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  1. It won’t be a straight up model of Blodwell Junction, there’s a few bits I want to change. Lots of inspiration for this and excellent modeling from Geoff here: https://luggvalleyrailway.wordpress.com/llangunllo/
  2. It’s just one of those things where the planets aligned. I want a mini project I can move between mine and the missus house, have loads of leftovers from Middleton Top (that is still ongoing though), the Blodwell photo, a cheap Tanat Valley Raikway book came up on evilBay, then Model Rail we’re doing a discount on their fancy Panniers. So it kinda has to happen.
  3. After that Blodwell Junction post a page or two back, buying a flat pack baseboard and big plastic box, I also may have acquired a Pannier. Jay
  4. Really enjoying the expansive scenery on this Jeff. Lovely job! Jay
  5. I think given your viewing point is fixed and that Friden’s brickworks was quite expansive it would be worth trialing some perspective modelling. At the very least it would be an interesting exercise! Jay
  6. After testing out DAS clay, grey powder grout and ash dust myself I’ll be interested to see the results.
  7. I’ve just ordered a big plastic box and laser cut baseboard kit. Oh . You lot are a proper bad influence. Im off to the pub to contemplate the error of my ways. Jay
  8. That flowing curve of the track is very pleasing. Always good to see an update Geraint , hope you’re keeping well mate? Jay
  9. On the subject of micros this came up on the FB group I mentioned. Blodwell Junction located at the Welsh borders. This would make a great little layout.
  10. Oh yeah, I’m came across this on Facebook- there’s a micro layouts group. They have rules on size to be counted as a micro!!!
  11. Getting wild on a Friday night Rob! I reckon you could lose a foot off that and it would still look good, plus at 4’x1’ be ‘proper’ micro dimensions.
  12. No you definitely shouldn’t mention that. Middleton Top was meant to be my small, get it done real quick layout to get me back in the game after realizing Cromford was a bit beyond me. Two and a half years on and I’m still only half way there.
  13. I’ve got several ideas sketched out for C&HP micros and have to keep stopping myself for starting another project. Photos like this do’nt help!
  14. I think the halfway house between off the shelf and hand built points are those fancy new PECO points…. but they do cost mega bucks. It’s quite evident on here that track some folk would sneer at actually looks very very good. Personally I’d only go down the handbuilt route if I was modelling a prototype location that demands it. Jay
  15. Looking up the lane towards the crossing
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