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  1. Thanks for the advice Brian - much appreciated! Regarding thickness - those DAS slabs you rolled out for the canal side etc. How thick were they? Cheers Jay
  2. Thanks Geraint - I spent a bit of time looking at your tank along with Robin Whittle’s on Sheep Pasture to form a benchmark of what can be achieved in 4mm scale. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a photo of the finished article within the next couple of weeks!
  3. Thanks Rob and hope you’re feeling better? Still a fair way to go with this but I’m happy so far. The real thing is such a dominant structure at Middleton Top that I’m constantly surprised how small it is in 4mm scale! Scratch building like this really brings a new appreciation for some of the amazing modelling on this site.
  4. I’ve been busy on the cottage renovation the last two weeks which means I have a dedicated space for Middleton Top very soon. I’ve managed to grab some time inbetween getting covered in dust to make a start on the water tank. It’s the first tome I’ve made something like this and I’m using a combination of brass, plastic add and balsa wood. Keep in mind this is work in progress!
  5. The waffle is good Brian! Your DAS clay work turned out great - I’ve had issues with this cracking/shrinking as it’s dried out when I’ve used it for large surfaces. Would I be correct that this doesn’t seem to have happened for you? Jay
  6. Hi Brian - thanks for pointing me to your thread. Very inspirational modelling going on throughout! Jay
  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery Rob! I know so many people that have had Covid now - some have faired better than others ranging from hospitalised to very ill at home and all have said it’s the worse thing they’ve had and nothing like flu. Be sure to look after yourself over the coming weeks. Jay
  8. Based on the conversation on here I’ve got a few wagon kits ordered; hoping they’ll be a good ‘warm up’ for the loco kits I have. In the meantime I bought a secondhand built kit of the BR van which needs the couplings changing and pulled out board 2 of the layout ready for work. I’ve started producing some of the brass parts for the water tank and they’ll also be the stone crusher on this board.
  9. This post really struck a chord with me. I’ve wondered a few times ‘why build a model railway’. As someone who doesn’t actually know a great deal about railways I’ve come to realise it’s all about that ‘snap shot’. Seeing an evocative photograph like the one posted above is the start of the process which ultimately ends in creating a three dimensional version of the snapshot that has your own interpretation and creative stamp on it. That’s why small layouts, micros etc are great because there’s always an end in sight. They’re achievable on many levels. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pendon, or fol
  10. This is the BR Diagram 1/163 hopper by 51L I mentioned in my last post. I agree, their site feels pretty clunky and is probably the victim of having a vast amount of stock added over time. To be fair to them at least you can order online - I’m still baffled some people can operate their business by mail and cheque only which I encountered earlier. I’ve not even seen a cheque for over 10 years!
  11. I spotted the 51L kit on the Wizard Models site and came to a similar conclusion having not seen any in photos around Middleton Top - Cromford section. Nice kit though and I may still get one at some point. It seems the variety of traffic ends at Friden and Longcliffe although I have found a picture of vans at Middleton Top opening up that possibility. The nice thing about returning to the hobby is starting out from scratch and being able to get things ‘right’ from the off. Last time I checked my C&HPR folder I was up to 3gb / 2000 files of images, maps, plans etc. I’ve found I really e
  12. Seems like an etched brass kit has been produced for the BR 13t also:
  13. No need to apologise Gordon- I actually think some of these appeared on the C&HPR also! Definitely feels like I’m filling the gaps on stock used now. Apparently Peco announced this is ready for production at the virtual Warley Exhibition a few months ago so maybe they’ll appear this year.
  14. Had to include this while researching wagons. Photo from Cromford with a canal barge being shunted looking like it's straddling three wagons; one of which looks like a McConnel 4 wheel tender underframe.
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