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  1. Nick & Ian thanks for the replies all helpful. I am modelling the era from 1939 to the closure in 1964 so that helps. I had already found the @rue_d_etropaland they look very promising so order a set to have a look at. Stay Safe guys and thanks. Lookout for Holmsley on the exhibition circuit post Jan 2023 Tony
  2. Duncan thanks very much thats useful. Found some 3D prints that could work from 'shapeway' but need to understand what running gear is required.
  3. I am currently building and researching the Castleman's Corkscrew as I am build an N-Gauge layouts of the Holmsley Station Area (the old station house is now a nice tea rooms on the original site). What I am trying to identify is the coaches that were used for the M7 Push/Pull. I have a selection of coach set numbers 383, 385, 604, 608, 611, 612 and 662. What I now need to clarify is if the Port d'Etropal 3D Printed versions are suitable and if they are what bogies and undercarriage would be suitable. If they are not suitable any other options that can be suggested wo
  4. Can anyone help with information please. I have seen on line a reference to 'Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue 10th Edition BRM Download' can anyone help with information on this and whether or not it is truly available. TonyW
  5. Robert Thanks The point motors will be controlled via a Lenz 150 point decoder. So I assume the 500D's are a must then? What I cant see is the difference between the 500 and the 500D as all the components are the same. or am i missing something??
  6. I have a question on whether or not you can use the GM500 to control points and polarity on a DCC system. I know that GM do the GM500D for DCC & Digital but i can not see much of a difference in the tw0 products. I know that the 500 version is specifically designed for use with a CDU but i am not using CDU's. I have asked GM the difference question but they were not very helpful and very none committal. What I am looking to do is control the polarity of a pair of points operating in tandem through a complex track switching arrangement (see picture) that uses 1 Pec
  7. Hi Everyone, I am trying to complete a collection of Dapol Collectors Club Open Day Wagons in 'N' Gauge. I have all the wagons since Dapol started producing these special one of wagons of which some seem hard to get. Can anyone help with pictures of the wagons produced for 2010, 2014 and 2015 as these ones are missing from my collection. Better still if you know where i might be able to get them that would help. I've already tried Dapol and they no longer have any in stock. TonyW
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