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  1. Mines just died. (7 car) Continues to derail, didn't make four circuits before the motor or chip seems to have gone pop. Familiar smell coming from it. Really not happy with it. I think this one is going back
  2. With a small bit of work, a modern NDM will fit it. It won't however, match it. So you'd have a six car set which the NDM should just about be able to pull around.
  3. Had mine running tonight. Can't say I'm happy with it. The NDMs are forever derailing and throwing themselves off the track. It happens over pointwork. They don't half feel 'clunky' as well. On the upside, motor works fine and no sqeeking I'll check the track again but i don't have this problem with anything else.
  4. Collected mine from Derails earlier. Waiting for my wife to go out before unboxing
  5. Interesting that the pictures above show the white banding misaligned and different sizes. This could be something Hornby gets right
  6. Same here. And the class 92. But aside from the cheaper price and better quality, its the spirit of the company that drags me back and makes me think 'go on then' and right click the buy now. Very much like some of our local model shops who go the extra mile - it engenders returning custom
  7. Still there on a search of Hornby site. (using Chrome)
  8. I know, the saving I was on about was for them. If I drive over to collect, *they* can save the postage
  9. Pondered cancelling my APT order in the face of another price hike from Hornby. Today received an email from Derails saying they weren't passing on the increase. Good for them. I'm keeping my order as a result but I'll drive over and collect so they can save a few bob on the postage. Must park more carefully..... Well done Dan, you read the market well.
  10. £100 in a year. Might think about pulling the plug on this. It's not the bells and whistles model we thought it might be. (remember the speculation about lifting nose ends?)
  11. Completely agree with this. I think given its price and specification, it is in a league of its own. Looking around, we're about to see another diesel come to market, fairly plain, nothing too fancy, no high tech gubbins, limited lighting and its £60 more expensive than this. Accurascale don't need me to be a fanboy for them, but this looks like one helluva bargain and the first impulse purchase I've made on a long time. It was the RfD yesterday, but the email dropped today and i saw the EWS and thought "do i need it? - no". But i just couldn't help myself
  12. In for a third this evening with an RfD example, snagging the early bird price before it gets deleted.... Just like my post in the bargains thread was....
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