 - (footex) riot (medium) F11 - (footex) riot (large) F12 - (footex) riot (Millwall)
  12. I'm wondering if a split headcode all green might be a l/e/commission at some point. Certainly would have my order.
  13. Fran - slight variance on dcc ready price between subscribers email and this post.
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