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  1. Looks like you’ve made a good job of it in spite of that
  2. I think you’re your own worst critic. I don’t model the GWR, but keep tuning in to this thread to marvel at the quality modelling you keep churning out. Most importantly, you keep trying to improve, learning from mistakes and trying new things. So far the crane looks amazing. I remember my first attempt (at age 12?); a Diag 1/208 van by Parkside - I didn’t know what half the terms used in the instructions were and slapped the bits together with lashings of glue. The end result was awful; gaps everywhere and buffers pointing in random directions, like an Emmet drawing! Don’t give up on wagon kits. As others have said, try a Parkside one for comparison. I’ve built a few wagons since my first disaster (both Parkside and Cambrian) and I’ve got better over time. I find Parkside ones more forgiving, with less flash and more positive joints, but Cambrian ones just need a little extra care and attention - good job you didn’t try a Catfish/Dogfish hopper; they’re a nightmare to get four wheels straight!
  3. Where did you get the signal wheels?
  4. This https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ladmanlow-Railway-Station-Photo-Hindlow-Line-London-North-Western-Railway-2-/252663196142 is a view I haven’t seen before: any help? The goods shed looks smooth sided rather than wriggly tin - tar paper over wood perhaps? I’m not in a position to check my books, but I’ve never seen that cottage (to the left of the level crossing and mainline) in any of the photos I’ve seen before. Could you model the end wall in low relief, but on the opposite side of the tracks? Edit: sorry; didn’t read to the end of the last page before posting! For what it’s worth, I think the tank is fine, but the support structure needs altering to more closely resemble the one at Cromford Wharf. I agree that a collection of long grass and shrubbage inside the support structure might also look good.
  5. At the real Ladmanlow there was a level crossing just at the entrance to the yard and a small goods shed at the left hand end (same side of the ‘mainline’ as Grin Cottages) Any help?
  6. I’m not going to guess then... If this is you with lost modelling mojo, I’m not sure I want to see the standard you work to with it...
  7. I’m not going to guess then... If this is you with lost modelling mojo, I’m not sure I want to see the standard you work to with it...
  8. Hoping I’m not asking a daft question... While construction of my Rylstone layout is paused due to my sorting out it’s permanent home (read decorating the loft), I’ve been considering whether to model it more of a “might have been” rather than a “as it was”. In reality Rylstone was the only intermediate station on the Yorkshire Dales Railway branch to Grassington. The YDR made several proposals to extend the line beyond Grassington, but these repeatedly came to nothing. One scheme was to extend the line to link up with the NER and Midland at Hawes. My pondering has led me to wonder, if this actually occurred, and the line retained a passenger service (dropped by the LMS in 1930, IRCC), would Rylstone have obtained a full complement of signalling? In my (potential) alternative reality I’m thinking of at least two passenger trains between Hawes and Skipton, plus a daily pick-up goods each way together with weekly dedicated trains serving the quarries at Swinden and Skirethornes (Grassington). In actuality, during the period I’m modelling (1962 ish), there was a daily goods train from Skipton to Grassington and back, with (I believe) an additional weekly working to Swinden Limeworks from Skipton on Mondays. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. “Or, as it might be; a woozle and two wizzles.”
  10. I like that idea. A full depth bridge leads to a desire to place a vehicle (the ubiquitous bus!) on it, but in reality a road vehicle would be on the bridge (and therefore “on scene”) for a very limited time. By modelling just one edge of the bridge, the scenic break is there, the illusion of a quiet country lane with is preserved and less space is used.
  11. Having spent about an hour wrestling a 1mm x 6mm scrap of 15thou styrene into position to replicate the brake lever stay on a Diag 1/108 mineral wagon last night, I salute your dedication to modelling fine detail!
  12. That fireplace is a work of art. I’d never guess it was built up of styrene strip. Fiddly? At 12.5mm wide, I’d say so! Thanks for helping me decide what colour to stain the skirting in my “railway room”* by the way! I didn’t want white skirting, but had a mental block! (*best not let T’Missus see this; she thinks it’s our loft...)
  13. Tortuga


    I’m fairly certain that the workings to Swinden Quarry were separate to the daily pick-up goods - the problem is most photos cover workings in the late 60s with Standard 4s in charge.
  14. Tortuga


    Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure how much signalling Rylstone had when it opened - the only photo I’ve seen just shows the station building - although from Donald Binns’ book, I know the loop was installed after opening of the line to allow trains to pass. My thinking is that, assuming the branch was built extending to Hawes, the Midland (who operated the line) would have run daily passenger services through from Skipton to Hawes (and possibly onward to Garsdale on the S&C) and that these would have lasted through grouping, becoming reduced during nationalisation, rather than disappearing in the 1930s. Assuming that as a “might-have been” history, does the following sound plausible for traffic through Rylstone in the early 1960s? One or two local passenger services, a twice daily pick-up goods service (which existed until 1963 according to Donald Binns) and the mineral trains (lime and ballast) serving Swinden Quarry.
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