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  1. Just waiting for some more length's of flexible track to arrive from Hattons models.
  2. Hi Chris, Very interested in how you made the platform? What timber was used? if you don't mind me asking? regards Martin
  3. The Beginning's of my OO gauge martin's Road layout. The baseboard has been made from scrap's of timber that have been laying around along with 2nd hand Track bought from exhibitions. As can be seen the baseboard has been made and track laying has now commenced.
  4. I have almost finally made up my mind as to what I would like to do, but can't decide over these two plans. So I require some help? What are peoples thought's on the two plans that are attached to this topic? Regards Martin
  5. An as yet un-named layout based loosely on something GWR as I have a couple of Bachmann 56xx loco's to kick me off with.
  6. Planned a n gauge layout in peco, re-planned it out in kato unitrack looks similar with all elements there but slightly different.
  7. Hi everyone, Just wondering if using this track can it be made to look like a model railway as against a toy train set?
  8. As the infill would only be 5% I'm thinking it would be mostly air. So wouldn't that give you quieter running? Tbh I've not made enough of it for an entire length of flexible track to test it out yet. But how would you successfully measure the difference anyway? Maybe by recording a video perhaps?
  9. These two photos might explain it a bit better. These are for n gauge code 80 flexible, but could easily be adapted to oo gauge.
  10. not entirely sure yet, initially it's supposed to represent some kind of fence.
  11. This is the latest design for a branch line terminus that I'm going to be building. Period wise I'm probably going to be doing it in late Br western region, with a possible (but probable ) extension to 8ft in length later on to the left. As I've already got my first suitable loco, just need some suitable wagon's now and a couple of other loco's. My first task is going to be undercoating the baseboard in dk grey paint before laying down any track which i have most off already.
  12. Just wondering has anyone tried this already? What was your findings, did it quieten down the running? just have printed my first section to try it out.
  13. most probably yes as a view blocker to the fiddle yard.
  14. Am going to try to do this in the winter season so first job will be a coat of white undercoat.
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