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  1. just a couple of photo's showing testing of track layout.
  2. hi everyone, as title say's this is going to be my micro layout,bottom will be a platform of some sort.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm getting back into the hobby after a layoff of a few years and wanted something simple but kinda realistic to get going with. I've decided to do this plan of a simple junction that trains run through. it's on a 4ft by 1ft board with additional fiddle yard on either end and in n gauge. What are other modeller's thought's?
  4. Thank you very much for the very interesting link ( long island jack ). there's some very interesting photographs on that site.
  5. Really simplified the plan for a micro will only be using half of the grain elevator. what do you think of this?
  6. As can be seen, I've been playing today and now come up with this. Trains would enter from the r/h side and drop of cars. grain elevator switcher would then distribute cars as needed. What are your thoughts on this plan?
  7. I could possibly extend it by about another 4ft, but this would be my absolute limit of space length wise. might be able to squeeze another 6" width wise as well, but again this would be my absolute limit.
  8. Have come up with this now, after having another play in anyrail.
  9. simplified the plan even more now. Is this any better? Track is Hornby's as trying to use some leftovers.
  10. simplified the plan a little, wondering if this is any better? Less track more space for industry.
  11. to be perfectly honest I hadn't given era or industries a thought, although I've just purchased a bn green/white scheme GP50 from Ebay. I believe this is from the 80's. Have now quickly revised the plan as can be seen. Was considering timber industry maybe based on the locomotive that I've just purchased.
  12. Have been looking into doing a 4ft x 1ft american micro layout. Have been playing about with anyrail and sought of come up with this plan so far. Looking for peoples thoughts on the plan? Trains would enter from the l/h side, not sure which one of the upper two lines would be inbound/outbound? slight change to plan see revision
  13. Would this work as a yard plan? trains would enter from the right, although some could go straight through using the avoiding line to the bottom/front. I might be able to extend it by about the same amount. also would it look good winterfied?
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