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  1. Not much time for the small Middleton this week but I did get chance to get a lunch break at the full size one :-)
  2. This is looking great Al!
  3. Great stuff Al! You just need some photos taken back out in the hills now ;-) Jay
  4. That makes things much clearer thank you Geraint. I’ll also have another look over the article you sent me and sketch this up. Hows Friden coming along? Cheers Jay
  5. A little off topic but trawling through boxes at the cottage today I found a hoard of railway bits, photos and articles which I’d stashed away when I was 18! Loads of interesting kits which I’m going to sort through. Also found some very crumpled pages of Railway Modeller articles I had written at 16 along with the letters informing me I’d won and come runner up in the Junior Modeller cup. I seem to remember being paid the princely sum of £8 per page which in 1990 and being a teenager seemed amazing.
  6. This is great - thanks for that! The only part I’m struggling to grasp is the movement of the stoppers relating to the brass plate with the slots in. I’m assuming the rods passing through these slots move left - right depending on the direction of the plate? There’s four slots for one track and two for the other with varying movement. I guess my question is how does this relate to what’s happening on top of the layout? thanks Jay
  7. Base boards are starting to come together. End panels are located with pattern makers dowels and 10mm bolts. Track beds need to be fixed down and the front edge will get jacked up next for fixing.
  8. So going back to the incline - maybe the door closer type electromagnet is powerful enough to stop a pair of wagons rolling off down the incline. I know Geraint used a mechanism to act as a stop on Middlepeak but I’m not sure my engineering skills are up to constructing something like that!
  9. Thanks Mark - that looks ideal!
  10. Hi Geraint - first of all regarding the incline. Being as wagons and tenders were moved in pairs I’ve considered using 3 links for connecting the pair then Dinghams at the font and back of the pair. I am still open to trying out some different couplers and had forgotten about the Alex Jackson type (I’ve not built a model railway for 30 years!). I seem to remember these needed a lot of adjustment and were unreliable on tight curves according to folk that were using them. In my searching around for couplers I have come across the ‘Burford coupler’ which maybe a contender. I’m thinking that I’ll have to take the plunge and try some of these out and also experiment with electromagnetic uncouplers also. Cheers Jay
  11. Thanks for pointing that out Gordon - I hadn’t considered that. I think some testing is in order!
  12. So while I have pieces of plywood weighed down by lots of paint pots everywhere in the dining room I’ve been thinking about the next stage. All the track (Peco Code75) is to hand and I’ve got Gaugemaster/Seep PM1 point motors in the post with just uncouplers to think about. I’m starting from scratch with locos and stock - I have Hornby and DJM J94’s which need a fair bit of fettling to look spot on and a handful of BR mineral wagons. One thing is I want to be able to operate this layout without the hand of God decending so I initially looked at Kadee couplers then the Dinghams. Although it seems the Dinghams need a little fiddling to get working properly they are way less ugly than the Kadees. Dingham recommend using Gaugemasters little electromagnet under the track to draw the iron part of the coupler downwards. So I’m maybe showing my inexperience here, but has anyone ever tried using the electromagnet from a door lock mechanism. They’re just 12V DC and extremely powerful meaning they can most likely operate mounted on the underside of the 6mm ply base. This is what I’m thinking of:
  13. Is your photo located at the end of Minninglow embankment?
  14. Well that’s much better than the to the side view I was looking at. I’ll get me coat.... ;-)
  15. Just had a look at some photos of Minninglow embankment and reckon your dry stone wall technique would look bang on.
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