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  1. Reply received from Andrew Beard Peco, Technical Advice Bureau. Reply is as follows “The small Y turnout does not have any wires to be cut, as this is to the previous Electrofrog design. For DCC use all that would be required is insulated rail joiners on both frog rails. No alterations are required to the turnout”. Many thanks
  2. Thanks one and all for all the views and advice; given that I’ve bought the points from 2 retailers I'm of the opinion that they are electrofrog. However, as recommended by Gilbert I’ve contacted Peco and posed the question to them. I’ll update this post with their reply. Once again thanks for all your views.
  3. Afternoon all, I’d like to ask the collective about some new Peco streamline SL-E97 small radius Y turnouts I’ve recently bought. I’ve posted 2 photographs of them to help. They were packaged as electrofrog turnouts, however they look different to previous electrofrogs I’ve bought. Are they electrofrog or insulated? If they’re electrofrog where are the 2 wires that should be cut on the switch blades, they don’t have the long frog wire as previous and the 2 switch blades leading to the frog pass a current to the frog via the small contact beneath the blades. Your views/help would be most appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm using Peco PL-10E motors with Peco PL-15 microswitches. All bought from Hattons with very good service. It's going to be a DCC control via a Gaugemaster Prodigy
  5. Transforming will be on the floor and controller will be separate
  6. Mimic/control panel would need to be detachable. Work working skills are ok, electrical not too bad and I have a number of electric hand tools.
  7. I'm after a bit of advice as I build my first layout. I'm approaching the point of needing to build or buy a mimic/control panel to house the passing contact switches for point motors (18 of them) together with the red/green LED route indication lights. As this is my first layout all this is new to me. I've had a look on the internet and read a number of books to get some ideas on either where to buy a panel from, or, how to build one, materials, size, style, connections from panel to wiring etc? Unfortunately i've obviously been looking in the wrong places as I can't seem to find any useful information. Any ideas, suggestions, drawings or manufacturers would be really appreicated. Over now to all the experienced guys and gals out there. Many thanks Dave
  8. Hi all, I’m after some advice please. I’m building my first ever layout and am using DCC as the control but the turnout motors are analog through a CDU. I’m using PL-10e motors with peco passing contact switches PL-26 and will have a mimic panel fed from peco PL-13 switch through a resistor to LED lights. My question is, to improve reliability of running over the turnouts I’ve read that minor adaptation to the Peco electrfrogs is useful as per the turnout packaging. Can I feed this into the connections on the PL-13 switch or do I have to get PL-15 switches. Many thanks
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